Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Ed Henry-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Impartial CNN anchor to POTUS: ‘Get to work and stop whining!’
  • CNN Español banned in Venezuela.  Beyonce, burgers…and CNN.
  • POTUS and CNN’s Acosta almost make a love connection…sort of.
  • Video clip: Shepard Smith sticks up for Acosta, erupts at Trump.  More.
  • David Brody fires back at Acosta: More fake news from CNN (via TVN).
  • Jim Acosta complains Trump hasn’t been calling on CNN…wonder why?
  • College cancels invitation to Juan Williams after faculty members object.
  • Factor video: between Bill and Geraldo over Flynn investigation.

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  1. Well……after he way their reporter acted at the first news conference…..I’D NEVER give CNN a question and certainly NOT that reporter……..It’s pretty clear why Trumps treating CNN this way……….i certainly dont like how hes treating the entire network……..but I understand why.

    • His supporters like him sticking it to CNN. Until that changes, don’t look for Trump to change. He’ll govern with the 50% of the country that support him and never win over a percent that doesn’t. Because of our election system, he’ll serve eight years.

    • I think Howard Kurtz may have said it best (paraphrasing), “I can understand Jim Acosta being upset that CNN was called ‘fake news’ by Trump — but he took it too far. I can understand him protesting (or pressing his point) 2 or 3 times – not 6 or 7 or whatever it was.”

      Oh well, at least Sean Spicer and Acosta seem to be friendly toward each other as if the past is behind them. I believe Spicer called on Acosta at the last press briefing on Tuesday.

  2. Now that his numbers have stabilized, it appears that Tucker Carlson is finishing between 2nd and 4th on Fox each night. Sometimes right behind O’Reilly, other times also behind The Five and Special Report. There were several articles in his first week trumpeting his increased ratings over Megyn Kelly. Now it appears more like he is pulling in similar numbers that are trending ever so slightly downward. It will be interesting to see how this continues to develop. Maddow’s numbers are way up, I believe she is doing better now against Carlson than she ever did against Kelly. Though it is hard to imagine that Tucker and Rachel have many potential viewers in common.

    I’m interested in keeping an eye on this because I think Tucker is doing some of the best segments in primetime cable news and some of the worst. The show’s analysis segments have been quite good, and his interviews with any guests he has a friendly disposition toward, from the right and the left, play well. He’s really a great interviewer when he wants to be. On the other hand, I believe the combative showdowns between he and left-tinged media figures he doesn’t like are wearing thin and coming off as forced and predictable.

    • “Maddow’s numbers are way up, I believe she is doing better now against Carlson than she ever did against Kelly.”

      Spurred by your interesting comment I just checked Tuesday’s demo ratings for 9 p.m..

      My, my…that was quite the photo finish.
      Carlson 601K
      Maddow 599K
      Cooper 592K

      • Come on mT you know better………MSNBC had some of its best years when Bush was in office….and its poorest while Obama was………Fox had great years…….and one of it best while Obama was in office.

        Best thing that could ever happen to 3rd place MSNBC would be a Trump admin.
        Best thing that could have happened to Fox News would have been a Clinton admin.

        • “Maddow is just having a good week.”
          “Best thing that could ever happen to 3rd place MSNBC would be a Trump admin.”

          Which is it? Make up your mind.

          • Not sure yet…….I expect that a Trump admin will be great for them…….so far it’s not helping……….you realize that Maddow and MSNBC are NOT the same thing right?????

            IMHO….Trump will help MSNBC in a big way…….so far I dont see it……there are still losing………Maddow having a good week but got destroyed last week……3 days dont make much of a trend….except in the minds of the weak who want to see something that may or not be there.

    • long as he beats Maddow……he keeps the job……..pretty rare for a new show to beat a show that’s been on the air for years…….Maddow get the most viewers on MSNBC and a new show on Fox….is beating her………that’s got to leave a mark of some kind.

  3. CNN needs to hold a town hall in Venezuela with Bernie Sanders. They obviously have been doing socialism wrong, and CNN will regain good will by having Bernie fix it.

  4. Let me try this again.

    Last night I asked if anyone knows what these J$P analytics (or Dashboard) mean.

    They appear to be borderline useless because Johnny said his site actually had 1400 page views. So why is this chart showing fewer than 20 visitors throughout the day? [head scratch]

    It’s possible some could incorrectly infer this is a rather dull or boring site with few visitors…or maybe not.

