Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: CNN debate-Bill O’Reilly-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Concha: ‘Hillary-friendly’ CNN contributor pens dubious WH report.
  • FTV: CNN’s ‘interview for the ages’ was like two kids on a playground.
  • Greer: Rumors swirl that Tamron Hall may be joining Live with Kelly?!
  • CNN comedy series begins with F-word.  Finding Jesus returns March 5.
  • Jen Psaki psigned as a CNN contributor.  CNN chef’s ‘change of address‘.
  • Video: Tucker and Brit Hume made at the 9th Circuit.
  • Late Night videos: Anderson Cooper with Seth Meyers

37 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

    • Agreed, Hume provided excellent analysis that is helpful whatever your opinions are, and Tucker shows himself to be a skilled interviewer here because he knows when to stay out of the way. He doesn’t have to make every segment about him, which I like.

      • I like it that even though his show has a debate-the-issues focus, Tucker doesn’t come on like some gunslinger trying to protect his “fastest drawl” rep.

        Tucker is polite, concedes points, and backs off and quickly moves on when he thinks his guest is being trivial.

        He only gets insistent or incredulous when the guest won’t answer a question, is doing cant, or is mouthing something absurd (which happens a lot).

        I think Tucker strikes just the right tone.

    • I’ve been waiting all my life and am ready at any time. But, we still better pay our taxes.

  1. The major networks seem to be harping on Trump’s “historically low” polls, but the ones they seem to quote only show an actual drop of about 3% since inauguration (amazing considering the constant berating he takes), and the ones they don’t quote show adequate approval of what he is doing:
    In any event, it appears his base is strongly with him, and that means he can exert pressure with the Republican Congress.
    The continuing media and Democrat coordinated attacks to take Trump down, are not any more effective now than they were before the election. Just more hysterical.
    The gang in my barbershop are still ecstatic at having tossed Trump into Washington.

  2. Re: ‘Hillary-friendly ‘

    I suppose the new trial meme is Bannon plotting world destruction, while Trump, as a crackpot Howard Hughes figure, roams the WH at night and munches on Pop Tarts while watching cable news and tweeting.

    Sorry, Mr. President, that’s my job.

  3. I’m stuck on roku for a few days until my new DISH box and I’m longing for some Fox News perspective. I miss it. CNN is hate Trump all the time. There’s a lot of other news that needs covered.

  4. Two things: 1. I hope The Hill realizes what a GM they have in Joe Concha. He tells his story with clear, concise language and reminds people of past stories that tie into current news. 2. I really like James Rosen substituting for Bret on Special Report. He has a great command of the English language and also tells a story in with clear, concise language. I can’t tell him on Twitter since many months ago he blocked me. ? IMO he does a better job than Bill Hemmer did. I like Bill where he is.

      • Gray hair means nothing. What hair I have left is gray, and I am dumber than a lobotomized doog.

      • He seems to have recovered rather nicely from this embarrassment in 2010:

        In July 2010, McKelway provided live coverage for the noon newscast of a rally by religious and environmental groups that were protesting BP’s response to the Gulf oil spill.

        McKelway made comments regarding BP’s contributions to Democratic
        President Barack Obama. After the broadcast, McKelway met with WJLA
        Station Manager Bill Lord, who objected to the BP contribution facts
        being divulged in the live report, and following a heated exchange,
        McKelway was suspended from his reporting duties as well as anchoring
        the early-morning Good Morning, Washington news show.

        The Washington Post later reported on September 17, 2010, that McKelway had been dismissed. Since his firing he has been hired by Fox News Channel for which he is now a reporter.

      • I like Doug, too. Ranking in my world: James Rosen, Doug McElway, Shannon Bream and then Bill Hemmer. (Those are the subs I can remember)

  5. SNL ratings best in 22 years. Colbert returns from the dead with larger audience than Tonight Show. Hollywood, CNN, and MSNBC seething at Trump. Senator Warren and the left on the perpetual warpath. For the half the country’s voters that voted Hillary, that’s what they get to blow off steam… or maybe just to build it up?

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 change of address
    4 Jen Psaki
    3 like two kids
    2 may be joining
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Concha: ‘Hillary-friendly’ CNN contributor pens dubious WH report.

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