Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Video: Neil Cavuto remembers the of Brenda Buttner.
  • Out# video: on Trump’s ‘enemy’ remark.   Before and after.
  • Impartial MSNBC anchor doesn’t recall Obama promising Russia flexibility.
  • Citing Mother Jones, Wemple declares Fox News is ‘forging foreign policy‘.
  • Watters’ World video: discusses the press vs the President.
  • Brian Stelter was for labeling things as ‘fake news’ before he was against it.
  • F&F video: Tucker Carlson rips of Trump Sweden comment.
  • Morning Joe is not enough; ban Kellyanne Conway from all television news!
  • Tucker Carlson, guest editor, assembles the Daily Brief.  Ask Harris anything!

30 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Been watching a bit of MSNBC lately after not watching the network for a while because for the most part, CNN has grown increasingly frenetic. There have been some marked improvements in daytime. Of most interesting note, The Pulse of America was a fascinating idea for a show. Caught a part of it yesterday.

    All admins try to change measurement criteria. Particularly the ginning up of Inflation and employment. But we all know CPI inflation is not related to inflation and all know what the unemployment number omits. We start changing scale for trade deficit numbers how the hell is GDP going to show an increase? it is counter factual that changing trade deficit calculation to be larger can occur and not effect GDP. GDP= C+I+G (ex-im). So keep a look out because sure as shooting someone will be in here using a data point to make one claim or another. i know i will be.

  3. If Erik Wemple is going to cite Mother Jones, then Tucker Carlson has an excuse not to read the last sentence of Erik’s column cited in his appearance last week.

  4. Anyone see that Brenda Buttner passed away? A few weeks ago I was wondering if they fired her since I kept on seeing Dagen hosting Bulls & Bears
    I checked her Twitter & found out she was battling cancer, her tweets seems to give away that she was doing fine

    R.I.P. Brenda Buttner

  5. Internet cable news sites uninterested in Brenda Buttner? TV Newser: nothing. FTV Live: nothing. Inside Cable News: nothing.
    Brian Stelter did take a break from the Sweden tweetathon to mention it a tweet.

  6. Very nice tribute to Brenda Buttner, Saturday morning must watch for years. I was teary eyed befor Neil, well done.

  7. I remember watching the Saturday morning business blocks for years. I always took away from Bulls & Bears that her guests always knew Brenda knew as much or more than they did and admired her for that. I realky enjoyed those shoes & they were something I watched with my high school aged son. From his chosen profession he took a bunch of that info in and made it work for him.
    How many times have we heard that Rachel Maddow is soooo smart-she’s a Rhodes scholar?! Have we EVER heard that about Brenda? In all the years of watching Fox I never heard that bit of info before. I guess it’s because you must be an idiot if you work for any of the Fox entities.
    Well screw all of you who pretend to be so freaking superior.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Ask Harris
    4 life and career
    3 doesn’t recall
    2 for labeling things
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Morning Joe is not enough; ban Kellyanne Conway from all television news!

  9. I could swear up and down that Brenda Buttner was a guest commentator on a few shows in the last few weeks? I thought She was coming back soon. Maybe it was tape?

  10. John Roberts needs to find a new hair stylist. Looks much better with the silver hair he had, very Johnny Carson/Cary Grant-like.

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