Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Tucker Carlson-Bill O’Reilly-The Five 1-2-3.
  • MSNBC, CNN on not-so-distinguished list.  Mika, CNN in a twitter spat.
  • FTV: CNN has only itself to blame; Stelter is ‘the gift that keeps on giving‘.
  • Out# video: Kennedy and Meghan McCain clash over
  • Two Faiths laugh off CNN flub.  Today’s Wemple O’Whine. Bonus whine.
  • Kozlov: Kremlin demands Bill O’Reilly apologize for calling Putin ‘a killer’.
  • Q&A: Carol Costello talks about her new gig.  Melissa Francis makes book.
  • Fox Report video:  Doug Schoen and Ed Rollins in politics.
  • Keynote speaker: Bill O’Reilly on Trump, journalism, and more (via Politico).

28 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

      • He is still pretty sharp for his age. Pat was getting to the point of not being able to dress himself. Rollins and Schoen both have thoughts that are coherent, agreed with or not.

        • I thought Ed Rollins’ dire prediction (from the WH perspective) about the path of this Seattle judge’s travel ban ruling made sense about ultimately ending up as a 4-4 split in the Supreme Court made sense. Whether his prediction turns out to be accurate is another matter.

  1. Bill O’Reilly coddles Trump for pre-Super Bowl audience obtaining the Russian equivalency quote that is used to peel off the POTUS hide all weekend. Whine on.

  2. So it’s not enough that O’Reilly tell Trump that he didn’t know of any of our leaders were killers.

    Wemple is left to asking/begging Bill to call Trump a “pathological liar”.

    That’s rational… That’s separating opinion from calumnity…

    I must be the oldest person in the world, because I well remember the days when it was a matter of fact on the Left that the CIA did political assasinatiions and installed friendly-to-the-West dictators into power.

    That was an idiotic statement by Trump to be sure, but I do wonder if Mrs. Wemple’s colleagues at Mother Jones would consider Trump’s implication a lie.

      • Or William Henry Harrison. Had he been captured by the natives at the Battle of the Thames, it would’ve been a warm welcome indeed.

          • The great and courageous Harrison’s victory at Tippecanoe was greatly embellished. In reality the indians abandoned the village, which his troops burned, only to be lured into an ambush. Harrison barely escaped with his life.

  3. RE: Out# video: Kennedy and Meghan McCain clash over White House leaks

    Hard to know who to believe. But the two of them sure had some heated exchanges.

    • McCain worries about the harm this causes and says to aggressively hunt them down and fire them.

    • Kennedy dismisses it as paranoia and says it’s a “brave new world” and seems to downplay the leaks as the way things are in a 2017 Washington D.C. world. Seemingly suggesting, “Get over it.”

    • Trump claims it’s holdovers from the Obama administration still serving on his White House and National Security Council staff.

    • Some in the MSM suggest there are two camps of leakers:
    1. Those who want to undermine the President (closer to McCain’s POV).
    2. Those who support the prez but want him to make better decisions and feel that the best way to get him to listen is to have the ‘media’ tell him by making it a significant news story (a little closer to Kennedy’s claims).

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