Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Tucker Carlson-Rachel Maddow 1-2-3.
  • FBN personnel dominate ‘best biz journalists’ list: eight of the top 15 slots.
  • CNN sources get it wrong four times.  Tantaros lawyer subpoenaedupdate.
  • Daly: Two of The Five keep sticking up for Trump…and that’s two too many.
  • Mika courageously bans Kellyanne Conway.  Wemple rips ‘dishonest‘ Tucker.
  • Videos: Tucker challenges over leaks, over bias.
  • Duca: Appearing with Tucker was the ’10 most infuriating minutes‘ of my life.
  • Ruiz: Jake Tapper, ‘journalistic hero’.  Video: Jake Tapper
  • Why CNN changed briefings policy.  This is CNN: Trump Valentine generator.
  • The Cable Game: Brian Stelter was against cheap shots before he was for them.

148 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Re: “Videos: Tucker challenges Erik Wemple over bias”

    Hmmm. This should be good…and it was for the most part.

    Not sure why Tucker spent so much face time on the obscure issue of the “paid propaganda from the Russian government,” which is pretty low on the list of what Mr. Wemple usually writes about. With all his left-leaning articles there had to be better more familiar material for a Fox News audience he could have discussed instead.

    Most viewers of Tucker’s show have probably never even heard of these lowly publicized inserts.

    But I’m not in his target audience. I’m sure this airing will do very well in the ratings with an audience more aligned with his views…and all things considered, isn’t that what really counts?

    As someone who puts a strong emphasis on passion and energy in primetime cable news opinion shows Mr. Carlson seldom disappoints.

  2. “Two of five stick up for Trump and that’s two too many”. I think that pretty much sums up the intolerance out there. I’m really the only avid Trump supporter on this blog and for some, that’s one too many. I’m glad I get more tolerance though than FNC does. Could be because of the dog.

    • Well some people (who shall NOT be named) like to live in a bubble and any opposing thoughts must be destroyed.

      Some people won’t be happy till there are 5 Trump supporters on the 5…….others won’t be happy till there are 5 Trump haters on…………but most NORMAL people like it as is.

      I believe I was the only avid Obama supporter here for years………but with few exceptions always treated with respect.

  3. Daly: Two of The Five keep sticking up for Trump…and that’s two too many.

    Incredibly accurate account of almost every former con and still con gathering on TV, online, and in real life.
    I missed the “two too many” line. I searched a few mins but i do not have an editor’s eye. Either way, he described the process of becoming a pretzel to a T.

    • I didn’t see that line either, but yeah the Five has been like that for awhile where you have Eric and Kim on the Trump Team , Greg and Dana being on their own conservative views, then Juan (and the return of Bob) on the left. But Eric is different than say 2014 Eric.

        • I suspected that, but then Mike c might see what i missed and there was an actual reference. Kinda a covered call lol.

      • We are over supplied with human pretzels indeed. Yoga may help people hold the positions longer. He nominated a bunch of people that do not agree with him so the leaks were predicted a month ago. Funny how you know it will happen then still are surprised. I thought Conway would be the first goner.

      • I generally agree with you. In recent months, Eric has gotten really bad with his immediate O’Reilly-esque interruptions of anything with which he doesn’t agree. Howard Stern brought this up in his interview with Greg and he was right, IMHO. It doesn’t make for interesting TV.

          • Because I am a viewer trying to hear Juan, Bob, or whomever finish a sentence or a thought and they are being interrupted often within seconds. It’s rude, annoying, and takes away from the discussion at hand. I don’t dislike Eric but wish he would turn it down a notch.

          • Excellent observation.

            Going way, way off topic — this was one of the frequent complaints I read about Tamron Hall in comments sections following her abrupt departure from NBC and MSNBC.

            I never watched, so I can’t say one way or another — except to suggest she was more unpopular than most (perhaps all) reports indicated. Perhaps out of sympathy for someone who had just had a very bad separation.

