Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Gorka: Tapper interview of Conway ‘treated a woman like a punching bag‘.
  • MediaBuzz videos: The the Kellyanne
  • Reliable Sources videos: Trump is unstable; or battle-tested; worst WH week.
  • HuffPost: This is the definition of ‘fake news’, and CNN is guilty as charged.
  • Katz: Greta to emcee 2017 Press Club Foundation Congressional dinner.
  • Staples: Omar Butcher opens up about years of racial discrimination at CNN.
  • Wemple: White House reply to CNN ‘authoritarian‘.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Spicer WH briefings beating broadcast soaps.  Tamron Hall visits Steve Harvey.
  • Your Buzz videos: Kellyanne and a Tom

155 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Steve Harvey announced his FAMILY FEUD show would team Tamron, MHP, Goldie Taylor, and a short dude in an ascot against a team of Andy Lack, Jeff Zucker, and two other white guys in suits. Donna Brazile tweeted she would sneak survey results to an unnamed team.

  2. That Wemple whines at every little O’Riely supposed indiscretion, but gives a pass for CNN’s lack of contrition for sliding BUZZFEED’s steaming pile of anti-Trump garbage into the limelight, is enough to make me whine.

  3. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=178400965
    When republicans were conservative.
    A result of American politics is a new rising popularity of the Obradistas. A few years back they were repudiated and in an attempted occupation of the DF, what you call Mexico city. Today he is ahead in some polls as a direct result of American politics. Conservatives openly spoke of this dangerous result in the era republicans revere. What happened? It is not new. I went to the Uof O with an unwelcome Hungarian refugee. I have long term boat people friends that were unwelcome. Their family escaped Mao to Vietnam, fought on the American side in the Vietnam war, were interned and re-educated. Their entrance was opposed. A lot of phony stats on both sides so i don’t believe any of them. However this is measurement has been about the same since polling was invented. So i guess human nature wants to stop time and change, but it does not mean you can do it.

  4. With all the opportunities CNN has given to black talent the last thirty years, it is amazing they are getting sued. I think this is the result of the poisoning affirmitive action has created in the entitled mindset of the litigants. Hire a black and find he isn’t working out for you? Getting rid of him or not promoting him and find yourself entering a world of hurt you will rarely find with other race employees. I think in the long run that discourages opportunities for blacks.

  5. Trump’s National Security Advisor is eyeball deep in trouble….looks likely that he’s breached the Logan act during his numerous calls with Russia. “The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799 ) is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments having a dispute with the U.S.”

    What is Trump doing while this crisis gathers pace? Playing golf. Absolutely no outrage from Fox…. I have to say this is very strange behaviour especially after the last eight years.

    • “What is Trump doing while this crisis gathers pace?”

      How can it be a “crisis” that needs immediate attention….if he violated the act…it happened months ago….not yesterday.

      Also Fox is covering it….what more can you want…….3 hours specials?

      • The more things change, the more they stay the same…or so it seems.

        This is starting to look like a J$P thread from 2008 with HaggisFarmer.

        Whatever happened to commenters like “david smawley” and “Olby Sucks” anyway?

        Next year we should have a 10 year reunion at Larry’s cabin with catering by gcblues so we can reenact the hilarious ‘food fight’ from “Animal House.” 🙂

        • TW: did you notice that troll Haggis uses”…….”

          between thoughts…….maybe im Haggis also……..when i’m not Jim Pinkerton of course.

          I miss some old commenters…..the lady from newshounds that wasn’t a nut comes to mind…..Julie I think…………..people stop commenting but remain here……..I stop for long periods of time but still visit………I stopped commenting at ICN when MOE got out of hand…….but I look almost everyday and have since it was ICN1.0………. Haggis clearly showed up after his name was mentioned this week.

          • “Haggis clearly showed up after his name was mentioned this week.”

            That does seem to be more than a coincidence, doesn’t it? We can’t say you didn’t warn us.

          • Cecelia informed me on Twitter last fall that @TheRealRoyalEmperor
            had suddenly passed away.

            I read his obituary. It was quite impressive. Not sure why he often resorted to trolling. He should have been better than that.

          • Perhaps Cecelia has a link to the obit — or at a minimum, knowledge of what his real name was…then I can possibly find the obit in the media in Austin, TX.

