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  1. Anyone else like to people watch.

    My favorite place is Disneyland, but I haven’t been there in years.

    My new favorite is crowd shots during awards shows when something political is said.

    First it was the crowd shots during Meryl Streep’s speech at the SAG Awards. Then again tonight at the Grammy Awards during James Gordon’s opening number.

    In both instances I was surprised how many in the audience sat expressionless and refused to join the others in their applause and/or cheers.

    If you missed both of these you would have been surprised how many resisted a reaction as if to say to the TV camera, “No way are you capturing me on camera siding with the Trump protestor celebrities. Why alienate 1/2 my white middle class audience in middle America!!”

    What was really surprising was there were a fair number of minorities — including African Americans — in the crowd who didn’t join the rest.

    Not sure why Twitter and the print media appear silent about this move afoot not to join Trump protestors at awards shows.

    It’s a new world out there. Just re-watch Streep’s speech. The crowd reaction was vocal — but not the shouting and cheering we used to hear.

  2. I think Tapper’s next step is to have the SNL cast on his Sunday show portraying Trump administration members. Maybe have Alex Baldwin fill in when he’s on vacation. Trump’s biggest service may have been to strip the masks from some folks that had been careful to hide biases.

    • “Trump’s biggest service may have been to strip the masks from some folks that had been careful to hide biases.”

      Fair point.

      Given Tapper’s lack of tough follow-up questions during Trump interviews — during the primary season — as well as frequent call-ins to Hugh Hewitt’s radio show (where they seemed to agree more than they disagreed) — I was sure he was a closet Trump fan.

      It appears now I was badly mistaken. Either that, or he’s recently shifted his opinions like some other center-right media types.

  3. Conway tweets:
    “Inquiring minds re: #SNL: @jaketapper & I spoke this morning just before brunch time. No boiling bunnies on the menu.”

    • That was pretty damn funny!

      SNL never does these types to Democrats

      Portraying Hillary like this desperate to get the Democratic nomination would’ve been hilarious!

      • It’d like to see a skit where you see a pride of social justice warriors scouting out Trump cousins to persecute via

  4. THE HILL on twitter seems to be pretty well to the left in its tweets for a place that covers all its bases otherwise.

  5. Frankly Brian Stelter isn’t really made for TV, interviewing or anything else. The sad part is that when CNN had its tryouts to replace Howie on RELIABLE SOURCES, there were other candidates that were worse.

    • Unlike when Piers Morgan’s CNN talk show was criticized by all sides, it seems all (or almost all) the criticism of Brian Stelter is partisan in nature coming from the likes of Fox News, Fox News fans and/or Trump supporters.

      Or am I wrong? I don’t recall reading anything at the more neutral sites like The Wrap, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, RCP or USA Today.

  6. My Monday ‘whine’ with tongue planted partially in cheek:

    Michael T mentions J$P fave and all around good guy Mike C’s history of being bothered by criticism of O’Reilly and Goodell and the claws come out from regular tag-team commenters like homemaker, Larry Kelly, Cecelia and Nixon.

    Joe Concha implores Mike C. with comment, “Oh, stop complaining” and he gets five upvotes.

    I am trying to make sense of this inconsistency (or contradiction) and apparent bias toward non-Trumpers and non-FNC loyalits like myself?

    Perhaps another bottle of Merlot would help. (Just kidding. I don’t drink any more.)

      • Not sure Mike took it as a joke. Perhaps he’ll chime in.

        I probably would have added an emoji.

        But then again I’m a newbie to these computer thingys. 🙂
        (Likewise, I’m making a joke.)

        • Still waiting for Mike C.’s input.

          Pro tip: “Jokes” are usually funny. Joe would have been better off to extend his 3-word ‘admonition’ to a few more words to give it context. Same goes for sarcasm in comments sections. So many times it is misinterpreted.

          • Pro tip: I am not interested in anything that you have to say. I would prefer that you simply leave me alone.

          • Apparently you haven’t heard. This is a public forum.

            If you don’t want to see my replies to your snark attacks, there’s a block feature in Disqus.

