Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Brady’s
  • Reliable Sources videos: Evan McMullin; leaks; pattern of lying; Michael Wolff.
  • Michael Wolff tells Brian Stelter, you’re becoming ‘quite a ridiculous figure.’
  • Video: Shep and Chris Wallace  Ad rates jump with Trump.
  • Fake news: MSNBC airs Indian buffalo hunt story they knew wasn’t true.
  • Concha: Media reaction to immigration orders is out of touch with voters.
  • Questioner at CNN Pelosi town hall told to ask softball, disobeyed orders.
  • Shoe, meet other foot: Pence unavailable to CNN.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Your Buzz videos: media;

27 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. This time MSNBC decided to make up nonsense about my people. Floating buffalo carcasses down the river? Yeah, and I’m the Pope. But instead of kissing my ring, they can kiss my…..

    • It’s amazing how stupid the left and right coasties can be. This is truly how they think a population of our country still lives. Think of how many people reviewed this before it got on air. Truly remarkable!

      Hope your Saturday is better than your Friday, Nixon! ?

    • Can I find a happy medium? Let’s let them pay the price for a while. Then gradually agree to send second stringers on. Maybe after a year or two second in the 1st string.

      • I understand the inherent unbalance (for lack of a better word) of being the target of an organization so utterly against you and then having to treat them like they’re professional. However, it comes with the turf.

        I know that if Chris Wallace or Britt Baier tweeted anything like what you can routinely see from Tapper and others, every pundit and political magazine in the country would have an outraged piece on it.

        The media is at war with this administration and they’ve expressly said that they’ve had to throw out all the old rules (objectivity, perspective, professionalism) and adopt new ones (arguments that the aforementioned values are normalization and false equivalency) to cover him. CNN is the most militant.

        Again, it’s tempting to say that this absolves the WH from acting like adults. It doesn’t, and frankly Trump needs encouragement in that department. Otherwise, he’d be doing guerrilla tactics rather than having been manipulated into declaring (aloud) that it is war.

  2. I’m seeing Facebook posts that CNN had the Governor of Washington on and that he stated that he witnessed the internment of the Japanese during WWII. He wasn’t born apparently until 1951. Did he actually say that and did the CNN anchor not follow up? Wondering if what I am seeing online is true.

  3. For those who either don’t have the spare time or don’t want to fast forward through the first two hours of FOX Super Bowl Pregame, FNC is reporting Mr. Bill’s interview is at 4:00 p.m. ET on your local FOX broadcast station.

  4. lolol. The presidential demo. i can hear the ad exec’s on sales calls as they simultaneously read off presidential mention cheat sheet as prepared by their sales manager and handed out at their monday morning mtg where they were peppered with his “now go out there and sell em” speech.
    well, that at least is how they used to do it.

  5. By all means, hit the Michael Wolffe link above and watch the video. Wait for it.

    You won’t be disappointed. Trust me.

    • I noticed that when Wolff was criticizing Stelter the camera never showed Stelter’s face. Maybe because his bottom lip was quivering ever so slightly?
      That was a very sweet video to watch. IMO any media person or political person lecturing me about any issue can go fly a kite. Educate me, persuade me, but don’t lecture me. Obama was the lecturer in chief and that was only one of many reasons I could not tolerate him.

    • Brian Stelter “misspoke” when he told Evan McMullin that “Michael Wolff would say you’re being hysterical.” Wolff was speaking specifically about the media and never used the word “hysterical.”
      That adds up to a double misrepresentation.

      • To be fair, McMullin is kind of hysterical. For a ‘so-called’ Republican he’s scampered to the left of many Democrats, even jumping on the ‘let’s lie about Fox News’ bandwagon.

      • What’s was flabbergasting to me is that Stelter mentioned that the publisher of the New Yorker told him that Trump’s election has put us into a “state of emergency” without any sense of the hyperbole and…hysteria in that.

        The Dems would have to elect an anarchist off a riot for me to think that the country was in that state.

        Stelter swallows it without a thought, like it’s his mother’s breast milk, because he’s a complete ideologue through and through.

        That describes most of the media. They don’t realize that they are utter zealots.

        That’s their bubble.

  6. We all filter and we all parse the language. T minus one minute on what the Media will do to the Trnup+O’Reilly vid. Now let’s watch

  7. This weekend’s most popular links:
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    3 knew wasn’t true
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Video: Shep and Chris Wallace trade barbs.

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