Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Video: Kellyanne Conway on court’s ruling, ethics, etc
  • Wednesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • David Shuster named ‘managing editor‘ of i24News channel.  Flashback.
  • Out# videos: Geraldo joins debate over Ivanka etc
  • Cable beats broadcast: O’Reilly tops Apprentice for three straight weeks.
  • Stelter: We’re not at war with Trump, but with people who make up facts.
  • Tucker Carlson video: USA Today editor defends
  • Tamron didn’t want to ‘sit on the sidelines‘ at NBC.  Today’s firing demand.
  • How MSNBC broke faith with black viewers.  All In skeds Bernie town hall.
  • Impartial CNN anchor hammers Trump, calls comments ‘nonsense’ and ‘vile’.
  • Late Show video: with Colbert.  He’s a ‘pop culture phenomenon‘.

136 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Upheaval and low morale at the WSJ. (Who woulda thunk it?)

    Reported main reason:
    Growing newsroom discontent over Editor-in-Chief Gerard Baker’s perceived resistance to critical coverage of Donald Trump.

    Baker has been hesitant to allow Journal reporters to characterize Trump’s false assertions as lies and has suggested that media “elites” are out to get Trump.

    The decline in morale apparently has been exacerbated by the just-announced departure of deputy editor-in-chief Rebecca Blumenstein for The New York Times.

    • to us hicks, they are all just overpaid shmucks, no matter how “intellectual” they might believe themselves to be and they are way overpaid and over pensioned for what they are trying to sell. Buying their opinion means one less meal to some people and its just plain not worth the cost.

  2. Evidently the strategy among the liberal powers-that-be is to coalesce deflated Democrats around Bernie Sanders.

    I wonder why Elizabeth Warren isnt getting their attention with all her efforts to position herself as their Last Best Hope.

    • Yesterday there was speculation on FNC that McConnell singled her out for rebuke just to elevate her to that position — knowing Princess Firey Tongue’s leadership would keep Democrats in the wilderness, out of power.

    • Wouldn’t that be “Last White Hope?” Larry’s doog is more of an indian than she is. Or at least an Indians fan.

      • There’s no one in the world other than a media darling who would have gotten away with such a cynical and opportunist move as Warren’s.

  3. Stelter’s statement is such a testament to the way the media willfully plays as literal and as concrete as a block when it suits their purpose.

    Goodness, knows, Trump isn’t a politician. He’s a salesman through and through. Not that pols aren’t that too, but they have a more canny and subtle aspect than do business people.

    The way you can gage disingenuousness is upon whether someone is able to discern the difference between perceptions, impressions, misstatements and outright lying if it ibvipolved someone they liked… Stelter can and would. He knows the difference between covering something today is the difference between reporting it and dedicating the largest portion of every show to it. Of having it comprise a bevy of chyrons that scroll across the tv screen a gazillion times per day.

    Stelter also knows that the level of appetite it takes to bill yourself as being Occam’s Razor over these every utterances is a political manuever rather than a journalistic one.

    The media has been largely composed of liberals for as far back as I can remember. However, the level to which they now take themselves seriously is a wonder. They are in their eyes a priestly guild of progressive advocates. All things that cross their consideration must be framed in the light of great good vs great evil. Truth and light vs lie. No accusation is too inflammatory to serve this purpose.

    The perfidy and stupidity of the American people via the election has shaken and angered the media as can only be the case with people who see themselves as the arbiters of all standards.

    They are as ruthless, heartless, willful and as conceited as any arrogant jock in the history of sports. As any Little Napoleon in the history of mall shop managers. As any caddish privileged brat in the history of fraternities.

    I wouldn’t trust 95% of them to walk my dog.

          • all guys like you trying to prove something crazy. no way, counter rational to rank crazy time above Drudge. media matters likely has bots that visit it.

          • not huffy. rational. come on man, you really think breitbart is used as a news source more than Drudge. Sound unreasonable? sure does. Ok, so what could account for those clicks? only people i see citing the site are on the left. … and you say? Please i do not care about insults here. i do not even respond in kind usually. just not important. but that ranking seems prima facie irrational.

          • Like I challenged Homemaker, which site do you prefer over Alexa.

            This is like criticizing the Weather Channel without offering a better alternative — doncha think?

          • Well…….if you look at the history Drudge seems higher…….while Breitbart has exploded only in the last few months..while Drudge seems to have nosedived…..I know few people who Don’t read Drudge left or right….heck even Al Gore reads Drudge.

            One thing about Drudge he refreshes his page automatically (somewhat common) so his totals maybe inflated by some counters.

            One thing I think at least in the past that supports that Drudge is more popular long term……….Ive seen many websites crash after Drudge links a story…..never heard of that with breitbart.

          • Good points.

            I could not find another current traffic monitor other than Quantcast, which had Drudge ranked at 133 in the U.S. — but they had no ranking for Breitbart claiming it would not furnish page view data.

            A site called Similar Web did post some rankings (Drudge #3 and Breitbart #39) — but that was back in June. This kind of supports your comment about Drudge’s ‘historical dominance’ and Breitbart seeming to do better in recent months or weeks.

          • as likely the most conservative, normal definition, person here, not only have i never been to that site since his death no i know has ever mentioned it or sent me a link to it except left wing apologists.

          • your first phrase confuses me. Feeling “normal” is the most popular answer in Group Therapy sessions all over the de-mentalized Coastal areas. And besides, your opinion about yourself is one of the most arguable statements ever made, by Anyone. I guess I am saying prove it 🙂 And let us know if you are still beating your significant other too.

