Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: ‘fake news’;
  • Reliable Sources videos: Trump attacks failing; no dinnerrealfake news‘.
  • Darcy: Gretchen Carlson in talks with MSNBC. Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Video:  Dagen McDowell, Gary B Smith, et al
  • Rothstein: Ed Schultz a ‘monster diva‘ at CPAC.  Taylor: Who is Nils Bildt?
  • What Tapper and Bash say they got wrong about 2016.  Jane Austen’s ring.
  • Videos: and on Trump slamming the media.

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  1. “Tapper sat on stage alongside a star-studded group of network talent, including chief political correspondent Dana Bash, chief political analyst Gloria Borger, political correspondent Ana Navarro and political contributor Paul Begala.”

    “start-studded” ain’t what it used to be.

  2. Told people Trump’s media attacks wouldn’t hurt him in polls…….before press conf last week….he was at 40 percent…….a week later he’s at 43% in the Gallup daily tracking poll.

    People dont like the press like they once did……..which while sad……they earned it.

    • Yeah, I stand corrected on that. The Teflon king does it again. Must be the spray tan. 🙂

      I believe I have this correct. Someone showed a stat that showed Trump with 84% approval rating at this point in his presidency within his own party is the highest it’s been going all the way back to Reagan — perhaps even including Reagan.

      This helps explain what seems like a dichotomy that his overall approval rating in the low 40’s recently is also unparalleled in modern times at this point in any former president’s presidency. In fact, I don’t think anyone except Clinton in his first term was even close to 50%.

      I suspect the next foreseeable benchmark is what are his polling numbers after he navigates the muddy waters of healthcare, immigration (border wall) and tax reform. With all the intrigue that lies ahead the cable news honchos gotta be lovin’ it.

      Meanwhile many of the 20+ members of congress from districts won by Hillary are nervous. Today one of them even went so far as to request Trump release his tax return. Can a call to fix Obamacare instead of replacing it be next?

      More popcorn please.

      • the correlation of a change in attitude, poll app response, yielding a change in behavior is light years weaker than a change in behavior changing attitude. if a BTA, not BAT btw, results in layoffs and higher prices that attitude rating will plummet. If a BTA results in higher wages and more net jobs without great effect on prices his rating of people’s attitude will soar. This is why i go bananas on you about polling. They are meaningless until something happens. if someone that hates Trumps gets a great job and health care it won’t matter how he responded in Feb 17. wait for it.it will be.

        • Just so we’re clear GC, I am only suggesting the current polling data is an interesting snapshot in time for many of us — you excluded apparently — and not an augur of the future.

          • As Ive said I don’t think Trump will break 50%……Obama spent most of his 2nd term locked in the 40’s……..I don’t think Trump or HRC would be in the 50’s right now no matter what they did or didn’t do………the only good thing I see out of Trumps win…..is that the disaster in 2018 for us may not be as bad as it could be in the senate…..if Trump gets 60 votes…..this country will change.

  3. Didn’t know Strange Inheritance exisited, Johnny, and Jaime Colby is one of my favs.

    I sure wish I had seen this particular episode and perhaps had the opportunity to cajole my husband into watching too as pay back for all the diatribes on various football and basketball outrages that he knows I have no interest in.

    Interestingly, I received a ring almost identical (mine was opal instead of torquoise) to Jane’s from an aunt when I was in 6th grade!

  4. Brit Hume tweets:
    “Another bad headline from @thehill. Adult supervision needed.”

    Mr. Concha needs to go down to the twitter department at the bottom of The Hill and see what the children are up to.

  5. Trump announced he will not be attending the Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner. Also, there will be a cash bar, and C-SPAN gave everybody the day off. Master of Ceremonies will be Jackie Mason.

  6. Mr. Concha excellent on Watter’s World tonight dressing down an idiot. No, not Watters. He was pretty good tonight too.

    • I just watched the segment online. Too bad Concha got sandbagged by that moron running off at the mouth and engaging in a couple of instances of fake news in the process.

    “Ohio Post-Mortem” obtained by POLITICO: Among the state’s 50 smallest counties, Democrats lost by 20 percent in 2012, and 46 percent in 2016. You can’t lose those red counties that badly; there aren’t enough Democrats in urban areas to make up for it,

  8. MSNBC is hiring all of the Fox News retreads? The only one with any star quality is Andrea Tantaros.

    Also, Ann Coulter is back on FNC after being banned for over a year.

      • Nothing has been heard about Andrea. I thought she was a star though.

        Gretchen might be good but looking at Greta’s record, they should be wary. I think Gretchen would be better if she co-hosted a show with a liberal denizen of MSNBC.

      • I doubt anyone will hire her now, although a minor player like NewsMax or OAN might figure it’s better than nothing.

        Greta was a much better hire for MSNBC than Gretchen would be. Greta had a following; Gretchen was consistently at or near the bottom of the ratings for daily programs on Fox.

        • While that’s true….you are forgetting that the bottom of the ratting at Fox would be a hit show if not a #1 show at MSNBC.

          That said AT is damaged goods….she lied in her lawsuit papers……..and Gretchen would be a terrible fit for MSNBC IMHO.

        • Any people who followed Greta from Fox were more than cancelled by the MSNBC liberals who now won’t watch at that time. Let’s not write off A.T. quite yet. I would agree Michelle Fields is not coming back to Cashin’ In.

          • Maybe Greta needs to bring Lindsay Lohan on as a co-host; after all, she brought her to the WH Correspondents’ Dinner once. It couldn’t hurt her ratings!

        • I agree, NewsMax or OAN for Andrea

          Who was the dumb schmuck that told Andrea to accuse Roger Ailes of Sexual Assault? All Andrea had to do was say she was wrong for not telling FOX about the book! LOL

        • I think Gretchen will be initially popular because she got Roger Ailes gone.

          I don’t see how that can last long though even with packaging her as a feminist.

          Gretchen has a prim streak that occasionally causes her to come off as uptight.

          I’m not knocking her spirituality, I’m just thinking that by being humorless about sexuality and conventions in a way that isn’t pc, she’ll turn off an MSNBC audience.

          • I agree. Along with her prim streak (never heard the two used together before but here they fit) she has that odd delivery, a kind of sing-song quality while speaking a little too slowly, that reminds me of someone talking to a bunch of children who wouldn’t understand her otherwise. Especially when reading from a prompter (I’ve commented on this before several times and never have gotten used to it). She’s much better just conversing.

  9. AP on the Swede flub. http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_FOX_NEWS_SWEDISH_COMMENTATOR?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2017-02-25-19-26-48
    One would think a booker for BOR would know better unless instructed to find a person to fit the desired meme qualifications, be damned. So on Monday BOR will say the guest lied his way on or that everybody is wrong this guy really has the knowledge to characterize the current state of a country he has rarely been in. Admitting he screwed up and promising to do better seems little used as an explanation anymore.

  10. This weekend’s most popular links:
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    4 remember Brenda Buttner
    3 with MSNBC
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    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Rothstein: Ed Schultz a ‘monster diva’ at CPAC.

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