    Inquiring minds want to know — or at least one mind — or what’s left of it after last night’s tag-team brouhaha. 😊

    • I’d tell you but with my stooge invented brain damage….I hate to make you look foolish………it took me all of about 5 mi to see what was wrong. If I hadn’t been watching a movie at the same time….it would have taken about 2 min.

      Look at the data…..not just the “headline” you want to see. To pretty easy to see what wrong.

        • Yea I do…….look at it…….read the DATA….it’s pretty clear why you numbers are BS…….you can figure it out MT………just look and use that logic you claim to have.

  5. I’m hoping Trump’s press conference will offer enough material to make Olbermann’s head explode, but someone will have to tell me. I don’t do podcasts.

  6. Trump called on Acosta today in the press conference. Had a funny moment about making his new nominee for Labor Secretary double-check the family tree to insure zero chance of relationship.

  7. Shep doing his Olbermann imitation today. Two tried and true guests guaranteed to nod their heads at everything he says and a rant that leaves anything out remotely favorable to the President POV. For instance the “lie” of Trump saying he won the most electoral votes since Regan… that he actually corrected himself when asked, and said “the most Republican electoral votes” which Shep did not bother to mention. Had to turn him off, but wish he was talking to somebody other than the two head nodders.

    • Shep Smith fan Martha reappears including a pleasant exchange with Nixon.

      Then a regular prolific commenter here at J$P takes a shot at Shep Smith — which he rarely does. Purely coincidental I’m sure. /sarcasm

      • Yeah, I thought I’d sideswipe Martha just for fun cause that’s the kind of guy i am/ sarcasm. x2
        Martha, I still love Shep. Just not every day. He’s one of the best FOX has.

  8. Just saw Trump dodge (as Spicer did Tuesday) center-right ABC corespondent Jon Karl’s question, “Can you say definitely that no one on your campaign had any contacts with the Russians during your campaign.”

    Oops! Not good.

    Maybe Fox & Friends or Mr. Bill can get an answer the next time they interview him.

    • See this is where your biases against Trump affects your judgment…….NO President in history would have answered that question any other way……he says no….and some low level staffer 6 months from now is found to have called some gov official in russia during the campaign for any reason and the media paints the president as a liar……then everything he says about Russia won’t be trusted……….it’s like people cant rember what it was like before noon Jan 20 2017.

      in fairness….I guess leaks are suddenly OK with you Clinton supporters now………surprise surprise……….no wonder I hated both sides.

      • That’s an extremely strange comment coming from someone who claims to not be a Trump supporter.

        It’s very simple my friend.
        A. Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of his campaign
        and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian
        intelligence officials in the year before the election.
        B. Trump and Spicer are currently dodging questions about this.

        • I disliked both of them….dont see whats strange about that. Just like Spud I didnt vote for either liar.

          You realize you are basing all of that on anonymous sources. I’ll wait for the facts. it very simple……even you could see that…….well maybe not……too much stooges time I would guess.

          • For god’s sake lose the immature name calling.

            It makes you sound like a middle schooler airing a grudge.

            Aren’t you over 50?

          • meltdown….3……..2……

            I look forward to your post complaining about the name calling your racist friends use daily towards Fox News people…..but of course I won’t hold my breath.

          • You claim (and we never know if you’re being totally truthful) that you’re a big fan of Shep Smith.

            If so, watch this video and then get back to me about your weak “anonymous sources” excuse.

            This tweet by Andrew Kirell of a link to a video of Shep’s comments about Trump’s news conference is a perfect example of Shep being the kind of person you’ve praised in the past.

          • There you go again claiming to speak for everyone…..just who is “we”? In over 10 years here…..NO one you and the stooges have EVER questioned my honesty.

            not sure what that video had to do with me NEVER trusting anonymous sources before I see stuff on the record…… did get me to watch a mediamatter clip so that “.great”.

            I see no problem with what Shep said in that 1 min clip…..but since it mediamatters who claims to be at war with fox…..Id sure like to have seen the parts they left out.

            I will say this again……..Shep is the best journalist Fox News has……I know I said so when people talked about him leaving after the Alies thing.

            Don’t understand why you want to claim otherwise since once again you have no evidence otherwise.

  9. Looking forward to Special Report tonight. Bet Charles will be amused by Trump quoting him and using his title.

  10. Today’s most popular links:
    5 stop whining
    4 why?
    3 wonder
    2 More fake news
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 College cancels invitation to Juan Williams after faculty members object.

