Friday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Ainsley wearing pants on “Fox & Friends” this morning and looking great. The ladies on Fox look great in everything; why not let them wear pants sometimes?!

        • Was funny almost had a keyboard issue 🙂 A lot of ladies on cable news ( all over and not just Fox ) have almost done that wearing a blouse thing. I believe they would wear pants and then wear something on top that is So Fabulous that it would be detrimental to closeups and head shots. So they wear skirts and dresses of various styles and keep something more sensible up top. I think all the guys would agree that these ladies want you to know that they have that ammo and are just holding back.

    • I doubt Fox enforces some rule that boils down to “no pants allowed” for the ladies. In my office none of the women wear pant suits – I think it has more to do with style trend and the fact that (as it was explained to me) women, in general, look at pant suits as having to conform to what the men wear.

      • The ‘no pants’ rule has been debunked something like a dozen times by female Fox on-air talent who have said it doesn’t exist. It was made up in the first place, a pioneering example of fake news.

  2. I was aghast by the excerpts of news stories on the campus mayhem that results from Milo being invited to speak.

    The stories invariably implied that Milo and the campuses deserved what he got.

    That segment and the interviews where highly educated people reveal that they are cant-spouting and biscuit-eating-dumb thinkers, are invaluable. The show is iconic.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 program ranker
    4 Sean Hannity
    3 just plain biased
    2 Tucker Carlson
    And the most popular link in today’s links:
    1 Today’s Megyn specularama: Kelly might replace Savannah Guthrie at 7:00 am.

  4. Crazy disgraced racist “writer” is telling his poor “readers” Fox isnt covering breaking news about a Seattle Judge temporarily halts Trump’s immigration…….Breaking news from 2 hours ago that Fox News covered live….which he doesn’t bother to tell his poor “readers”….talk about Fake News.

    only guess what Fox was on it 2 HOURS BEFORE.

    Most misinformed nutjobs on the internet.

    • Do they think people want to watch second-string Friday night pundits talk about one news story for the rest of the night? When the ratings come in you’ll see how many people want to see talking heads go on for three hours about a story that can be dealt with in ten minutes.
      Spoiler alert: Fox will win every time slot. Handily.

        • Different injunction. There have been several and there will be more. Coordinated effort to obstruct. Eventually they’ll all fail to at least some extent; executive’s power to control immigration, even to apply religious tests, was settled law before the phrase settled law was coined.

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