    • SUBJECT: How long will the Trump support last?

      I believe G.W. Bush’s popularity on Fox News tracked his Gallup approval ratings.

      Namely, a high (70%) at the start of the Iraq War (March 2003) — then a steady decline thereafter until it reached low 30s to high 20s before he left office.

      I could be wrong, but I seem to recall most of the Fox News folks attitude toward him followed the polls with the biggest complaint by Mr. Bill and others being about spending. Was their opinion as low as that of their viewers? Probably not.

      With Trump’s daily tracking approval numbers showing a steady decline — Gallup now showing 40% — you wonder when the ‘honeymoon’ by people like Bolling, O’Reilly, Guilfoyle and Hannity will start to fade.

      Hard to predict — as is Trump’s approval rating a month from now. My best guess is Trump may have a ‘honeymoon’ of at least six months. But who really knows for sure.

      I do know this. Even most of my ‘liberal’ friends want the president — any president — to succeed. But are the last three weeks a blip or a trend?

      • please do not cite inaccurate numbers. I believe Obama derangement is responsible for Romney losing, so be careful and accurate with the Trump, they are legion, no need to overstate.

        • “please do not cite inaccurate numbers.”

          Huh? What are you referring to?

          And what do Obama and Romney have to do with my OP which was intended as a follow-up and to build on what you wrote — which I had upvoted.

          Good grief.

          • see below a list of all polls. they have a lot to do with your opinion which is over reach. a lot of the anti trump stuff is wack, like being a muslim from kenya and all the racist stuff. there was GWB derangement, Obama derangement now trump derangement. Polls are scattered, not showing trends yet. fact. no poll is currently below 40, many above. fact.

          • But you don’t deny he’s trending downward?

            If you want to average the polls fine. In my wildest dreams I had no idea someone would be so picky as to complaint about me using the Gallup numbers. Seems awfully petty and irrelevant to me.

            I was agreeing with and building on your OP trying to further the conversation!!

          • WRONG. look at the upside down number … the differential, then post again about trend. i do not take sides. i like and dislike what people post, not who they are. i am sick of that shite.

          • As long as you don’t deny Trump is clearly trending downward in the Gallup poll, we have no lingering issues.

            Trump has also drawn fire from more people on the Right recently.

            I was simply spurring a convo about how long before the Trump fans at FNC turn on him. As I said, I had no idea which poll I used would become an issue.

            Peace or paz.

          • As long as you realize there is no trend yet we have no lingering issues. Patience. He will self destruct and all the pretzels will be burned soon enough.

          • One poll never does not show a trend.

            However a trend of 30 days does not a trend make.

            What you see is very mixed results from polls. If you want to support anything with a gallup 30 day assessment have fun, but whatever you support with it does not constitute proof, or really even correlation as we can be certain …. it will change and is changing rapidly. When you start seeing different polls agreeing with each other in movement let me know. .

          • “However a trend of 30 days does not a trend make.”

            C’mon gc — you’re smarter than that.

            Saying it doesn’t make it true. In a word that’s rubbish.

            The generic use and understanding of the word “trend” has no time component. If I lose one pound a day for a week going from 197 to 190 that is a trending weight loss.

          • but people don’t lose a pound a day. they rise and fall in a trend there are breakouts one way or the other. c’mon, you are smarter than that. review needs for proof deductive vs inductive. i cited an anecdotal article.

          • “but people don’t lose a pound a day”

            Now you’re just being silly.

            Make it 5 ounces a day then. Does this make you happy? 🙂

            And your comment about ‘breakouts’ is your attempt at deflection.

            Let’s get back to cable news…you are clearly out of your element here and have come across as “just wanting to argue” since your first reply to my OP.