          • I didn’t post it publicly because he was inflammatory and I feared some one might try to post something negative on the funeral home guest book.

            No one here, but perhaps someone lurking. (I don’t mean you, Lurker).

            There’s a lot of people without boundaries these days.

          • That’s fair. I tangled with him, and he was so often unpleasant. If be interested to see the reality of who he portrayed himself.

          • It’s a weird story. I met a colleague of my brothers shortly before TRRE died.

            This gentleman is from Austin and it’s a testament to TRRE’s effect that as soon as I heard this, I asked if he knew him.

            I knew TRRE’s name and place of employment via FoxFan telling me this info years ago shortly after I started here at JD’s. Evidently they corresponded for awhile. TRRE was pretty out with the personal info (a lot of it bogus) anyway.

            My friend had heard of where TRRE worked, didn’t know him. He sent me the obit.

          • Fascinating! Yeah, TRRE used to claim a lot of things that were wrong about himself (his children and grandchildren would agree… if they actually existed).

            Ah well… I’m sure it’s sad for his family and those who knew him. But I can’t say I’ll miss his internet persona.

          • You aren’t speaking anything but the truth. I lost my mother. I wasn’t going to mention because I was sure that Sonnyflon would start his bullsh*t. It’s a damn shame that you have to watch your step because of a sick spammer.

          • i’m sorry Nix. i lost my mother long ago, but she still visits in my dreams. Dad too. It is a comfort because you never stop missing them.

          • Thank you, Larry. I know how it is to have dreams of those that have walked on still being with us.

          • So sorry Nixon. Hope good memories bring a smile frequently. I lost my mother as a young adult so you were blessed to share your life and make memories for many years.

          • He couldn’t come with his Billet Designator Code. Claimed his doog ate his discharge papers, or something.

          • Spud gave me a guest list of the worst of ICN commenters long before my time there. My bucket list includes to check out the archives, but I suspect the bucket will be kicked before that happens.

        • It’s sad see this oldie. Ashley died a few years back.

          He was a funny and wise commenter, and just full of the dickens.

          Mortality is always a wake up call. We all love this forum. This means of sharing with folks with the same crazy interest in the culture and politics.

          However, let me say that if you’ve got kids at home or just anyone who sits around looking at your face buried in a computer, reconsider some priorities.

  6. Brian kilmeade & Steve Doocy look a lot more comfortable now they’re simply parroting the administration line.

    Archives make for interesting reading.

  7. Disgraced racist stooges on that fact that Fox isnt covering NK missile launch live enough in their opinion……forgets to tell poor deluded readers……CNN Anchor just said….we dont know what kind of missile it is…where it went….what its range is………..pretty much they know nothing but stooges think they should be live telling us they know nothing every 2 minutes.

    Personally i hate it when I can watch a news channel for 2 hours and know the same thing I knew after 2 minutes. For the record….Fox of course did cover it…..and when they know something they didnt know then….im sure they will tell us.

    • “We’ve lost the audio” is an excuse right up there with “I’ve got a hard commercial break here.” Both are euphemisms for “Let’s shut this guy up”.

  8. This morning Brian Stelter M.D. sent a tweet to Media Matters to let them know that Reliable Sources today will be questioning the sanity of Donald Trump, particular hobby-horse that Eric Boehlert has been pushing of late. CNN may not be #1 in any other respect, but at least they’re first in line to give Media Matters what they asked for.

    • I guess neither Strongman nor Attention Hound worked out.

      Trump still comes off as flawed and with a learning curve, but basically out for the public good rather than in the way that many pols are only interested in what’s good for them.

      Time to go for crazy.

      • His enemies, and they aren’t hiding like Nixon’s were, would like to drive him crazy, or to drink, or to jump from Trump Tower. Meanwhile, his 40+% enjoys crazy.

  9. Grammy Awards producer Ken Ehrlich has a message for those who will take the stage on Sunday’s ceremony: “Bring it on!” As always, such anti-Trump star-speak will be the darling of Monday’s CNN and MSNBC hosts. But, aren’t some country stars grabbing a few awards? Might they bring a sour note to the CNN and MSNBC replays?

  10. Remember when Bret Baier treated Obama (respectfully) in an interview to a few shots to the heavy bag? Turned out the only digging in all of journalism that unearthed the folly of Obamacare.

