Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Ed Henry-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Big-league ratings for Trump’s presser; FNC tops totals and demo.
  • Gardner: Ruling in CNN case makes defamation suits much easier.
  • Concha: Media miss big story. Wemple laments Trump viewing habits.
  • CNN reporter compares Trump to Hitler as her boss buys Obama pics.
  • F&F‘s Heather Nauert in talks for State Department spokesperson role.
  • FTV: Unlike CNN, Shepard Smith wasn’t mean spirited…he was honest.
  • Borchers: Trump attacks on the press raise eyebrows ‘even’ at Fox News.
  • Zurawik: MSNBC is transitioning toward less ideology, more journalism.
  • Video: Ed Henry asks to dissect Trump’s media critiques.
  • The Cable Game: No laughing matter.  Zucker: Trump attacks don’t hurt CNN.

70 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Ok….at Cecelia recommendation I moved Tues tucker to the top of my list…….got to say I won’t be able look at the Wash Post Erik Wemple the same again……….that deer in the headlights pic has to be the funniest thing Ive seen in a long time.

    Watched last night Tucker….thought Ed Henry did a good job……..but Ive always been a big fan of his since his CNN days.

      • Yep, if people would exhibit a little etiquette and build on other’s comments instead of nitpicking about them (like I just did to Larry, as an example) we wouldn’t have so much bickering and name calling.

        Like Martha commented during her short stay yesterday we have some commenters who are like nipping terriers.

          • I don’t know, but it seems that those with small nitpicking points to make in the first place worry about “terriers” spoiling their high minded reason. If its such a minor thing why are you bringing it up, over and over again?

          • Let me simplify it for you then.

            All I am asking is for people to exhibit a little etiquette and build on each other’s comments instead of nitpicking about them.

          • Take a little more responsibility here.

            B. Another day I used Gallup daily tracking numbers to show Trump’s approval numbers were trending downward. Incredulously another nitpicker chose to criticize Gallup — citing other polls.

            You made assertions that cannot be proved. i was not nit picking about one poll or another. you made an assertion that cannot be shown. it cannot be shown because no one, no one, has a a handle on aggregate beliefs about what is happening in the USA politically. i did not argue that what the poll said is untrue, or that another poll is right … i argued it is not now knowable. indeed it is all up in the air. the quantity of how many believe what is not measurable at the moment because no one knows what will happen next exactly. so it is all fear and hope and worse temporary fear and hope. when we have more data points from multiple sources and more things settle as to who and what is done people will begin having clearer opinions that can be measured. until then i hang on specific proposed actions and their history, like the BTA. There is hardly a difference between the hair on fire libs going crazy and the brown nosers that that think trump is a genius here to save America. they are gassed up on hope and fear not data.
            So all the sarcastic snark, the nail slashes from the resident cat, all of that amounts to exactly zero anything but insecure nastiness born of the frustration of not knowing and people not sharing other’s feelings. Hardly measurable.
            you characterize others to fit your needs and others do it too as we all do. so take a little responsibility and quit your fishing expeditions. you poke for a reaction. try poking for something you read or see that terrifies or pleases you and say why. not try to float trial balloons to watch the scramble.
            what is needed here in my view is a little Pavlov. You post what you think, you should have your money on it. winning and losing cash is a lot more clarifying than blog points which are scored by getting a scrum together to emotionally roll over someone.

          • Wow. That’s a lot of verbiage to explain that we simply disagree over whether the Gallup daily tracking poll showed a ‘trend’ — which others can check for themselves to see if our exchange qualifies as nitpicking.

            Have a nice day. I am done arguing this silly point.

          • you are right, you have silly from the beginning and i took the bait silly me. go to Gallup’s disclosure, and they will tell you what you conclude is wrong too. have a lousy day.

          • As I just told Johnny, “Constant zingers by three regulars is a bit much…especially following a mea culpa 12 hours ago. #Classless”

        • I plead guilty as charged Mike and Larry for my role in this.

          I’ll try to do my part to dial it back and do what Larry and Nixon do.

          Namely, just ignore commenters (or comments) who annoy you.

          Life’s too short to get upset by what a stranger says. Especially when it’s more entertaining to discuss Trump, Stelter, Kurtz, Bolling, Wemple and the increasingly annoying Don Lemon.

  2. I shouldn’t be admitting this because it’s fodder, but I seldom have patience for an opposing point of view these days. If there’s a liberal or libertarian guest on, I’ll skip their segment. And in the case of Red Eye, I’ll skip the entire show. I’ve had to skip a lot lately. Last night was one of the rare nights without a liberal or libertarian guest. It was great. I won’t name the guests who have made me avoid the show, but I will note they are three libertarians and two liberals.

    • It’s because nobody knows how to make an original thought, Mike, outside of the best pundits out there confident in their own perspective. It’s mostly lazy analysis parroting something they saw or read earlier. And I’m talking both sides.

      • I liked your segment last night with Ed Henry. I hoped you had mentioned Bill Maher, Joy Behar, and SNL when you were talking about media hatred for Trump. Just because they laugh when they say awful things about Trump doesn’t make it any less hateful. Chris Matthews has already called him Hitler and Mussolini several times. Yet they all deny that they have any hatred in their hearts. After all, they are just “joking”.

        • Naah. Those people aren’t on a network professing to be objective, professional and begs to be taken seriously. Joy, Maher and SNL aren’t held to their own high standard.

      • Joe;
        My niece was tuning up and down the dial this afternoon, and there you were on Hannity’s radio show. You did an excellent job.