          • not the point, there are no natural straight lines in anything unless it is forced, like the Cordoba devaluation against the dollar. look at the chart, straight no bumps. goes back years. There is insufficient data for anything deductive which leaves you w/ examples. Ask the DA what constitutes proof by anecdote. the only thing we see are super ball bounces, sample errors, examples of various things, nothing to draw any conclusion yet except you think he sucks or does not and why. Why introduce something quantitative when it can’t quantitate … wow, it is a word.

          • Speaking of trends, I decree that this comment thread is fast approaching the appearance of Godwin’s law.

            To borrow an old Chevy Chase saying, “Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.”

  4. Shep today in his editorial method of reporting was as anti-Trump as anybody leaning or faking or leaning and faking on the other two cable news networks.

  5. If Hannity were smart he would drop the taped shows and do them live the next few months.
    Too much Breaking News in Trump’s DC to throw on taped shows.
    Viewers will click to live coverage every time news breaks.

    FoxNews has been caught with their pants down the last few weeks……to quote an angry Oreilly — we’ll do it live! eff it, we’ll do it live!!!!

    • Can you point us to a breaking news story Fox News didnt carry live?

      One thing Fox doesn’t do much of…..making me very happy….is spend 2 hours telling me the same thing I knew in the first 2 min of coverage…..they cover the story and move on to other things……….they have always been that way.

      The night of the NK missile launch I watched CNN talk about it for over an hour………..I knew nothing after that they didnt tell me in the first 30 seconds of the hour.

      However I agree that ALL shows on primetime should be live…….but it’s not like they cant break in for important stuff.

      • They were late to the Flynn firing because Hannity was taped. They finally broke in with Kelly Wright after 20-30 min of CNN and MSNBC with live coverage. Gloria Borger broke the story live at 10 pm est on CNN.

        There have been several instances when Fox had taped Oreilly or Hannity shows going when news was breaking.

        • Ok….so they were late……….they then covered that he resigned…..I watched CNN coverage…….I knew nothing that I didnt know after 2min……..Fox at least tries not to do the “let’s spend 2 hours saying the same thing” game. That how hosts start to ask crazy questions like could the plane have flow into a black hole?

          How many times do you need the same facts per hour? Last week they covered a story 2 hours before CNN or MSNBC who 2 hours later we’re calling it breaking news. It happens. Fox record is much better than MSNBC or CNN on a whole.

          Would I like to see ALL live shows….Ive said that for years……..but they are still covering the news…….just not spending hours telling you the same 2 facts over and over.

          • My point was that eyeballs will follow breaking news. FoxNews should not cede live cable TV in primetime hours to CNN and MSNBC. Tucker has the only live show in Fox’s primetime lineup and the ability to roll with late breaking news.

          • See…….thats where I disagree……..if breaking news happens…..BO……Tucker and SH should be taken off and a Journalist should take over. BO can do it because he was a reporter on TV……..but I’d rather have someone else. I used to say NOBODY bumps Bill.

            an example that comes to mind is the night they caught the Boston bomber…….BO was live when it broke…….he did OK with it and had a Journalist with him most of the time…………he was live……his show isnt always on Tape. I believe that only Hannity show is always taped but I dont watch so I could be wrong.

            I dont disagree with what you are saying….ALL shows should be live on a News Network……24/7……..but I won’t hold Fox to a standard that no other network does. That’s why I really miss the old CNN/Headline news channel.

          • Yes and no. Live is better than not live, but even taped programming can be interrupted. The problem is Fox’s breaking news anchor goes home at 4pm and is not available to cover primetime. If I were running things I’d tell Shep his day starts at 3pm, and he keeps himself in the area and available until 11pm at the earliest. Then, if nothing has broken, he can go home. When a second-tier anchor covers breaking news, it’s better journalistically than letting Hannity do it, but not better for holding viewers. That’s why Shep should be there so you get star power + cred when news breaks.