          • Actually, we are all here at the pleasure of Johnny. I have made no personal attacks. If you think different, take it up with Johnny, because I do not intend to respond to you.

          • Like some others Nixon I never go whining to Johnny. He’s a busy man. In fact, I don’t know how he does it all — tweets, great links to articles and keeping the arguing and name calling under control here at J$P.

            My condolences about your loss. I know from personal experience losing a ‘mom’ is especially tough.

          • I’ll stand by what i’ve said and no need to be redundant about it. Hopefully we can both ignore him for a while until he gets bored or implodes again.

          • Trump’s ascension to power has caused family members to disown each other, Facebook friends to unfriend each other and Twitter accounts to lose followers.

            It stands to reason we would see heightened tensions here at a site full of Trump supporters.

            That’s all it was. Let’s not pretend otherwise. No one imploded. We just all became less tolerant of opposing views in the hyper-charged environment.

            You didn’t change, Joe Concha didn’t change, Nixon didn’t change and I didn’t change. I still post a lot of original posts intended ONLY to spur conversation. Unlike some others who do a lot of “poke ’em in the eye” stuff.

            You’d be hard pressed to find an OP by me in the last month that fell into that latter category. My main goal is to elicit others views with my comments — unless I am a snark target.

            Peace brother. Sorry you’re stuck defending Trump for the next four years. The man’s a disgrace to himself, his family and our great country.

          • Oh my. The intolerant exalted leader weighs in from on high.

            The only bridge I burned was the one Gatxer was perched on calling people racists.

            Let’s all bow down and praise Larry “stuck in the ’50s” Kelly’s attempt to control whose comments are worthy of his blessing as pseudo moderator.

            Yet never a peep about commenters calling other commenters “disgraced racist stooges.”

            Next thing you know poor Larry will say his ‘doog’ made him do it. (But I thought he said his ‘doog’ doesn’t bite. But ol’ Larry sure does. I seriously doubt Inspector Clouseau would approve.)

          • “Yet never a peep about commenters calling other commenters “disgraced racist stooges.”

            They dont comment here……ones banned and the other two just like to whine about it on twitter……..again….Ive never called them anything they didnt call others first……..including……Disgraced……..Racist….and stooge…..they can hardly complain without being the hypocrites that they clearly are.

          • You’re mistaken.

            Ice did comment here during the time you were demeaning his reputation.

            He grew tired of the tag-team attacks and decided to not post anymore.

            Someone who posts here regularly — and has never criticized you — has told him privately that they do not agree with your bogus charges and wish he would come back.

          • lets try and get into the now Michael.

            It’s not people’s fault no one here but Moe’s puppet thought he was right.

            How come ICE gets to demean people’s reputations on twitter and we get dinged for pointing out his lies and the fact he targets people of color?

            You should block me to because as long as he a racist and lies about Fox….I’m going to point it out.


          • When you have some free time from stalking liberals on Twitter please name one single person here at J$P who backed your libelous assertion that Ice is a racist.

            You’re on an attention seeking mission on an island named La La Land.

            Let’s move on. We’ve exhausted this debate ad infinitum.

            You keep telling lies and I’ll occasionally call you on it to others — not you.

            But let’s not get into a back-n-forth. It bores the troops.

          • name one who didnt……remember the “trump” rule…….if you claim it you have to prove it,

            I dont stalk liberals on twitter…..I am one..except for immigration I agree with every one of Bernie Sanders positions I believe…….I doubt that makes me a conservative…………..I read some twitter feeds when I’m not being Jim Pinkerton that I find informative…..others I read to watch people make fools of themselves. Some like yours I have to delete the bookmark when they just become to sad to watch the downward spiral.

          • As I’ve said 1000’s of times…….If the disgraced Racist stooges stop lying about Fox News…… would never see me type their names on ANY blog again…..till then…..not so much.

          • Let’s talk about the breaking news about what is being called the “Omarosa altercation” instead.

            Or would that be racist?

          • I have no interesting in talking about anything Tump…’s going to be a long 4 years.

            You might notice I dont bring up much about Trump unless someone else does……I just dont care. That said….I rarely bring up any politician… is a cable blog after all.

