Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Jesse O’Watters-Ed Henry-Rachel Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Somerby: Rachel Maddow, changing and disappearing unwanted facts.
  • CNN contributor ridicules ‘little boy’ Jared Kushner.   Q&A: Reza Aslan.
  • FNC signs Ezekiel Emanuel as a contributor.  Craig Melvin snags POTUS.
  • Was Sanders surrogate ‘blacklisted’ by MSNBC?  Tamron Hall resurfaces.
  • Audio: Mike Gallagher rips (and Brian Stelter) over false tweet.
  • Factor video: O’Reilly asks if the US really has panelists
  • Martha MacCallum would like Trump to call in on tonight’s Town Hall special.

49 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Whoa!

    CNN occasional guest and CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp (husband to MediaBuzz occasional guest Mercedes Schlapp) took a ‘Twitter shot’ at Fox News occasional panelist Jonah Goldberg for not being as critical of Fox News as he was of CPAC for inviting Milo in the first place (before disinviting him).

    Not sure why he chose to bring Fox News into the conversation. No Christmas card exchange there I guess.

    At least that’s what I inferred from the Twitter exchanges at:

    It’s not always possible to make precise inferences from Twitter threads — so I could be mistaken.

    • Probably the difference between Goldberg tsk-tsking a Republican enterprise for featuring Milo (regardless of whether they knew or did not know his view on pedergasty) and a news channel (not knowing) and inviting him on to opine on why Berkley was trashing its own campus over him.


      • There were three tweets by Goldberg to Schlapp that spawned the discussion:

        “Matt, your spin on this is desperate.”
        “This ‘we’re doing it for free speech’>/b> argument convinces no one.”
        “How is (inviting Milo in the first place) not a Breitbart/Mercer service?” Mercer is a top invester in the Breitbart News Network.

        This is what seemed to put Schlapp on the defensive and/or slightly annoy him as he fired back at Goldberg, “Can you be as aggressively critical of Fox News for having Milo on repetitively?”

        Sounds like Goldberg is no fan of Breitbart and that was his main beef — not Milo’s view on pedergasty. Namely, that CPAC was inviting Milo primarily because of his connections to Breitbart.

        Oh well. Al least for the most part they were civil toward each other. 🙂

        • I never said that Goldberg’s dim view of Milo was due to what Milo said about pedergasty. I said that Goldberg disapproved of him for a conservative venue with or without that.

          My point was that the opposite is true of Tucker. Tucker had Milo on precisely because Berkley tore up its own campus over him. it is a news show.

          That’s a different, indeed.

          Unless your name is Schlapp, or you were trying to slap us with Schlapp, my response wasn’t “mostly” civil to you, but entirely so.

          • “I never said that Goldberg’s dim view of Milo was due to what Milo said about pedergasty.”

            Didn’t intend to suggest you did. Sorry if you took it that way.

            Moreover, I totally agree with your statement, “I said that Goldberg disapproved of him for a conservative venue with or without that.”

            I was not rebutting what you said…but adding more context to my original post.

          • But I was speaking to the general J$P audience with more context — not to one commenter.

            I said I agreed with you.

            Don’t be so defensive. Good grief.

          • Okay, I’ll give you that you hadn’t brought pedergasty into it, but I’m not so sure about Schlapp.

            I’m not sure at all that Goldberg was making a comment against Brietbart as a whole, rather than just Milo as provocateur.

            Schlapp? Who knows… anything other than what Schlapp SHOULD know …that cable shows are different from CPAC.

            Again duh.

          • Okay.

            You always make perceptive comments…even when I sometimes disagree. In this instance, I think you may be on point with your suggestion that Jonah’s main beef may have been with Milo.

          • He’s not “our kind” to Jonah.

            And that sentiment I’m attributing to Jonah has nothing to do with Milo’s homosexuality.

          • That’s what would have occurred to me. Many, including me, think Milo more of a showman opportunist than a true conservative. A much smarter Ed Schultz of sorts.

          • I think of him as a vehicle for exposing young leftists’ intolerance for speech that doesn’t comport to their rigorous standards.

            They wished to shut diwn Milo before they knew of his comments on pedergasty

            In fact I think Milo’s comments on this illustrate why it’s impossible to have a conversation outside of very strict boundaries any more.

            How I would like to say that I’m not sure that my brothers at the age of thirteen wouldn’t have jumped at the chance to sleep with a good-looking 40-year-old. How despite their inclinations…no, because of those inclinations …it’s a very good that our society has criminalized the act of adults taking advantage of them.

            I want to say to Milo, these man/men… that you say Gave you the first validation of your orientation…gave you your first real home…the first opportunity to be yourself…and the first outlet for your sexuality… they still took advantage of you and that sense of longing in you…in your need ….in not waiting till your mind had caught up with your body…and yes, as adults they were very aware that you were not an adult.

            I can’t have that conversation with him. Jake Tapper will call me “vile” for even entertaining it, though I’m not at all sure he would were Milo less politically controversial.