          • CNN and MSNBC are both live until midnight. Last week or the week before with one of the court rulings Fox broke in with some white guy I had never seen before to give 5-10 minutes live on the situation then back to Oreilly that was taped that afternoon. Meanwhile Lemon and Williams were both live with panels and instant analysis.

            Being 1st for so long can make you lazy. If they are going w/taped programming, I agree with your suggestion of having a more substantial anchor ready to break in.

            Martha hangs around an hour from 8 est until Tucker if needed.
            Tucker stays for 90 min after his show (Hannity and half the second airing of Oreilly)

          • Well I have no way of knowing who hangs around or for how long. But they have a breaking news anchor who’s getting a ton of money, way more than his 3pm ratings justify. I don’t see why he can’t be available during the peak viewing hours. He could even do the news break during Hannity. That would give Sean’s viewers a jolt.

          • no need to have a star, a pro will do and if it is 24 hr cable it would seem wise to have a straight journo on call 24/7. Do they devalue Rosen, Bair, Henry, Campaign Carl etc when they sit in as pundit hosts? would not a hardening of the division enhance their breaking news cred?

  6. Re: Mika courageously bans

    Isn’t Trump supposed to be the Commander-In-Chief of “fake news”?

    Why not ban Trump and his entire administration? Don’t let any of them on. Because that’s what is the result of this thinking as the media demands from the Administration, spokespeople who are more and more insider and higher in the food chain if said Admin wants to get its message out.

    What has been the give and take of reporting — the gleaning of insight via what’s emphasized and floated by spokespeople and also by what’s hedged, dissembled, embroidered, obfuscated, and lied about, goes out the window as the media plan becomes to simply grind through every batter at the mound.

    We all know what the calculus is in banning someone who essentially got Pres. Trump elected and who does have entre at the WH despite her not avering your judgments, and of the show of announcing that ban to the public.

    It’s a political maneuver, and certainly not journalism.

    • one of the only things the Trump admin has said I agree with 100%……is……the media is the opposition party for them.

    • Must be beat up on Kellyanne Conway week.

      Yesterday in a lengthy opinion piece for Mediaite John Ziegler called her a “fraud.” On Valentine’s Day no less.

      This is the same John Ziegler who once produced a favorable documentary about Sarah Palin. Yes, that John Ziegler.

      So he’s hardly the archenemy of GOP women.

      He added, “I no longer believe that she is truly in Trump’s most inner circle of advisors, nor do I think she is in the loop on critical decision-making.”

      Harsh opinions indeed.

        • I tend to give more credence to whatever arguments and/or evidence people include in their column — whether it’s Ziegler or Concha — than what their past reveals.

          But I agree with you and Gatxer that he’s certainly no fan of Trump even though he praised the President for his Supreme Court nominee.

          • We weren’t responding to Ziegler’s arguments, you didn’t relate any.

            We responded to your context of Ziegler “hardly being the archenemy of GOP women”.

            Yeah, well there’s a bit more to it than that.

          • Sorry Joe.

            I meant “whether it’s Stelter or Concha.”

            Is that better? Or would you have preferred “whether it’s Betsy Rothstein or Joe Concha” given what a sweet charming lass she is?

      • I take it you haven’t read any of Ziegler work since Trump won the Nom………Hes a republican NeverTrump person………cost him his radio show….or so he claims.

        He a good writer….but he lost it when it comes to Trump.It would only be news if he wrote a Pro-trump colum.

        • Sheer speculation here, but the Trump folks weren’t too impressed with Palin and offered her nothing even though she certainly carried their water to her champions.

          That may have had a bit of an impact on Ziegler.

          • Reality check dear.

            Just what do you think “but he lost it when it comes to Trump” means?

            It suggests he has a hard time being unbiased about Trump.

          • It means he’s a conservative who is rooting for a Trump impeachment on the basis of Trump being illegitimate in a way that hasnt been avowed to by any investigators.

            That’s a far more accurate context than your acting like Ziegler coming out against Conway was like Rush Limbaugh suddenly changing his mind about her.

