Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Tucker Carlson-Rachel Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered videos: Marie Harf joins debate over and
  • Want a Westchester crib? Mika’s is $2 million, Gregg Jarrett’s just $1.8M.
  • Fox News wins wild news week; O’Reilly tops all cable except for zombies.
  • Sunday Showdown: Reliable Sources beats Media Buzz.   Weekend numbers.
  • Goldberg: CNN, media ‘two faced‘ in attempts to silence Kellyanne Conway.
  • Datoc: MSNBCNN attack reporter who didn’t ask the question they wanted.
  • Tucker Carlson video: Berkeley school teacher argues for
  • CNN’s ‘impressive‘ comedy show. Funt: CNN a beacon in dark times. K.T. stays.

38 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Can’t say i’m displeased by the resignation of Flynn as National Security Adviser. Not over the press ginned up Russian stuff but by his apparent misleading of Pence. With that kind of bad judgment best he is gone. I had always been uneasy about him. Reminded me a bit too much like the fictional U.S. Air Force General, Jack Ripper.

  2. MSNBC, NBC, and CNN could not be more hacked at the Daily Caller not listening to their whispers. If the question had been asked, Flynn would have been fired by now.

  3. I turned CNN’s HISTORY OF COMEDY off after about twenty minutes. Can see what the left loved it as it made Lenny Bruce into some kind of hero. To me he wasn’t at all funny and poisoned comedy no less than he poisoned himself.

    • There could never be a Lenny Bruce today.

      The ‘avant garde’, as well as scary morons such as that Berkley teacher on Tucker last night, would make sure he/she disappeared one way or another.

        • No, Bruce was counter-culture. He went after the shibboleths of the establishment.

          Artists, the media, intelligentsia, corporatists, sophisticates and wannabes, now all march in lockstep in our Tower of Babel world.

          Today’s Lenny Bruce is us.

          • Well then I stand corrected. The CNN special led one to believe his biggest foe was religion and proponents of obscenity censorship. The media of that period is so different from today’s media, he might find little with which to object.

    • SNL and Stephen Colbert are suddenly thriving so I imagine Democrats strongly motivated to find relief from the pain of electoral loss are a motivated audience.

    • Media Buzz is just a boring show, endless panels with the usual tired talking heads. I nominate Joe Concha to replace Howie Kurtz as host.

    • I watched RS for two weeks…..it’s barely a media critic show anymore………..hard to compare. It’s all trump and reporters talking about Trump……with a little Fox News bashing thrown in.

      I dont care for judge Jeanine shows…………because IMHO it stopped being a legal show and does more politics now………..although I admit I only read about it these days…..haven’t watched since the last big trial she covered.

      I wish we had a legal show that covered court news all over the country again.

      • I watched her talk about the 9th Circuit Court. First time I ever listened for longer than a few minutes. She was actually impressive.

  4. When I see Marie Harf’s face, I immediately turn the channel. Good hire, Fox News! Why don’t you hire Tomi Lahren instead, dummies?

  5. OK….in fairness….I have about 15 Trucker shows on my dvr I haven’t watched yet…..that said…..where has this Trucker been?

    Ive watched him off and on when he was with CNN and MSNBC and I seen a few clips of him on F7F…..but this is like a whole new guy. It’s like somebody said…….say what ever you want. I’m loving it. Ive learned something new from every show.

    Normally I dont watch Opinion shows but his is great. But Can it last?

      • I’m not watching them in any real order ………dvr tonight I have 22 now……per your req…I make it at the top of my list.

      • Tucker Carlson vs Erik Wemple


        Interesting exchanges. I would have preferred less talk about the obscure issue of the “paid propaganda from the Russian government,” which is pretty low on the list of what Mr. Wemple usually writes about. Most viewers of Tucker’s show probably never heard of these low profile inserts.

        But I’m not in his target audience. I’m sure it does very well in the ratings with an audience more aligned with his views…and all things considered, isn’t that what really counts?

        As someone who puts a strong emphasis on passion and energy in primetime cable news opinion shows Mr. Carlson seldom disappoints.

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    1 Want a Westchester crib? Mika’s is $2 million.

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