  11. Hoo boy. Brian Stelter RT’d a tweet reading “The leaks haven’t stopped.” And he added a happy face emoji.
    Seconds later, he deleted that and RT’d it without the happy face emoji.
    I saw it myself but the first version couldn’t have been up for more than a few seconds. I doubt anyone got a screen grab.

    • The guy who worried that James Comey was being unfair to to Hillary Clinton by announcing an official investigation, is happy when a shadow government in the intelligence community leaks classified info of its own clandestine activities in order to harm an Administration.

      They are ever the Einsteins and moral colossi, are they not…

  12. Martha • 18 minutes ago
    A post by Michael T – currently Todays news – forwards to today.
    Michael I hope you don’t mind .

    Michael T Martha • 24 minutes ago
    “Shep is always true to himself and in this world of Twitter, being true
    to yourself takes courage, if you are on Fox and not kissing Trump’s butt!!”

    This tweet by Andrew Kirell of a link to a video of Shep’s comments about Trump’s news conference is a perfect example of Shep being as you described.

    I may not always agree (which I could say about almost any newscaster) but he always strikes me as saying exactly how he feels. No pandering allowed

    • Martha Martha • 13 minutes ago
      Shep IS true to himself…and this shows how..
      This is the 8 minute video of the one in Michaels post.…

      I these days of the cesspool called Twitter – Shep gets hammered nearly every day.
      Today however, Shep hit a nerve with people and had Much positive praise, which is highly deserved. All Shep is interested is Truth.
      And That is All I want from the man I trust with my news .

      Todays Twitter trend reflects Sheps excellence in his reporting.

      • First, I not only don’t mind — I think it was great to move a tweet from Thursday to J$’s “Thursday Links and Open Thread.”

        Secondly, last I checked this Shep Smith video just reached the 6K mark in Twitter “Likes.”

        • Shep is also Trending at the top of the twitter trends . I did a screen grab but I can’t remember how to post a picture on here…but that doesn’t matter.
          Thanks for the initial posting Michael.

        • Michael, Johnny made a post,to which I replied.
          I am sorry,I didn’t know about the Shep video he had made when I transferred your post from the Wedneday comments. It was my fault 100%

          These posts I can no longer find.

          Anyway ,nice to catch up with you again,I have enjoyed it.
          However – I don’t need to be somewhere where I unintentionally make an error and get my wrists slapped after not being here for months.
          Take care.

        • Your comments are deleted. Really Johnny, it doesn’t matter to me.
          I only popped in here after months to reply to a post by Michael.
          Its all good.

    • The only people who dont like Shep are people on the right who want a echo chamber and the people on the left who hate anything Fox News.

      Almost every complaint Ive ever seen about him is political and NOT about content.

      • I have also seen plenty about his onscreen demeanor where he seems to get upset and exhibit a fit of pique. But when O’Reilly or Hannity do the same, rarely a peep.

        I’m too busy now to search for an example — haven’t even taken time for dinner with the plumber paying a visit.

        If I find one or more examples later, I’ll post.

        • You do realize that O’Reilly and Hannity are paid to get upset right? Shep’s not.

          Shep is a Journalist and BO and SH are OPINION shows……..why cant you stooges understand that?

          If I have any problem with Shep its those few and far between times he loses his cool……..but as I said yesterday… can only take so much BS before you react.

          • I’m taking about a fit of pique none of the three should exhibit in a perfect world.

            Damn…you sure like to argue young man. What makes you so quarrelsome and disagreeable? Was it the head injury I spoke about last night. Or is it built up sexual tension from the gay porn you admit to watching. (Low blow…I know…but you are supremely annoying.)

            You’re the worst I’ve seen anywhere on the Internet and that includes Breitbart and Fox Nation. It’s like you have some uncontrollable addiction. Jeez.

          • You really should block me then MT…maybe …”you can’t handle the truth”……..what bothers you about gays so much…….its almost like how blacks bother Ice??? Weird????

          • I said my piece. You’re the worst I’ve seen anywhere on the Internet and that includes Breitbart and Fox Nation.

            There I repeated myself just like your guy Trump does.

          • My guy is/was Bernie ……and I hope in 2020 he will be again. I saw a report last night about the top 5 who might run against Trump in 2020……wasn’t impressed.