            Again, you want to argue that Z is right, then do that without gilting the context of his authority.

          • “It means he’s a conservative who is rooting for a Trump impeachment.”

            I haven’t read that in any of his many Mediaite columns. Do you have a link?

            BTW, you did not disagree with my second sentence in the same comment: — “It suggests Ziggy has a hard time being unbiased about Trump.”

            In fact, you seemed to reinforce it.

        • Of course, nothing you said suggests that his opinions are not valid. He uses decent logic based on recent history to proffer some salient and creditable points of view.

          Many on ABC (The View), MSNBC and CNN who loathe Trump used to praise Kellyanne…lately, not so much…she’s been caught in too many fabrications/lies/misrepresentations — whichever word you prefer.

          I caution you to be careful about pigeonholing people based on their past. Opinions about Trump, Conway, Pence and Spicer are about as fluid as they get. Meghan McCain is a perfect example…support Trump some days and on others not so much.

          • Who was trying to say Ziegler!s opinions aren’t valid?

            You’re the one who setup a scenario of it being surprising that conservative Palin-supporter Ziegler would criticize Conway.

            It’s not surprising at all to anyone who has followed him and followed Palin.

            Saying that doesn’t invalidate Ziegler’s opinion and neither does disagreeing with him. It corrects the wrong context you gave to his thinking in order to polish his credibility.

            If there’s any gilding the lily here it’s by you.

          • Gatxer immediate reaction was suggesting Ziegler’s opinions were biased because he’s a NeverTrump. I simply cautioned him against not dismissing his opinions on Monday.

            You can be anti Trump and still make valid points in a blog column.

          • You can caution anyone you like about not dismissing Ziegler’s opinions, but it makes no sense to do it by ignoring that Ziegler has long hated Trump and then to ramble some nonsense about people’s opinions of Trump being fluid right now.

            If you’re going to argue for Ziegler’s opinions do it in the context of his actual history.

          • Ziegler’s years-long Quixotic crusade to convince the world that child molester Jerry Sandusky was framed/railroaded/whatever and is innocent of everything marked a sharp curve in his career trajectory that has not worn well over time.

          • I concluded back when he made the Palin documentary he was a bit of a scumbag.

            Although he’s no dummy and he seems to have cleaned up his act a bit — including writing some provocative columns for Mediaite. Although I preferred Joe Concha over this guy.

          • Sandusky’s son was arrested the other day for trying to get girls in their mid-teens to send him doity pictures.

          • Nonsense.

            F. Lee Bailey has a terrible “actual history” – but if he was on TV tomorrow arguing an important case I would not automatically dismiss what he has to say to the court.

            Let’s try to stay in the present is my advice – yet not completely ignore the past. But no more knee jerk reactions because they we a NeverTrump.

            If we can all remove our tribal hats and agree that Ziegler or Concha or Charles Krauthammer or Jonah Goldberg can all make some valid arguments about Trump or Conway regardless of their past, then case closed.

            We wasted each other’s time.

          • Well, let’s hope then that you wouldn’t try to negate that terrible history by putting it in a false light.

            Otherwise, you’d seem to be less sure of Bailey’s arguments than your demands upon others suggest.

          • I’m a hardcore left-brained logic-based person who unlike Gatxer does not let someone’s history — take political polar opposite Joe Concha for example — prevent me from enjoying a persuasive logical column.

            Zeigler presented some good evidence to support his speculation. It’s too bad we got sidetracked.

          • You exhibited one of my pet peeves on the Internet

            Your first knee-jerk reaction was to attack the columnist/author/commenter instead of the content of the article.

          • you mean like you do with Harris………..a host who you didnt even know had her own show? How many times did you agree with the racist stooges without even watching her show?????????

            Ive read Ziegler’s opinion pieces at mediaite………..He HATES Trump……I take a persons history in mind when I read a post they make…..only a fool wouldn’t.

