Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: speech/Fox – analysis/Fox – analysis/CNN  1-2-3.
  • February 2016 program ranker:  Fox News holds nine of top ten slots.
  • Fake news: NBC+MSNBC claims speech win, but fails to add Fox+FNC!
  • Somerby: Hour of Chris Matthews and comedians was a bad ‘gong show’.
  • News coverage of Trump Presidency ‘really, really negative‘, even on Fox.
  • Concha: Backlash hits CNN for all-male glam shot on Zucker cover story.
  • Zucker play: CNN exec’s bold plan to dominate digital and beat BuzzFeed.
  • Greg Gutfeld on life, books, and more.  FNC viewers tuned out the Oscars.
  • FTV Live: It’s time for CNN to cover Trump more fairly.   ICN: Not so fast.
  • David Gregory at SU.   Coop stiffed by Oscar.   Burnett: Is Trump a traitor?
  • Fox News signs David Bossie, CNN engages Jack Kingston, as contributors.
  • Wemple write-up of F&F Trump interview dumps the praise in an addendum.
  • Videos: Wallace on the speech; media impressed.

50 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

    • Holy smokes did she ever! When she asked the “isn’t this treason?” question I thought Mukasey’s response was perfect. If no one thought her a fool earlier in the interview they surely did then!
      This was a perfect example of the left going ape sh** crazy over anything/everything Trump.

      • Had Trump not been the nominee, they would be doing the same thing, simply because they are poor losers who don’t give a tinker’s damn about this country. They are like children kicking over a game board because they lost.

          • It is accurate. it is brief. It is also briefly accurate to say the trumpette overreach is a gag with a spoon exercise. it is an echo of the permanent dem demo majority meme which in retrospect resembles … well what does it resemble? fantasy is too polite. Insanity too accurate. gee, stop baby what is that dam* sound….. ..

  1. CNN gets Kristen Powers and Fox gets stuck with Marie Harf? How much money did FNC save? Dumb move.

  2. Only watched the hoopla before the speech last night. Just as Chris Wallace was saying that Trump was getting a “warm reception” from both Republicans AND Democrats as he was entering the House the camera panned the audience and all the Democrats were sitting down and no one was clapping. How the heck is THAT a warm welcome?
    Chris also said on Fox News Sunday the New DNC head was a “centrist”. WP headline called him a “liberal” and even David Maraniss said in a tweet by any definition Perez is a liberal as are the vast majority of his supporters.
    So, what was Chris trying to accomplish here?Trying not to make Dems look like they aren’t as far left as Bernie & Keith? My goodness Debbie WS & Keith Ellison didn’t even clap when the widow of the dead Navy Seal was acknowledged last night.

    • Chris got groans of rebuttal by his team the minute he made his “warm reception” comment. Maybe he was expecting the Democrats to throw rocks. Perez was as big of a flaming liberal Obama had in his administration. Maybe Chris was recovering from a bowl of bad Sunday soup.

    • It was nice at the beginning NOT to see that camera hog Maxine Waters making a fool of herself (during Obama’s past entrances) like a groupie trying to get through a throng of teenagers at a Taylor Swift concert to make sure she gets her face on camera.

  3. Wanting CNN to beat BUZZFEED is a bit like wanting Stalin to beat Hitler. Yeah, it’s great, but don’t plan a big party afterwards.

    • Johnny will kill me for this, but this is a great piece from the WSJ on the Trump vs CNN fracas, but it’s behind a pay firewall so I copied it here.

      It’s on the money.

      Trump and the Media
      James Freeman
      WSJ 2/27/17

      Who says Donald Trump is against entitlement reform? While he probably won’t propose changes to Medicare or Social Security in his first budget proposal, the President seems eager to consider whether all members of the media establishment should continue to enjoy privileges not available to the average citizen.

      CNN and the New York Times are upset they weren’t included in a Friday press briefing at the White House, even though they still had access to media pool reports filed that day. Almost all Americans—and for that matter almost all journalists—were also not invited to the meeting with White House press secretary Sean Spicer. But CNN and the Times seem to feel particularly offended.