          • Yet over and over again you support (albeit sometimes tangentially) not only Trump — but Trump sycophants on Fox News like O’Reilly and Faulkner.

          • Proof of that pease?

            and pointing out something NOT true is NOT support. I dont support Trump…….I will NEVER support Trump……..just because I decided to put my country before party…….and not vote for someone even you said was a liar…….doesn’t make me a Trumper…….and no matter how many times you say it…..wont make it true.

            The fact that you refer to Harris as a Trump sycophant show how little you know about her…..and your lack of clear thinking skills. Is it because shes black? LOL

          • You must know full well that Harris Faulkner has never uttered a single criticism of Trump — okay maybe once when she agreed with guest Meghan who had criticized Trump for his POW comments.

          • so when you have said “You must know full that Harris Faulkner has never uttered a single criticism of Trump” that was a admitted lie? She did it once means it is.

            How would you know……you didnt even know she had a hour long show until we told you? I would hardly get my Harris info from someone so misinformed about her experience at Fox.

            and I dont know that……..I would point out to you that as an award winning journalist it’s NOT Harris’s job to criticize anyone….Journalists dont do that……..they deal in FACTS……but I know that would be a waste of my time……..anyone who doesn’t hate Trump is a trumper in your little head these days.

          • How do you breathe with your head stuck so far in the sand?

            Nice deflection though in avoiding answering my challenge. You’re quite a head trip.

          • Figure out why you J$ #’s are complete BS like most of your “facts”…….answer is really simple…….it’s been like 24 hours MT.


            So you want award winning Journalists to give their OPINIONS about Trump……..funny how that never occurred to you about Clinton.

            I like my Journalist to be “fair and balanced”. Its why I watch #1 Fox News………. Sorry you want opinion Journalism………..that’s MSNBC……you should watch……..they need every viewers they can get before they become the lockup channel.

          • Maybe he’s done enough for them to let him back in the club as a junior member but they’ve learned to be leary of him.

          • If you’re a Fox New sycophant like Gatxer, calling people racist while they were still commenting here is allowed.

            But if you’re not in that privileged class, different rules apply.

          • I understand.

            If you’re a Fox New sycophant like Gatxer, calling people racist while they were still commenting here is allowed.

            But if you’re not in that privileged class, different rules apply.

            Okay. It’s your site.

          • It’s been so long since Ice was here I can’t recall any time he was called racist while he was commenting here. If he comments at newshounds and twitter and gets some heat here, he can’t shut off the criticism just by making a cameo appearance to complain so that poof, nobody can say anything more about him for some odd period of time. It’s been years since he’s been a regular commenter here and not just someone who popped up at disjointed, widely separate times to take issue with something that was said about him. There’s a difference between one who comes here to comment and one who pops in just to whine about being criticized and then disappears. There’s also a difference between commenting about what someone writes and says vs talking about head injuries and gay porn. That crap I have no tolerance for and frankly I’m surprised you went there, let alone doing it more than once.

            Any further concerns related to moderation should be taken to email. Do not address this issue again here.

        • That’s probably because he’s not supposed to function as a pundit any more than Lester Holt is supposed to be Rachael Maddow.

          He can be an eloquent observer of the scene and literally be the best off-the-cuff reporter of breaking news without going into fits of bitter pique that make him more Bob Beckle than Eric Sevareid.

      • Some complaints are based on simple bigotry. But, the world is full of trash that enjoy judging others.

        • Well I shouldn’t have said ONLY but I see that as why MOST people who hate shep left and right do.

          Why do you think he’s disliked if I’m wrong?

    • “Exactly how he FEELS”. It’s why I hate most “reporters” these days. If you’re going to have a “news” show tell me the facts-not how you “feel”. If you have an opinion show,perfectly fine. Shep tells everyone he does the “news”, but then he behaves like this. Just my opinion & because it’s my opinion I don’t give a rat’s butt what you think of it.

  13. I love how people are linking to someone else’s tweet of the Shep clip I tweeted exclusively until others glommed onto it, instead of my original tweet. Or for that matter the freaking link that I’ve had posted above for hours!

    Thanks for “reading” J$P, people. (I’ll cool down in a few; a little sugar-free chocolate pudding should do the trick.)

    • In fairness Johnny, a comment was moved from Wednesday (where your “Shepard Smith sticks up for Acosta” is missing) to Thursday.

      Sounds like a minor misdemeanor to me.

