Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Third time’s the charm: Fox Business again beats CNBC for the week.
  • Adams: Newest MSNBC star goes ‘splat’.  The Cable Game: Hair brained.
  • Tucker video:  Protest leader insists Trump is
  • Sunday showdown: MediaBuzz edges Reliable Sources.  Weekend numbers.
  • Fox News to air Harvey Levin OBJECTified series.   Video Q&A: Reza Aslan.
  • Q&A: Dave Briggs resurfaces for an Early Start.  Today’s Wemple O’Whine.
  • Journalists from FNC, CNN etc discuss how to cover Trump.  Target: CNN?
  • Powers: Obama’s war on Fox looks quaint compared to Trump vs the media.
  • Late Night videos: Joe Scarborough with Stephen Colbert
  • Zucker play: CNN solicits opinions on President Trump…from North Koreans!

48 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. “Sod off, Freeman.” I couldn’t have said it better. And a special thanks to The Cable Gamer for leading off her gallery with Lily Langtry.

  2. I think the guy from the Washington Examiner is being a bit harsh in regards to Katy Tur and her “going splat” for not knowing about the open mic moment from back in 2012. For the record, the Congressman she was interviewing got it wrong as well as Obama was talking to Medvedyev, not Putin. The point being I can think of far more egregious things said and done by cable news anchors. Tur may not work out as an anchor but she should be given some time to find her footing.

    • If she hadn’t been the infamous Keef Olbermann’s concubine she would’ve never gotten a job at Mostly Shiiiite Nothing Butt C rap. They threw a pity party for her and as soon as the bruises Keef inflicted on her healed she became a “journalist.” Because DJT mocked her for her idiocy she became an anchor. I’m surprised she hasn’t replaced Lyin’ Brian Williams yet.

      • Tur is the daughter of parents who are highly regarded in the industry. Olbermann helped, but she had a bit of entree without him.

        Tur got a leg-up, but she has worked hard. She’s no cupcake. She’s done local news and chased weather for Weather Channel and later Donald Trump for NBC.

        I think Tur is liberal advocate in the way they all are these days. And like a lot of them, she’s parlayed privilege, groupthink, and a story of having been roughed up by the Neanderthals (while staying valiant) into what is now the modern media uber resumé.

  3. Sharyl Attkisson tweets:
    If we in the news hire pundits/analysts who seem to get everything wrong, maybe we can find others equally as wrong who’ll work for less $?

    • Attkisson says that she finally got her FBI records after she sued to get them, and discovered that Mike Allen of Politico had been bad-mouthing her to the Feds.

      She says it’s all going to be in her book.

    ?This ol’ gal in the cable neighborhood
    Lives on MSNBC and it’s understood
    She’s there just to take good care of me
    Like she’s one of the family
    Mika in charge
    Of our days and our nights
    Mika in charge
    Of our wrongs and our rights
    And I see I want
    I want Mika in charge of me
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    Of our days and our nights
    Mika in charge
    Of our wrongs and our rights
    And I see I want Mika in charge of me
    Mika in charge

    • Once again a website (Grabien) hardly anyone has heard of has a link on the Drudge Report leading to over 3000 comments and God only knows how many site visitors.

      That’s impressive.

  5. Will on MSNBC
    “GEORGE WILL: Donald Trump has to perform now. The next thing he has to do is submit a budget. When the budget comes up calling for a trillion dollars in infrastructure spending, a tax cut that will lose by bipartisan assessment $5.8 trillion over a decade plus an increased military spending, plus protectionism, which means government deciding what Americans can consume at what prices and what quantities — what’s called economic planning and crony capitalism and all the rest – when that budget comes out, people are either going to rediscover their conservative convictions, or there’s going to be a banquet, a feast of people eating words they’ve spoken for 30 years…

    [I] think when they realize all that you embrace when you embrace protectionism, enormous executive discretion, government planning essentially what we can consume and how the economy will work and who shall be winners and who shall be losers, when they realize the slippery slope they’re on, away from bedrock conservative principles, I think things will change by mid-summer.”

    Funny because i have never met a conservative that actually believes anything Trump says.

  6. Re: Fox News to air Harvey Levin OBJECTified series

    “The 10-episode series, titled “OBJECTified,” will air on Sundays beginning in the fall of 2017.”

    Levin said in a statement, “What? You put me up against Sunday Night Football, the highest rated show of the week?”

