Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Freaky Friday numbers: Rachel Maddow-Chris Wallace-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Fox & Friends video: talks Oscars, and the DNC election.
  • Bill O’Reilly set to address the Mystery of Nils Bildt tonight: Factor
  • Martha MacCallum: Some reporters getting ‘far afield‘ from their mission.
  • MSNBC passes CNN in ‘consumer perception’.   Today’s Wemple O’Whine.
  • Concha: MSNBC source disputes Gretchen Carlson rumor, says it’s ‘bogus’.
  • Grynbaum: CNN, once ‘down the middle’, is now playing in national politics.
  • Pfeiffer: Conspiracy theorist, and MSNBC panelist, is a NewsCorp executive.
  • The Fox Report video: on leaks, Trump address, DNC, and more.

26 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. They think they are so smart but the dumbasses can’t even correctly announce the most important award winner.

    • I just looked at the winners list….for once I think they got it pretty right…….Ive seen most of the big nominees and Hacksaw ridge deserved the win……..I do think Hidden figures should have gotten more attention.

      Haven’t see LALALand…….looks dumb…….but im going to watch moonlight sometime this week….now that NASCAR is over.

      Steve Harvey has to be very happy tonight…….those memes making fun of him will be gone now.

      • Just saw Hidden Figures. I thought it was very good. Have not seen any others that were nominated. My husband & I used to want to see all the movies before the award shows. Not so much anymore. We usually wait until we have a Tuesday open since 1 theater has $5.00 Tuesdays. Or we have what we call “the cheap seat” theater, that long after being at a theater with cushy seats the movies come to this older theater, with old fashioned seats, a sticky floor and bad lighting, that we can see movies for $2.50 at a matinee. Even if we don’t end up liking the movie we’re ok with wasting $5 bucks.

        • Manchester by the sea is also very good….I thought Fences was OK……but I think the movie I enjoyed best was Hacksaw ridge…..its a story that I cant understand why its hadn’t been told before (as far as I know)……not many movies on that subject. The music alone was great.

          Of course as we all know every Star Trek movies deserves Best picture ….other than STV5.

          • Hacksaw Ridge is one my husband really wants to see. The other than is one our list is Hell or High Water. Have no clue if it was up for any awards. Just heard it was very good.
            Thanks for the other suggestions.

          • Warning……it has saving private Ryan Gore. But its one of the best WW2 movies made in a while….if only for the story.

            Its about a medic and you see legs blown off and stuff……bodies blown apart

            Hell or High Water is on my list but my list is long. it had 4 Oscar noms.including best picture.

          • i had just spent big bucks in 03 on a serious home theater system. Bought from the speakers back, the original Energy Veritas back to the largest Sony tube made. pre-led. Private Ryan i avoided seeing because I really wanted to wait and see it in that set up. i watched it exactly once. Made me ill for days. still sits on a shelf where it will remain unwatched. it was not the gore that got me. It was seeing humans in a state of sheer horror and knowing it was real, that people did exactly that. too much.

          • Add last year’s Star Trek to not so hot. The only Oscar winner I will watch for sure when it comes to pay TV will be Manchester. I barely can keep up with the excellent TV shows and movies I’ve recorded. Enjoying last year’s season of BILLIONS, plusTABOO on FX and THE EXPANSE, VICTORIA on PBS Masterpiece… HUMANS, and LEGION, to name just a few.

          • Even though I’m retired, I never watch entertainment TV until after 8:00 PM so I’m overwhelmed by things I’d like to watch, but don’t.

        • I have a 65″ ultra HD TV and blu-ray, 6.1 surround sound, bean bag in front — taken over by Bella who barked every single second of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN finale Saturday night. With my hearing no so good anymore, I prefer watching at home where I can understand the dialogue thanks to closed captioning. As a kid, I enjoyed sharing the reactions of the large crowd at the theater. I’ve went to movies as an adult with only a handful in the audience. People forget that in the 40’s and 50’s going to a movie theater once or twice a week was not unusual.

          • We have Roku. If it doesn’t get to one of the channels on that, we don’t see it.

            Often, we don’t care about seeing it when it does.

  2. Wemple is probably smarting from the team of Tucker and Watters eviscerating him Saturday. Wasn’t pretty.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Tucker Carlson
    4 far afield
    3 playing in national politics
    2 source disputes
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Pfeiffer: Conspiracy theorist, and MSNBC panelist, is a News Corp executive.

  4. ?Academy Best Pictures in last twenty years I’ve yet to watch?

    Moonlight – 2016
    Spotlight – 2015
    Birdman (or something or other) – 2014
    12 Years a Slave – 2013
    The Artist – 2011
    The King’s Speech – 2010
    The Hurt Locker – 2009
    Crash – 2005
    Million Dollar Baby – 2004
    Chicago – 2002
    Shakespeare in Love – 1998
    The English Patient – 1996

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