    • I truly apologise Johnny, I didn;t see the link you posted. I went straight the the post Michael made under Wednesdays comments…and I tranferred it here ,without checking first….since it is a current story.
      It is 100% MY fault , not Michaels.
      The Video I posted is the full 8 minutes from youtube – but I will delete it instantly.
      I popped in here because of a post I saw this morning, and I can pop out again just as quick.
      Certainly no harm meant 🙂

      • No don’t delete anything, especially not the youtube version which I didn’t have. I was just blowing off steam, mad because others were stealing my clip and not giving me credit. When I’m grumpy I get, well, grumpy. Just let me vent and carry on.

        • For the record I used it as the ONLY link to that video on Johnny’s Wednesday page.

          But to be honest I didn’t J$’s link here on Thursday’s page til he commented about it — since I was replying to Martha who at the time only had a WED comment.

          Oh well. Should this be that big of deal? Shouldn’t we apply a ‘no harm, no foul’ rule?

          • My complaint was NOT with you….its with mediamatters stealing J$ clip and putting their logo on it…… was in J$ twitter timeline.

          • I defer to Johnny on what the rules of etiqutte on attribution are.

            My initial reaction is to salute MMFA for giving J$ credit with this statement:
            “Watch Smith’s entire rant above, via Fox News and Twitter user @Johnnydollar01.”

            But I don’t know enough to say that this is sufficient other that to note that J$ doesn’t seem bothered by it AFAIK. My view is their link to “@Johnnydollar01” could have been more specific as far as linking to the video linked to at J$P.

          • I only saw the twitter clip you sent….i didnt go to MM webpage….so I didnt see they gave him any credit there……..seems slimy to me for a web site to take a clip from someone else’s site and then put your logo on it.

          • Don’t bother to go the MM webpage. It has no credit to me on it whatsoever, mainly because they don’t use my clip on their website. I did get credit on Mediaite, but Andrew Kirell’s tweet did not give me any credit. And as you correctly noted, the Media Matters tweet was not their video but my video with their logo plastered over it and no credit to me anywhere. That’s kind of why I’m in an ornery mood tonight. Grrrrrr.

          • Agreed. Yet I admit to not knowing how common it is.

            You’re a bit of an historian about the media and the web.

            Do you remember the 2010 feud between Sharon Waxman and Michael Wollf resulted in a discussion about the line between lifting content and aggregating it?

            One of the issues that arose was Wolff’s newser[dot]com site was failing to credit TheWrap — or would mention TheWrap but provide no link to the article they were aggregating.

          • Using others clips is kinda common…..and wrong……putting your logo on a stolen clip….pretty rare I think…….no honest site would do something like that.

            Its why most people put watermarks on their photos…….someday I expect it on videos also.

            Pretty low of a site to steal from a site they hate…..almost disgraced racist stooge like……….sorry I couldnt help myself.

          • Well Johnny is happy to have the 8 minute video I found on youtube,so maybe I should go on another long sabbatical before I cause more friction.
            I’m tired already.Peaks and troughs as they say.Next will come the terriers nipping at my ankles….so,TTFN

          • Bop back more often. An hostest voice. We both know who is the very best in reporting a breaking event. Whether terrorists attack, hurricanes. or jail break rampaging llamas.

          • Hope you’ll reconsider after a few days away. But as I said to you already I understand what you mean about the nipping terriers.

  14. Tapper, “Trump was unhinged”
    Krauthammer, “Trump was hinged”
    … and I was right: Charles was most amused at “the highlight of the press conference”. Said goodbye to Bret as Trump was makng him the new national security advisor. Just last week Charles had said, “why would Trump listen to me? He’s never listened to me yet”.

  15. Wish Shep had on James Rosen today in place of one of the two noddin-head noggins. His take 180 degrees from Shep. That, and instead of foaming at the mouth, he was hilarious in his explanations.

  16. Leakers better be worried, and yes, too much of the Russian stuff was fake news,
    “Despite calls from some Democrats and Republicans to investigate Flynn, the FBI announced Thursday that they would not be investigating him. Sources close to Flynn told Circa he was willing and ready to speak to anybody or any committee about his conversation and that he broke no laws.”

  17. I wonder if I like Watters world so much because the man on the street stuff is all new to me because I dont ever watch late night TV…………I’ll tape BO just to see him.

  18. Surprisingly excellent summary on Trump presser on NBC NIGHTLY NEWS. Chuck Todd mentioned Trump had more fun than anytime since the inauguration.

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