            You really should go back and read the post where you “claim” I attacked him….I didnt….you first clue might be where I said “He’s a good writer”……….I just mentioned the fact that he’s an admitted NeverTrumper…….unlike the disgraced racist stooges… about people on Fox being Trumpers……. I’m not claiming it….he’s said it. That’s NOT an attack….it’s a fact that only a fool wouldn’t care about while discussing his views on Trump.

          • He lost it when it comes to Trump
            He lost his radio show.
            You claimed he’s a NeverTrump with no proof.
            You suggested he’s too biased by stating “It would only be news if he wrote a Pro-trump colum.”

            If you don’t want to called it an “attack’ — so be it. But people will laugh at you. (It was hardly a love letter.)

          • Whatever you say MT……if you dont know he’s a Republican nevertrumper……..I’d say people are laughing at you.


            now dont you look like a fool?

            He claims he lost his radio show because he’s a nevertrumper NOT me.
            He’s not objective when it comes to Trump…….doesn’t claim to be……IE he’s lost his objectivity…which is what I said….”he’s lost it”

            Id talk with you more…..but you have no idea who John Ziegler really is…so…….. Goodnight.
            PS: next time at least know something about the subject you are defending to attacks that NEVER took place..

          • And next time try to stay in the present and address the issue at hand.

            Is Ziegler’s column legitimate or not?

            At least stay in 2017 without addressing tweets by Ziegler and about Harris Faulkner from last year.

          • so….you can’t even admit you were wrong about him being a nevertrumper………what a waste of my time this was.

            Only a fool doesn’t care about someone history. The fact that he was a nevertrumper should in any sane person’s mind matter when he’s talking about trump……..if he’s talking about Obama….it wouldn’t matter.

            Have a goodnight MT.

          • Don’t hold your breath.

            It’s your imagination Nixon.

            I haven’t changed at all. It’s the Trumpers here who seem to have lost their minds over this godawful man.

          • Too bad Larry.

            You’re one of the few commenters here with some semblance of a sense of humor…even though I have a hard time believing you never watched a single episode of the TV show Mash.

            I refer to you as the polar opposite of the humor-challenged gcblues.

            J$ also has a funny bone and a quick wit.

          • You too. Goodnight.

            I have others to attend to. I’m their therapy to release their hostilities.

            And I’m sure there are plenty of those given all the problems for Cheeto Jesus.

          • Your a funny man.

            I knew there was a sense of humor in there somewhere with your conservative pro Fox News brain cells.

        • Ziegler has A LOT of animosity towards Trump. No matter what Trump does, Ziegler is aggressively against it… even the things he’s politically aligned with.

          The more you read his columns, the more personal the beef seems.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 against cheap shots
    4 eight of the top 15
    3 most infuriating minutes
    2 get it wrong
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Daly: Two of The Five keep sticking up for Trump…and that’s two too many.

    • People forget in the gallup daily tracking poll……..Obama never hit 50% from June of 2013 till Jan 2016 and a lot of that was at @40%.

      And while Obama Favorability Ratings is at 60% now……..on election day it was 44%.

  8. C’mon folks.

    Look at you.

    All the vitriol and childish references.

    Despite J$’s best efforts with interesting and entertaining links there’s a reason this site has not grown to more than a handful of far right intolerant regular commenters (out of an adult population of 220M+) in the years I’ve been here. It really is a cult as outsiders have suggested. MMFA has more tolerance for different points of view.

    Your hostility over the most trivial matters is very unwelcoming. God forbid you should disagree with Trump or a Fox News co-host. The rath of God will descend upon you in the typical 4-6 tag team members all joining in.

    • Well the meltdown didnt take long…Nixon was right………not as good a Spuds of course but not very original either……I figured at least another day. Always nice to see what people really think of us.

