Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Trump’s out
  • Reliable Sources videos: Worse than Nixonpoisonous; illiterate electorate.
  • Laurie Dhue: I started my career at CNN; it’s very different there now.
  • ICN: As Trump calls CNN ‘fake news’, CNN makes that case for him.
  • Jim Gaffigan‘s jokes about cable news anchors.   Sunday talkers: preview.
  • David Frum condemns gets everything wrong!  Flashback.
  • Don’t let Ari Melber do your fact-checking.  Somerby: Abby plays the fool.
  • First 100 video: Howard Kurtz looks at new polling about
  • Finley: Here’s how Trump’s feud with CNN could keep cable cheaper.  More.

72 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Welcome to the three-day weekend. It’s been a kind of stormy week at J$P so let’s try to be good comrades and avoid personal attacks on other commenters (which are a boon for the comment count but a headache for your overworked site owner).

    In my own rebellious bit of rule-breaking, here’s a post not about cable news but a personal story about depression in the tv newsroom. I got to know the author (as much as you can “know” someone you’ve never met by exchanging comments and emails) years ago and never realized any of this so it hit me more than it might hit you. Hey, if I can’t break my own rules, then what good are they?

    • That was a wonderful account of the subject. I have tried to help friends during bouts of debilitating depression. At its most intense, it is almost impossible to convince them that they will climb out of the valley in which they find themselves. The luckiest find a medication that works for them and eventually kicks in. For them, the relief can seem miraculous. Winston Churchill used to describe bouts as visits from “the black dog”.

      • When he was a teenager, my younger brother had a period of depression after falling and hitting his head while hiking.

        He checked out as fine, but a couple of months later his energy dropped, he became withdrawn, and when at home he lived in his pajamas and ratty bathrobe. He got to be outright morose.

        It was several months before he came out if it. Our father didn’t make much of it (he did not have the ability to worry) and everyone attributed it to adolescence.

        It was years before he connected it to hitting his head. Nowadays I think we’re better at ruling out physical reasons for problems with mood.

  2. I watch Bill Maher yesterday for the first time since Trump’s election. An alien invasion is not enough to unite the country.

  3. NYT: “Former Representative Mick Mulvaney, a spending hard-liner, was confirmed as White House budget director on Thursday. Popular Domestic Programs Face Ax Under First Trump Budget. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, AmeriCorps and the National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities could be eliminated.”

    If Trump ever watches Brooks and Shields on a Friday NEWSHOUR, Big Bird can kiss its frog goodbye.

  4. i note a wide variety outrage over presidential lies. Examples are then made of stupid stuff like electoral comparisons and “fake news”. Seem to slide over the biggest obvious lies which abound in all the major nets and publications everytime they talk about any area of policy. The NYTs piece today on house health care legislation elicits what? where? not in my world? in almost every paragraph there are uncorroborated assertions that seem to be prima facie fantasy. This mainstream political article on the house meeting over tax reform.
    “The border adjustment tax would generate more than a trillion dollars over a decade; there’s no obvious way to replace that money, which is needed to help pay for a steep cut in corporate and income taxes.”
    Those are 2 really huge lies that slap every American, not some stupid stuff about the faux landslide election. Right next to the above quote is a bigger lie… it taxes products that enter and leaves untaxed our exports. What? Are we really that stupid?
    Over half of what comes over the southern border is parts to assemble here or repair items here. How is a guy that exports finished products with no tax here on the export but pays a tax on the import of the material to make the item support for the American made product? Especially when BTAs all over the world are just itching to rise in response to Trump. Currently only 20% of world product and service consumption is in the USA. That is falling as the world outside the USA consumes more at a higher rate than the USA. It is not like there is really an argument here. You can get a guy to say stuff with a straight face but everyone with a brain knows destroying the trade platforms of NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP etc will;
    not result in more higher paying jobs in the USA
    directly cause prices to rise made in the US or not.
    will not collect the projected tax amounts.
    not be able to hide personal taxes in product taxes. all taxes are paid by people, not a business.