  4. We’re not at war with Trump.
    We are at war with people who make up facts.
    Trump makes up facts.
    modus ponens
    We’re at war with Trump.

    • There will ever be a reason to be at war with someone.

      With Romney it would have been because the media was at war with elitist attitudes that are out of touch and unconcerned about hurting people.

      With Trump, it’s that he condescendingly and opportunistically paints the conditions of the middle and lower classes and minorities as being worse than they actually are in the U.S….and is a Muslim-hating white supremest…

  5. Re: Firing Demand

    I find all these calls to turn news networks into pure echo chambers incredibly disheartening.

    What’s wrong with people?!

  6. Why the hell is Shep Smith at Fox News? Let him go to MSNBC or CNN.

    Shep Smith is a liberal stooge, not objective at all. He is strictly DNC talking points.

  7. MSNBC broke faith with black people by treating their black anchors like commodities. Affirmative action is great as long as you don’t have to be the affirmer.

    • At MSNBC African-American anchors seem as though they are there to use their race as an appeal to authority in order to refute certain ideas about culture and public policy and to laud others.

      MSNBC lets Maddow and Roberts be a more than their sexual orientation, and CNN has let Don Lemon be a whole person too, but Tamron Hall, Joy Reid, The Rev, Goldie Taylor, and Melissa Harris-Perry have been there to be black.

        • I wrote a similar story yesterday that Trump actually retweeted (that’s a first). Brian indicated Emerson polling doesn’t meet CNN standards. But FiveThirtyEight gives Emerson a solid B grade, which is just below CNN (A-) and above Gallup (B-).

          Bottom line: Media trust will is at an all-time low, around 30 percent. Trump has backing of roughly half of voters (Reuters approval at 50, CNN at 40 for whatever those are worth respectively). So is it really outlandish that more would trust the Trump administration than news media? According to BS, it is, so attack the poll.

          • Stelter usually defends ginned-up controversies and his own fake news reporting as being inspired by the concern that his audience has expressed to him.

            He’s just the advocate for the involved and informed CNN viewer, man…

            “Not up to CNN standards” is a pronouncement of death in his book.

  8. Re: How MSNBC…

    “There are few who can forget Megyn Kelly’s overly-enthusiastic assertion that “Jesus is white.”’


    • I liked the fact that Gayle King this morning interrupted Charlie’s substitute’s snide comment to state, “she has cute shoes”.

      • thank god trump has cut our taxes and abolished obamacare …. oh wait… that is on hold, we need to deport and add a BTA first to appease the senseless, then we will get right on the conservative promises. just wait a bit.

        • The ridiculousness of your statement should actually be ignored but sometimes it’s just hard. The guy hasn’t even been President for 30 days. And the statement reflects very poorly on you, but you obviously don’t care that you look silly, petty, goofy, ridiculous, and last of all stupid to think that that we all believed Obamacare was going to be dismantled quickly. There are 435 House members that need to vote along with 100 Senators before anything substantial can happen. I know you actually know that but you paint everyone who wants changes with the “you’re stupid” paintbrush.

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.),
    “As we look back, it may well have been better to not have changed the rules.”

    FUN QUOTE OF 2013
    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,
    “I say to my friends on the other side of the aisle, you’ll regret this, and you may regret it a lot sooner than you think”

  10. Re: Impartial CNN anchor

    Two things you can count on:

    Trump to run off at the mouth.

    The media to outdo him in responding.

    • Golly, the media can not control themselves and Tapper has been especially snarky on Twitter these days. That format is where you see the true colors of media folks and NOT on TV where their polished personas are on display.

      • Never will forget how he snapped at me and threatened to block me for tweeting a joke about Robert Reich… and all I did was retell a Bill Clinton joke he had told when Reich was his Secretary of Labot. Reich is now certifiable nuts by the way, insisting the violent Berkeley protesters were hired by Republicans.

      • I’d like to see a news show cohosted by Tapper and Shep if I didn’t fear so much for the production crew.

  11. CNN anchor Chris Cuomo apologized Thursday for comparing being called “fake news” as a journalist to a racial slur, a remark that drew swift backlash.

    In an interview with Michael Smerconish on SiriusXM radio Thursday, Cuomo said that he sees being called “fake news” as a journalist “as the equivalent of the n-word for journalists, the equivalent of calling an Italian any of the ugly words that people have for that ethnicity.”

    (this mick is calling him a dick)

  12. Today’s most popular links:
    5 not at war
    4 hammers Trump
    3 sit on the sidelines
    2 broke faith
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Today’s firing demand.

  13. Stirewalt quip:
    “Presidents defending their family members in the face of professional setbacks isn’t anything new.

    In 1950, President Harry Truman wrote a letter to Washington Post critic Paul Hume, who had delivered a brutal review of a concert by the president’s daughter, Margaret, who was then an aspiring singer.

    “There are few moments during her recital when one can relax and feel confident that she will make her goal, which is to end the song,” Hume deadpanned.

    Truman, who likened Hume to “a gutter snipe” wrote, “Some day I hope to meet you. When that happens you’ll need to a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes, and perhaps a supporter below!”

    Just think if he’d have had Twitter…”

  14. To the Alexa traffic monitoring cynics (or skeptics) please note that ‘friend of the blog’ Joe Concha also used this site in a column at The Hill back in December.

    To wit:
    “The Huffington Post is one of the most popular news publications on the web and averages 110,000 million unique visitors per month, according to Alexa, the web traffic data and analytics company.”

    If it’s good enough for Joe, it’s good enough for me. At least until one of you comes up with an alternative.

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