            BTW: Nothing Trump has done or ever will do…….will make me want to vote for HRC…….I very proud to have NOT voted for either liar.

            Now if you’re going to spend an entire day bashing and lying about Omarosa….and hardly mention anyone NOT of color….and you do that all the time…….you might be racist…….and need a sign.

          • I recommend you check out these helpful hints (for avoiding vitriol and misrepresentations) — sent to your Twitter account earlier today.

            Assuming you haven’t already read it.

            I know you respect accuracy because you’re always calling out people on Twitter for tweets you consider inaccurate, no matter how trivial.

            G’day mate.

          • Since I have no twitter account I didnt get your message……but I dont care for you excuses for the disgraced racist stooges anymore…so just drop it.

          • Why do you care one way or another?

            Use what’s left of your mind… you really believe that if I had a twitter account I could resist NOT pointing out the disgraced racist stooges lies for 10 min let alone years? THINK for once.

            Why are you so obsessed with people here who dont agree with you????

          • I believe J$ can explain that the truth is never libel.

            Just because you prefer alternate facts dont make them true…….I precented a good case………better than the disgraced racist stooges have ever shown for the people they call racist on Fox….or Trumpers……….keep your obsession….I find it hilarious it’s almost as much fun as reading the stooges twitter feeds…….just more sad.
            Jim Pinkerton

          • Let it go oh immature stubborn one.

            No one here believes you. It’s a fetish you can’t control…kinda like the male porn you’ve admitted to.

          • I’m not doing this with you MT….go find someone else…IF the disgraced Racist stooges called Harris the n word….you’d find a excuse for them….so play with someone else tonight I’m done with puppets.

            I doubt you speak for anyone let alone everyone here……I hear from one of your fake profiles that he believes me 100% so you deleted his account……LOL.

          • Admit it…you cannot find a single comment here in the last year where anyone has even remotely agreed with your false accusation that Ice is a racist. You my friend are perpetuating a fraud.

          • Sorry please add “done” to your stooges dictionary….I’m not filling this board with your foolishness tonight……feel free to ask tomorrow.

            Ice is a Racist and I will say it till he stops. Don’t like it block…..NOW ….DONE for the night.

          • I know someone who’s never had one minute of trouble online for any sort of violation. Yet she had her twitter account frozen until she deleted a tweet that was deemed to be a TOS violation.

            The tweet was an attributed one-sentence quote straight from the website of…wait for it…newshounds. But in twitter’s defense, it was a mind-boggling, vile, thoroughly racist sentence. (In this case, a comment about Harris Faulkner.)

          • Only time my posts here go to mod is when I direct quote a newshound commenter……..sorry for clogging the board.

          • Try typing this descriptor including the middle word (rhymes with ‘sum’) in magna ??? laude.

            My comment went to ‘mod’ both here and at Mediaite.

          • A “comment”?

            So it wasn’t from an article — but instead from one of their lowlife commenters like you find at Breitbart, TVNewser and Mediaite.

            I believe with some degree of certainty that both Joe and Richard have criticized the commenters at the newshounds site.

            Why the moderators at the four aforementioned sites are so tolerant of these types of comments is disconcerting to say the least.

            I appreciate the job you do to keep this site free from racist comments.

  7. Jake Tapper went from “apparently classified papers” on the Trump/Abe dinner table to “classified intelligence” in less than 15 minutes. Must have been brainwashed by his panel of unbiased journalists.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 new primetime star
    4 twitter spat
    3 Jake Tapper mum
    2 complicit in trutherism
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 The Cable Game: Is Brian Stelter the worst interviewer in the world?

    • I have only one quibble with The Cable Gamer’s sage and seasoned pointing out of what has to be the most casually corrupt interview ever:

      She should written of Brian Stelter “…to function as a shameless propagandist…”

    • Link to the model’s Twitter feed to see a deliciously new age defense of Melania Trump from the standpoint of the accusation being unfair to the valid choice of the “sex worker”profession.

    • Michael Flynn a menti
      Qu’est-ce que votre héros d’Orange savait? Peut-il intenter une action en dommages-intérêts punitifs? Que dirait Nixonpoo?

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