            Goodness knows,I couldn’t broach the different in female vulnerability as to that of males on this subject, without being plummeted for saying that girls require more protection than boys and not solely because of their ability to conceive.

            These things are outside of a Tucker Tonight. They are unfathomable anywhere now. They are a private conversation we have sitting down with our children in order to instill in them some compassion, empathy, wisdom, outside the boundary of our politically-moral rather than absolute-moral boundaries.

            Woe is us.

          • Not many third-rails left these days. That’s one. Rape ramifications another. Adult female and male juvenile relationships gets a phony shovel of outrage that barely rises over the wink-wink nod-nods.

          • Some have asked why didn’t CPAC invite 33-year-old Ben Shapiro (Harvard Law School and former editor-at-large of Breitbart[dot]com) instead of Milo?

            His speech a year ago at Cal State LA was also met with large scale protests. Although he was able to make his speech referring to the protestors as “spoiled brat snowflakes” and “fascists.”

          • I think that Jonah meant that Milo was more of a bomb thrower whose attacks tended to end up in Wile E. Coyote fashion. I think that it had zero to do with his sex life.

    • Are you a member of that tribe Nixon?

      Ive heard of them…..cant remember why……..has something to do with central IL.

      • Yes. Roughly a third of the tribe was forced to Kansas, and later Oklahoma. The remaining Indiana tribe later lost their recognition and are suing to have it restored. Many Oklahoma Miamis have moved back to our ancestral homeland. And I am a direct decendant of Thomas Richardville, the founder of Miami, OK.

  2. So the white kid that wanted a fish taco from the resurfaced Tamron was sent home hungry because he was diversity challenged?

  3. Fox News announced on Tuesday that it has hired Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel as a contributor to Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. Good one to have in the repeal of ObamaCare reporting discussions.

  4. Question: is Jessica Tarlov an official FNC contributor? Like her even though I don’t agree with her much

  5. Ana Navarro seems to be coming unhinged. I understand she doesn’t like POTUS. But, she is sounding ridiculous.

  6. Sean Spicer seems to be coming into his own in this position. I haven’t watched a press briefing in a while. Much much better and much much calmer.

    • Sean had some difficulty pronouncing ‘museum’ (multiple times) during his opening remarks and did a poor job of trying to explain to NBC’s Hallie Jackson why a mother whose only crime was submitting a false SSN was deported and separated from her kids.

      Otherwise, I tend to agree — he was better and calmer. Not a lot of SNL material this time.

      I do however think that — not unlike Gerald Ford’s reputation for slip-n-falls — what is going to be Sean’s continuing cross to bear for the comedians is his inclination for malaprops as ABC’s video pointed out.

      • Sean knows this deportation appears heartless to many. This is why he’s essentially dodged the question (“Check with ICE”) both times it’s come up at the daily briefing.

        Even though Trump’s policy is legal — as was Obama’s who focused on those deemed to be a threat to public or national safety, had ties to criminal gangs or had committed serious felony offenses.

        Even Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton wrote: “What happened last night to Guadalupe García de Rayos is a travesty.”

        The Mayor’s statement went on to say, “She has been peacefully living and working in the Valley for more than two decades, and by all accounts was building a life and contributing to our community,” it said. “She has now been torn apart from her family.”

        So don’t let anyone try to convince you this is a black and white deportation matter. It depends on who is in the oval office.

        Which is not to say Trump and ICE had no legal right to deport her — especially since a judge had issued a deportation order against her in 2013.

        There are two sides folks.

        • My take…….Trump wants Dems to stand up for illegal’s…….so he can use it against them……..same reason Republicans like to hear Dems stand up against voter ID laws……..so they can use it against them.

          No much of a shock that DEMOCRAT and HRC supporter Mayor Stanton would say that….it’s exactly what Trump wants.

          Once a judge says you have to go………..you go………I have no tears for her…..she stayed 3 years after a JUDGE told her she had to go. Without that I would feel for her………..but once a judge says you go……and you dont for 3 years……..cant be much of a shock when someone makes you go.

          • Yeah, it’s mostly a left-right issue in which you’d be hard pressed to find a progressive that thought Obama’s exceptions made sense.

        • I operate under two false social security numbers (both of which belonged to other people), I would assume I was going to jail if I got caught. Kids or no kids.

          If I did the equivalent in another country I’d assume they would kick my booty out when it was discovered, if they didn’t jail me.

          I would assume that my saying that I meant no harm, wouldn’t carry much water. Kids or no kids.

          I don’t know what planet we’re all supposed to be living on now, but it ain’t reality.

          • I suspect some consider it mitigating that her only motive was so that she could work so she could feed, clothe and house her two children.

            A far cry from using a fake SSN to file a fraudulent tax return or withdraw funds from someone’s bank account.

          • I can’t think of a country in the world, whose border I would cross, where I would harbor that expectation of them.

  7. Navarro’s “Little Jared” comment is childish and should be embarrassing for CNN.

    Just as Trump’s “Little Marco” insult was childish and should have been embarrassing for the RNC.

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  9. A false SSN is a felony. Anyone in this country illegally who commits a felony should be automatically deported.

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