      CNN’s Jake Tapper said the White House guest list was “not acceptable” and “un-American.” Dean Baquet, executive editor at the Times, called it unprecedented and said, “Free media access to a transparent government is obviously of crucial national interest.” The Times also ran a story this weekend comparing the rhetoric Mr. Trump uses for journalists who peddle “fake news” with the words of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, who murdered millions of his countrymen.

      But even the Times doesn’t think much of this comparison. On Saturday the paper ran a piece taunting Mr. Trump based on the Times conviction that even the highest elected official in the U.S. will ultimately lose a power struggle with Washington’s un-elected establishment. Reporters Glenn Thrush and Michael Grynbaum fault Mr. Trump for “believing he can master an entrenched political press corps with far deeper connections to the permanent government of federal law enforcement and executive department officials than he has.” The Times report adds that the President “is being force-fed lessons all presidents eventually learn — that the iron triangle of the Washington press corps, West Wing staff and federal bureaucracy is simply too powerful to bully.”

      When trying to play the sympathetic victim whose rights are being violated, referring to oneself as part of an “iron triangle” is generally not recommended. Also, how often did Soviet dissidents get the chance to force-feed Stalin? If they could have found anything to eat presumably they would have kept it for themselves.

      Apparently CNN can’t stick to the script either. The ubiquitous Mr. Grynbaum of the Times observes that both friends and foes of CNN President Jeffrey Zucker “say he can handle — and even relishes — a harsh spotlight.” The piece recounts how, while nibbling on filet mignon at a recent gathering of select reporters, Mr. Zucker said that his team wears Trump insults “as a badge of honor.” The headline notes that Mr. Trump and Mr. Zucker are “2 Presidents Who Love a Spectacle.”

      If Mr. Zucker seems unconcerned about the possibility of being sent to the gulag, it’s perhaps because he knows that his First Amendment rights are not threatened. It is not essential to our democracy that the White House gives information first to particular entrenched media incumbents before sharing it with the public. And the First Amendment does not say that the New York Times and CNN must have an edge over smaller competitors.

      Every politician has significant discretion over how to reach the public and which media outlets to favor. In 2009 President Obama chose in his first prime-time news conference to recognize a Huffington Post writer, bypassing various newspaper reporters. Mr. Obama also used YouTube to order the FCC to prevent telecom companies from charging YouTube and Netflix market rates for carrying their massive Internet traffic.

      Last year the Times ran a front-page story saying that reporters who thought Mr. Trump was a dangerous demagogue “have to throw out the textbook American journalism has been using for the better part of the past half-century, if not longer.” More recently CNN happily broadcast repeated references to an accusation-filled “dossier” of negative rumors about Mr. Trump without bothering to confirm they were true.

      The President can be forgiven for thinking that CNN and the Times have been trying to build the case for impeachment since Election Night. He has no obligation to help them. Along with refusing to give them an informational edge on their media competitors, this entitlement reform could be paired with an effort to make more government data available to everyone, and to make it more easily understandable and searchable, empowering amateur and professional journalists alike.

      The latest NBC/WSJ poll suggests the issue could resonate. A full 86% of respondents agree with the following statement: “For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost.” Also, a majority in the survey believe that the “news media and other elites are exaggerating the problems with the Trump Administration because they are uncomfortable and threatened with the kind of change that Trump represents.”

      The survey sample skews Democratic, yet survey respondents have become more optimistic in the Trump era. Now 40% think the country’s headed “in the right direction,” compared to 33% two months ago and just 20% in December of 2015. Mr. Trump’s approval ratings, while still low by presidential standards, are also improving. And perhaps that’s what is most upsetting to CNN and the New York Times.

  4. ICN strongly disagrees with FTV LIVE. Spud has his head in the sand. Poor place to grow potatoes. I’d offer the link but it’s a bad choice for man or tuber.

  5. Ya gotta love it.
    2016: Why is Gretchen Carlson hosting at 2pm? She’s a news anchor, not an opinion host.
    2017: Why is Dana Perino guest-hosting at 2pm? She’s an opinion host, not a news anchor.

    • Awaiting stooge-roboto-autopost:
      2018: Why is xxxxxxxxxxxx guest-hosting at 2pm? Xhe’s an opinion host, not a news anchor.

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
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