Tuesday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Richard’s interesting poll on media of the day:

    Quinnipiac University. Jan. 20-25, 2017. N=1,190 registered voters nationwide. Margin of error ± 2.8.

    “Do you think that most members of the news media are honest or not?”
    Honest Not honest Unsure/No answer
    ALL 39 57 4

    Rep 13 86 1

    Dems 65 29 6

    Ind 36 60 4

    • Results of Larry’s poll of “Do you think Donna Brazile leaked CNN debate questions to Hillary camp? ± 2.8:
      Not Leaked Leaked Unsure//No answer
      ALL 39 57 4
      Rep 13 86 1
      Dems 65 29 6
      Ind 36 60 4

      Tomorrow’s poll, “Yes or No, Is it okay to hurl feces at the President?”

      • I just find the whole thing very sad……however I no longer think the majority of the media is honest……….although I do give some leeway for them just being lazy and “wanting” some stuff to be true.

        If you are a newspaper or media site and you had to make more than 2 major corrections in a year……….somebody should find out why.

        Now I’m not taking about getting a name wrong…..I’m talking about something that NEVER happened and the internet figured it out before the newspaper does.

  2. “Based on his most recent behavior, one might be forgiven for thinking that Tapper spends all his time, whether at work or at leisure, looking for opportunities to embarrass and insult anyone and everyone in the Trump administration.”

    • That piece is spot-on.

      It’s been all about Tapper since Nov.

      He spent last week entertaining sycophants by tweeting parodies of the sort of dirt Trump cronies and supporters are now trying to dig up about him.

      You know…because he’s Woodward and Bernstein in pricier duds.

      Any day now Tapper will reveal his lifelong battle with bipolar disorder and PTSD and how Trump’s perfidity victimized him.

  3. Disqus lost my avatar and I’m unable to restore it. Even if I save a new one, it goes back to nothing. So, I guess I won’t have an avatar for a while.

    Facebook’s trending bar informed me that Bill Nye the Science Guy (and Climate Change Evangelist) debated Tucker Carlson last night. The main link for the trend was Media Matters. Apparently, Tucker called Bill a “bully.” How dare he!

  4. When I heard Bolling say last night on The Five that everyone should respect the office of the President, I knew someone would find clips of him doing otherwise with Obama.

    Remember Eric Bolling is the premiere Trumpsplainer or in this case defender.

  5. Re:Factor

    Did the journalism professor really say that the press would rather be talking about defense spending rather than warring with Trump?

    Talk about an Ivory Tower!

    Since 2006, the press hasn’t wanted to talk about anything more weighty than a Republican traveling with a dog in kennel on top of his car, or to investigate anything more pressing than whether there’s a pic of a Republican politician eating a corn dog.

    Even with President Trump their news is coming via leaks.

  6. Unfounded Trump claim? This is about Organized for Action, a group founded by Obama.


    “For now, it’s focused on planning events ahead of the congressional recess later this month, when members of Congress will hold events in their district. Organizers are hoping to produce more moments like the one at Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz’ town hall Thursday night when he was confronted by angry constituents.”


    ” For instance, OFA helped get Obamacare supporters to flood townhalls for Florida Republican Rep. Gus Bilirakis, Illinois GOP Rep. Peter Roskam, and California Rep. Tom McClintock, which lead to national news coverage about anti-repeal backlash. “

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 pseudo-denies
    4 keeps calling
    3 fancy new digs
    2 makes Trump’s case
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Megyn Kelly resurfaces.

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