      • Any amen trumpette magic bean believer takes the sanctimony first place award away from KOS.
        Roll that BTA train i am shorting PH on the wreck for March. Put y’alls money on government industry trade controls if you believe in it so much.

        • Irony, i do not see neo-con as pejorative. I think it characterizes a part of the party correctly that wanted to create a string of self selected governments across the middlest from western Asia. Neo because for repubs it was new, and con, because the new people were conservatives. A lot of people are derisive about it, and i don’t think it would work but at least you could root for it. unlike Obamacare or booting TPP and NAFTA. Can’t root for that, but we should take more care in descriptions because it is the case the neutral terms can be used derisively.

    • I see your point, but I like Dave Smith. And you forgot about Andy – he’s a libertarian/liberal. He’s much more bearable, though, when there are only conservatives on the panel.

      • I think it’s because we know what to expect, so why bother? They seldom stray. In the case of the libertarians that I skip, I only like them when they’re critical of liberals. Kat Timpf does that more often than skew non-libertarians on the right. That’s what keeps me watching The Greg Gutfeld Show. But the week that she was backed up by Kennedy, I couldn’t watch. I tried, but seeing them rhetorically tag team Larry Gatlin teed me off.

  3. Event yesterday at the White House with coal miners, unions, and senators of coal mining states enthusiastically applauding Trump admin repeal of regulations hampering mining. Not a word on NBC. I can tell you people in my region are aware and see Trump as keeping his promise to them.

  4. Once again from a ratings POV, the FNC shows that stick up for Trump are bound to do well. With half the country supporting him, FNC is the only TV source of balance they can look to. You don’t need Roger Ailes to figure that out. Simple supply and demand.

        • In the end it’s about talent and the right bookings. Krauthammer is a must-watch (and he’s not a Trump guy by any stretch) and Tucker — who has proven to somehow be a likable debater (everyone else yells/gets emotional) and continues to book exceptionally.

  5. Funny comment on THE FIVE about Pruitt getting confirmed to be in charge of the EPA, “It’s like putting Michael Moore in charge of cake.”

  6. I understand President Trump attacking the press is good for shoring up his base. But the downside is he’s having to fend off more negative coverage as certain outlets and reporters who may have been less critical earlier have now turned it up to 11. Even some Republicans in Congress appear less reluctant to make unflattering or contradictory comments — albeit a pretty small group.

    How much longer can this war of words continue?

    Anyone else think in the coming year President Trump — who I share an inpatient / short attention span / low tolerance for perceived unfair criticism with — could reach a point where he throws up his hands and says something like, “I’m filthy rich. I don’t need this constant battle with the MSM. Here Mike (Pence) are the keys to the WH (figuratively speaking). It;s all yours buddy, Have a good time.”

    A variation on the old Johnny Paycheck 1970s tune ♫ Take this job and shove it. I ain’t working here no more. ♫

    • His ego is way too big for that to ever happen.

      On the media………he will continue until it doesn’t work for him…..his press conference didnt change his gallup daily tracking any so it didnt hurt him he remained at 40% just where hed been………he most likely will never going to get over 50% and Obama spent years in the 40’s…….people dont like the press much……he’s got like 25 million twitter followers and like 15 million more or maybe the same on the POTUS account……….CNN on a good day get a million per show…….dont think its going to hurt him much……if it could he wouldn’t have won in the first place.,

      • If that GTPoll is still >= 40% a week from now I owe you dinner. There’s usually a little lag time as those non news junkies (aka low information voters) get informed.

        Fair point about his ego. I was obviously using a little hyperbole and being a little provocative without being #NeverTrump to spur conversation.

        A more sobering thought is that things could get so bad that he gets pushed out by GOP consensus — or decides (no matter how big his ego) to resign under the threat of impeachment to avoid the humiliation.

        It’s not like he isn’t familiar with ending something he put a lot of time and energy into — casinos, Trump Airlines, retail products and Trump University to name a few.

        OTOH, I am not ruling out if 6 months from now there’s a viable, popular Obamacare replacement, a tax plan that the majority of citizens approve of and the job market-stock market look good — then criticism in the MSM will be secondary and probably not be near as intense as it is today. Especially if DT has a high approval rating for some of the issues I just mentioned.

        Could be quite a ride regardless of how it turns out. The cable news channels are lovin’ it.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Kurtz and Concha
    4 he was honest
    3 laughing matter
    2 Heather Nauert
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 CNN reporter compares Trump to Hitler as her boss buys Obama pics.

  8. You know why I fear for my country………….people are unengaged in what’s really going on…….I saw a new poll today asking:

    “Is your opinion of Charles Schumer favorable, unfavorable or haven’t you heard enough about him?”

    41% dont know enough to have a opinion of him………..he’s the leader of the Democratic party in the US Senate and 41% dont know him.

    I suppose I shouldn’t that surprised before Clinton picked Tim Kaine almost 60% didnt know who he was……….the Media should be highlighting who are leaders are more IMHO and less about what kim Kardashian is wearing today.

    • It’s shameful, isn’t it?

      People — especially millennials — are really turned off by politics on television…as opposed to protest marches, awards shows and campaign rallies. If Jesse Watters taught us anything, he taught us that with his many interviews of young people — but older people as well.

      Take Thursday night’s TV ratings at 8 p.m. ET for example.

      While a mere 8,1 million were watching one of the three cable news channels (in what was a pretty newsy day) there were a whopping 28.2 watching one of the four networks. My my.

  9. OK….1st I’m not a fan….but it’s interesting that more people watched the first 100 days last night than ANY show on CNN or MSNBC…….not bad for a show that’s only like what 20 days old.

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