    Just having some fun with this and imagining one possible Levin reaction. Out of an adult population of approximately 220M there are still almost 200M not watching SNF. Plus we don’t know if it will air in primetime.

    • This is news for his friends and family to tell him, not you and not me. But i do think that its time to stop before something totally disastrous does occur. I hate sounding so ghoulish, but he may well want to use it as his vehicle off this plane (so to speak) but it’s too dangerous to everyone else around him. If not, he should just stop due to this comment, which would be a million times more prevalent and relevant should any more ” little things” transpire.

      • Incidents
        On October 23, 1999, Harrison Ford was involved in the crash of a Bell 206L4 LongRanger helicopter (N36R). The NTSB accident report states that Ford was piloting the aircraft over the Lake Piru riverbed near Santa Clarita, California, on a routine training flight. While making his second attempt at an autorotation with powered recovery, Ford allowed the aircraft’s altitude to drop to 150–200 feet before beginning power-up. The aircraft was unable to recover power before hitting the ground. The aircraft landed hard and began skidding forward in the loose gravel before one of its skids struck a partially embedded log, flipping the aircraft onto its side. Neither Ford nor the instructor pilot suffered any injuries, though the helicopter was seriously damaged. When asked about the incident by fellow pilot James Lipton in an interview on the TV show Inside the Actor’s Studio, Ford replied, “I broke it.”

        On March 5, 2015, Ford’s plane, believed to be a Ryan PT-22 Recruit, made an emergency landing on the Penmar Golf Course in Venice, California. Ford had radioed in to report that the plane had suffered engine failure. He was taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where he was reported to be in fair to moderate condition. Ford suffered a broken pelvis and broken ankle during the accident, as well as other injuries.

        On February 13, 2017, Ford landed on a taxiway at John Wayne Airport instead of the runway. A Boeing 737 was holding short of the runway on the taxiway when Ford overflew them.

        It seems time for him to stick to the ground.

        • ok genius. splain me this autorotation stuff, because like underground water pumps no matter how many times i get the explanation i feel like i do not get it. ok, this machine that has no reason to leave the ground other than one or more fans, ok. motor quits. fans do not stop because they can be turned by both moving air, or moving through air or here is where i cannot get the relationship and the engine ceases and you can auto rotate land and or restart engine for powered lift. does auto rotation refer to the power air creates as you fall? can it provide lift or glide or just stabilize? when auto rotating does not the blade direction reverse? if so, does not a restart require first stopping the blades before re-engaging their power? the cyclic stuff has always turned into hieroglyphics when i read it, somewhat like the IRS code. is there an explanation us common folks can grasp on why these metal rocks go up and down and how it relates to auto rotation … the stealth black hawk landed in the OBL compound correct? i am hoping others want to know too, but if everyone really already knows except me i won’t surprised as i am always wrong.

  7. I think Reliable Sources is doing better than Media Buzz because it has turned itself into a watchdog against Pres. Trump whereas Media Buzz is not aligned.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 looks quaint
    4 CNN?
    3 OBJECTified series
    2 Hair brained
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Adams: Newest MSNBC star goes ‘splat’.

  9. 1. i hope Bob is just drinking because if not he has something really wrong. not about opinion. he does not seem together.
    2. They do have more good face attorneys at fox than anywhere. i can’t even think of one at other nets. .

          • Greta did what I wanted before she turned to politics.

            I’d like to see gregg jarrett do a weekly (daily) show on court cases around the nation using local fox reporters on a local case that are interesting………I read about interesting court cases in American from a UK paper.

            NO news channel has a show like that…….ONLY Rules is the word TRUMP and his replacements name can’t be said…….only court cases.

          • seems to me you guys are wanting creativity without a foundation. kinda like decorating the living room before you put up foundation forms.
            covering current stuff is all good but my thinking was to layout a show that covered types of law, sources of law, the history of English and Napoleonic law. what constitutes various criminal and civil terms then cover the cases that illustrate how it all works or in some cases does not work, there is a huge amount of time that would cover simple things like DUIs, the results, the treatment scam of courts feeding the business and the blow meter companies, all that is just one small topic. How about family law. there is a challenge. covenants, wills, trust, contracts, types of torts and why. i guess i am just the A word,
            bottom line why on 1000 channel is there not a law channel and how can the ducks be so far behind the bears?? life just does not provide answers.

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