    Seems everyone is nipping around the edges. Budget. all arguing over discretionary part. Not enough to fill a thimble. Trade. punish the corps that dare to outsource, no talk of cost or net job loss. Taxes gonna do it, really we will. same w/ obamacare as it is flaming out. those are where the big lies live.

    • That’s a lot to digest.

      Since you sound like you follow these issues more closely than most of us, let me ask you a simple straightforward question.

      Are the odds that we will have an Obamacare replacement in place an operational by the end of the year better or worse than 50-50?

      This is not a trap question. Just asking your view.

      • My view is we have no idea, but i am pretty sure very few people will be happy with whatever happens.
        However big health care is though it does not compare to the damage that the trade and immigration changes will cause. Just look at Japan. All the current trade platforms are amendable, no good comes from trashing them. immigration needs to be harder on people we don’t want and easier for people with money and no legal issues. Anyone here have a doctor born in the USA? if so, you got a hen’s tooth.

        Believe or not my personal view is that the most destructive practice the USA engages in is public education. To become post Industrial the divide is no longer white collar / blue collar but white collar / self employed. We spend way too much damn money to produce laborers, line workers, drivers, bank guards, waitresses and bartenders. No government employee is gonna succeed in teaching a class on Checkbook management, Excel, Quickbooks, banking principles, dividends, interest, appreciating and depreciating asset principles. that sort of stuff is 21st century vocational training and nary a teacher keeps a balanced checkbook.
        no good end in sight as Labor dept salary jobs numbers converge with household survey numbers for more than 6 years signaling fewer self employed not more. that is a death cough. Lack of self employment is the canary in the coal mine.

        • Interesting read. TY.

          I noticed the other day that Mark Cuban tried to inform Mr. Bill that there are complications that have yet to receive the media attention they probably will later.

          He added that to create a replacement — especially one without the mandate — that someone’s gonna lose here — whether it’s patient, doctor or insurer is yet to be determined.

          • call around i am sure you can find a qualified dermatologist to see you for $50 or less cash under the table. i pay C500 here for any appointment specialist. about $17. What Nicaragua has done has made the free care so lousy most people buy what they need. much better system.

  5. Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman is dead. In his transformation will he see the fires or just smell the brimstone? Just curious.

  6. I have to give up on The Greg Gutfeld Show now. Kat Timpf used the pejorative “neocons.” She was the only libertarian on the panel, but her word was a grenade.

      • Since when are John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Cheney and GW Bush “neo-cons”? Pat Buchanan liked to pin the Iraq War on Jewish conservatives (neo-cons) but it was always a libel.

        • The 2nd Iraqi war was contrary to previous conservative policy. GHWB and Powell purposefully did not occupy Iraq because they thought the result would destabilize the region. That was Republican pre-9 11 conservative policy. GWB in his 1st presidential campaign argued against nation building. So the post 9 11 change to invade Iraq, occupy it, install a self selected govt in Afghanistan and Iraq, and support one in Lebanon was indeed new, you know, neo. which is where the term comes from. argue for or agin it but it has a specific meaning and i thought the interview with Rand Paul framed it sensibly. The dichotomy is of position not personality.

        • These are some of the most well known neocons I recognize on the list I found…not suggesting everyone on the Right will agree…notwithstanding much agreement on the Left. (All Jewish AFAIK.)

          Richard Perle
          Paul Wolfowitz
          Scooter Libby
          Charles Krauthammer
          David Frum
          Henry Kissenger
          John Podhoretz (NY Post)
          Alan Dershowtiz
          Bill Kristol

          Don’t kill the messenger folks. I’m just reporting what I read. [wry smile]

          • i find the listing of names and religion distasteful and unneeded for the record. Why don’t’ we divide Obama supporters that way, or maybe ….. fill in the blank. It is a term that describes a position on an historical event that lacks support today that it once had . punta.

          • It was from a list of prominent Jewish neocons and their role in getting the U.S. into Iraq and Homeland Security.

            In the context of that article it was somewhat avoidable.

            The neocon movement also had its intellectual roots in the Jewish monthly review magazine Commentary.

            They spoke out against the New Left and in that way helped define the movement.

            The Jewish-neocon connection is an important component of their history.

          • To even consider listing people by religion is odious. To claim that one is only repeating what someone else said is repulsive.