      Funny how I’m a big Shep fan and nobody dings me for it………..IF I had the power I’d fire Hannity TODAY…..nobody here tag teams me for it………..the stooges are always the victims….it just so sad…… should sue who ever makes you come here for punitive damages.

      Somehow I doubt those stats can be right since J$ has almost 8,000 twitter followers…….but only 20 a day bother to visit his site and over half comment? That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Im sure J$ can shed some light however.

        • He of course views it differently. That he came here because he missed you and me. Never did pay for the broken furniture.

        • I know why his stats like most things with him are BS………..took me all of 5 min to figure it out……just had to remember the history of J$ place.

          Hint: Something changed in 2010. on 4/5/10 at 9:56 AM to be exact.

          • That makes no sense.

            Once more in English please.

            Just how bad was your head injury during the accident?

            You have a very bad habit of repeating words and phrases and opinions over and over again like my 88 year old grandma did years ago.

            I only mentioned this delicate subject because you keep taking cheap shots at Ice and me like an angry mental patient.

            Plus some of your ellipsis-riddled punctuation-challenged comments read like those of an old man in an extended care facility like my father once was.

            Other times you appear totally lucid — albeit still snarky toward those you disagree with.

          • he’s melting Nix. don’t forget his act is to explode with the worst of nastiness before he plunks his magic twanger to dissolve for awhile into multiple identities. Bottom line: keep ignoring.

      • “Funny how I’m a big Shep fan and nobody dings me for it.”

        Check your Disqus history and let us know the last time you commented favorably about Shep? I don’t recall any instances — but this nice lady (who shall remain anonymous) was not only a big Shep fan, but her UK politics were moderate compared to some of the hard right critics who gave her a hard time.

        • IMHO Shep is the Best Journalist Host on any cable news channel and has been for a VERY long time………Im pretty clear about that……..the only thing I can remember complaining about him is sometimes he goes deep end IE: torture and gives opinions when he’s upset ….I dont mind …….you can only take so much BS before you point it out.

          I dont remember who this UK lady is….or any thread where Shep has been discussed in the last few months worth more than a few comments… I guess I missed it.

          Im guessing I didnt give her a hard time or you would say so……doesn’t that alone tell you anything?

          • It wasn’t so much a hard time on further reflection — and I could still be off base.

            She posted fairly regularly then suddenly stopped after she was attacked for defending me even though our politics differed. This is why I remember. Plus the fact she really liked Shep’s show.

            She was more like a California Republican in her views which were reasonable and moderate. I miss her…we need more moderates so others will feel welcome.

          • Well….I dont remember anybody who said they were from the UK but haggis…………maybe she’s like me….and takes breaks. from the comments section…for instance……..I read the site but didnt comment during the time of Spuds meltdown and missed it. I read this site for years before I made my first post and then made very few for a long time………..I think it was J$ semi-weekly post called something like “haters week in review” that made me a regular here in the comments area……..but the site of course looked very different back then.

          • Well…I see I didnt comment that day…..but did rec a early comment….my guess I never saw that. I only see two replies to her and they seem fine.

            I also see that I rec a comment made before hers that says:

            “The Shepard Smith was good, interesting that FNC might be doing a bigger focus in the news department and less on the opinion side. And yes Shep should be allowed to do more bears again!”

            I couldnt say that any better on how I feel about Shep.

          • Just so we’re clear. That comment by her was simply the first that popped up in my Google search.

            It is not the time she got harsh push back for suggesting a comment I made seemed reasonable to her.

            Don’t recall when that was or when her last comment at J$P was.

        • You are very sweet Michael 😉
          Nobody scared me off – but there was the odd irritation here…like a little terrier always waiting to “nip at your heels” at the slightest opportunity of a chance to display their superiority complex….and the argumentative nature of the forum just bored me.
          I do look in here though most days. Sometimes it is interesting and sometimes not.