    • Was that the one where he got slammed for interrupting too much, hence being disrespectful? I remember Major Garrett go that too, and of course Mr Bill that goes without saying.

      • Yep, very disrespectful, but that was then and this is now. Can’t wait until the Democrats throw eggs at the State of the Union Address as CNN screams.

    • Mike, and I mean this, you are the sharpest-eyed copy editor I’ve ever seen. And I’ve worked with some professionals over the years. You ought to be doing this for a living. You’re the best. Thanks for catching that (I’ve never been inside a Nordstrum–sounds like a submarine, or a variation on Nostromo).

    • Many of us have the same problem incorrectly pluralizing J.C. Penny. I know better in both instances and still find myself screwing up.

      BTW, I agree with Johnny — you’d make a great copy editor or proof reader.

  11. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 beating broadcast
    4 preview
    3 guilty as charged
    2 authoritarian
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Staples: Omar Butcher opens up about years of racial discrimination at CNN.

  12. Just a word to the wise: what you say here can get repeated on twitter for people to chortle over, call us names, and crack wise about some of us. In fact, it happened just tonight. Why do that and then come back to engage in further comments here is something that’s hard to understand, unless the purpose is just stir the pot to whip up something tasty to bring back to the home crew. Anyhow, just an FYI.

    • It’s not hard to understand. I’m sure you had to deal with bullies and sadists in your old job. It is only a matter of degree with creatures like him.

    • Regardless of the forum, I’m sure that Mike C. is proud of his defense of Roger Goodell and Bill O’Reilly given that he appears to be such a loyal ardent fan.

      Being called a “disgraced racist stooge” (on a different forum) not so much.

      • Sorry but I found your language about Mike C to be disrespectful. That’s kind of the impression I get when you take pains to say it behind his back rather than in the forum where he participates. But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong. And I suppose it is better for you not to talk about him or any of us here. It might cramp your distinctive style that you’re free to indulge elsewhere.

        So continue on getting approval for pointing out look, see the cultist posted an anti-Tapper link. While ignoring the links favorable to Tapper posted just in the past week. I guess when amongst cherry pickers, do as the cherry pickers do.

        I have spoken.

        • If you are denying the right has turned on Tapper since the election, then we can’t hope for common ground.

          Do you also find Gatxer’s comments about “disgraced racist stooge” to also be disrespectful?

          At least I have proof — and I am sure Mike C. would not deny — that he has had a history of being very bother and outspoken about criticism of Mr. Bill — and less so about the Commissioner.

          Not much hope of common ground — so let’s call it a night.

          • Just affirming I read nothing you post anywhere as a time and again back-stabbing weasel runs even lower than a snake… which has no legs of course.

          • And people wonder why J$ (who posts excellent, informative links) has trouble attracting more than 7-10 regular commenters over the years.

            It’s immature name calling and personal attacks like yours that surely contribute.

          • Your history is spectacular. Probably the worst of anyone i’ve ever seen on the internet, and that includes even the Stooges.

          • Speaking of broad generalities lacking proof. I’ve also heard you described as an old style redneck (even down to the truckers cap) with opinions from the mid 20th century when it comes to your comments on blacks and gay people. Not that different from Mr. Bill I should add.

            There now we’re even.

            Have a nice day.

          • There you go again with your baseless generalities and immature name calling. You’re too smart to go down that path.

            I say g’day mate.

        • Mike C. I wish to convey my support for your comments here. Please know I enjoy reading your comments and hope that the nasty folks don’t get to you.

          • That’s an overreaction.

            On what planet is it “nasty” to point out someone (e.g., Mike C.) has a much different view of two folks often discussed here?

            You are (perhaps unwittingly) adding to the widespread opinion that this is an homogeneous blog with little tolerance for opposing points of view.

          • Speaking solely for myself, I couldn’t care less about said “widespread opinion that this is a homogeneous blog with little tolerance for opposing points of view”.

            You can run that up the flagpole, genuflect to it three times daily, and have it emblazoned on every polyester shirt you own.

            Go tell somebody who gives a shite.

  13. Frankly, I’m baffled by the Hill’s headline, “Trump aide sees sexism in Tapper’s Conway interview,” as well as by CNN’s unspecific statement in response to something Gorka didn’t say while ignoring what he did say – “It’s disappointing to see any administration retreat into false claims of addressing the issues at hand.”

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