          • Fair point.

            I stand corrected.

            Basically, this list of neocons was the top of my Google search list. In my haste to find other lists knowing that not all neocons were Jewish I failed to notice that this list was published by someone who appears to be anti-Semitic – but not noted on the page I got the list from.

            My mistake. I apologize.

            My comment has been edited accordingly.

          • Reminds me, “Whatever happened to the Hare Krishnas at the airport?”

            A decent tambourine player is hard to find.

          • Wait………Jesse Watters….who donated money to Obama is a neo-con????

            That’s why those list are worthless…………I find it disgusting anybody would make a list of jews…….for political reasons.

          • Never cared for the man much…….comes off too much like Alex Jones ……I used to see Rupert Murdoch listed as a Jew on sites that complained about jews controlling the media…..you could not convince them it wasn’t true,

            Hope you didnt buy that piazza…..Trump at 40 yesterday and now 41% today. in daily poll………….BTW When I said he won’t get over 50% I dont think HRC would have either….countries just to divided right now.

          • Well……..IMHO almost any other person other than Trump or HRC could have gotten over 50……….until Obama last year he was stuck in the 40’s…….so I could be wrong.

            Sanders unfavorables were 41% while Trump and HRC were at like 65%………..the nation can’t come together after that.

          • I think the Bernster appealed to the better angels of our nature, whereas the Trumpster appeals more to emotions like fear, anger, impatience, regret, despair and frustration.

          • Both sides appeal to the worst in human nature. They both offer nothing but forced collectivism mandated by the government. get a grip. It isn’t the ism, it is the size and extent to which we are forcibly governed. There is nothing good about nationalism, populism, socialism, democratic socialism or any ism that removes choice from the Individual. You are all animal farmers.

          • i don’t know how the hell patti is but u, J$ and i could compete for worst mood on the planet…. the new reality show %(&^$%*%^#$$#*^#(%)&_(

  7. ok, so i clicked, i wanted to find out who this milo guy was. yeah yeah yeah, he is a mess, his prob. there was a guest i did not recognize but i had heard his name somewhere. Malcolm Nance.
    so i google him and go aha, i listened to a podcast he was on.
    now all the conclusions he comes is just blah blah blah to me, i am not interested in adding to the speculation heap.
    However wiki says he is who he is, and i found it new information to me when he describes, as he has the experience to do, how large an operation hacking, analyzing the hacked material and spitting out in some coherent manner relative to the news o the day. Now he may have a POV he is trying to advance greater than becoming famous and making bank so i am not interested in his opinions and speculation. I wonder though how many people understand that to hack, sift info and release just the right stuff and just the right time requires hundreds of people. It seems obvious when it is pointed out to you but i don’t think many people have thought about it. These wiki leak DNC deals and most other leaks of gathered info require huge amounts of people to grab, sift, and release hacked info. that kinda limits who has the ability to get this done.

  8. This weekend’s most popular links:
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    3 started my career
    2 very different there
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 ICN: As Trump calls CNN ‘fake news’, CNN makes that case for him.

  9. “Chris Christie Reportedly Taking A Job In The White House”

    “According to the New York Post, Christie would not be replacing Reince Priebus as chief-of-staff.”

    Some might say, “Too bad” after the Chris Wallace interview of Mr. Priebus today.

    I see it as a good thing — especially if he can add a little structure, discipline and professionalism to the White House.

  10. Good discussion between Kurtz and Abrams about how much of the negative media coverage is due to bias and how much is his own fault due to ‘learning curve’ missteps and factual mistakes and misstatements — e.g. “Largest electoral college win.”

    Good for Howie for having the non-partisan discussion.

    • First Chris Wallace and now Kurtz.

      You’re going to have to trade in your reflexive labeling and stereotyping if you’re not too careful.

      • To quote another person on Fox News I have complimented — Charles Charles Krauthammer — “I call him as I see ’em.” 🙂

  11. Someone should tell the fatuous Brian Stelter that Americans don’t need educating in the role of the media. We know that role all too well. It’s why they rate so low with the public.

  12. Had Saddam not been hung, with time off for good behavior, he might be hosting his own CNN International show right now.

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