          I am NOT a Fox fan – I am a Shepard Smith Fan.
          Shep will always have my complete and utter respect for being that Island in a choppy sea. He is my “go-to” anchor for TRUTH and Breaking News.
          Shep is always true to himself and in this world of Twitter ,being true to yourself takes courage ,if you are on Fox and not kissing Trumps butt !!
          As Shep says , it’s the Job of the journalists to hold the feet to the fire of the people that have the power.
          Shep is not afraid to do just that . He will never tell the people just what they want to hear ,just to silence the trolls.
          I think Shep sleeps well at night.

          • “There was the odd irritation here…like a little terrier always waiting
            to ‘nip at your heels’ at the slightest opportunity of a chance to
            display their superiority complex….and the argumentative nature of the
            forum just bored me.”

            Wow…can I relate to that Martha…there’s always someone lurking in the bushes ready to leap…or so it seems. Fortunately some of the opinions are informative, entertaining and yes, even funny if written by our resident “stuck in 50’s guy” Larry Kelly.

            So nice to hear from you and thank you for clearing things up.

          • Martha, it is good to see you back. I hope that I never said anything to offend you. You have a lot to offer this forum.

          • “Shep is always true to himself and in this world of Twitter, being true
            to yourself takes courage, if you are on Fox and not kissing Trump’s butt!!”

            This tweet by Andrew Kirell of a link to a video of Shep’s comments about Trump’s news conference is a perfect example of Shep being as you described.

            I may not always agree (which I could say about almost any newscaster) but he always strikes me as saying exactly how he feels. No pandering allowed.

      • That’s too broad and overly simplistic my friend.

        Just like his buddy Bill O’Reilly, Trump holds many positions on immigration, deregulation, Keystone, school vouchers, Dodd-Frank, Israel, Iran, Obamacare, etc, that are hardly at odds with the core of the Republican Party.

        You appear to be nitpicking again like you did yesterday about polling data, which is your prerogative of course to point out positions/opinions you think are wrong — no matter how petty. It’s an open forum.

        But some days I think you just like to be the blog contrarian arguing with me, Larry Kelly, Joe Concha, Cecelia and others. Am I wrong?

        Peace bro.

        • yeah you are wrong, Trump does not believe in any of the things his nominees support. Who do you think is leaking? Trump is the classic Neo-Liberal Latin America has been screaming about for years. He is about as conservative as China, another crony capitalist state. Note the heritage freedom index released yesterday. Populists are crony capitalists. The American left, crony welfare state advocates. Both want your money and liberty, hardly conservative unless you think Euro populists are cons not fascists.

          • “yeah you are wrong,”

            No, you are wrong.

            Just kidding. I don’t play those games.

            You really are far right — borderline reactionary — aren’t you?

            If I were you, I would not worry your pretty little expat head.

            So far he’s listening to (and having speeches written by) Bannon and Miller.

            You’d be hard pressed to name a cabinet nominee or executive order that bothered conservatives en masse.

          • “Rare as unicorns”

            Now that’s funny. Glad to see your humor come out for a change. Yay George!!

            My sister-in-law (to my cattle rancher bro) once proclaimed that if they were any further right they’d be Birchers.

            I had to laugh.

            Wear it on your sleeve, be proud…I guess is the mantra.

          • Curious, beck had Sowell on Fox news beck asked Sowell if he thought Obama was a Marxist. Did you see his response?

  9. A post by Michael T – currently Todays news – forwards to today.
    Michael I hope you don’t mind .

    Michael T Martha • 24 minutes ago
    “Shep is always true to himself and in this world of Twitter, being true
    to yourself takes courage, if you are on Fox and not kissing Trump’s butt!!”

    This tweet by Andrew Kirell of a link to a video of Shep’s comments about Trump’s news conference is a perfect example of Shep being as you described.

    I may not always agree (which I could say about almost any newscaster) but he always strikes me as saying exactly how he feels. No pandering allowed

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