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  1. Milo Yiannopoulos — A tale of two tweets (minutes apart).

    @BNONews — “…Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos”
    @cnnbrk — “…Breitbart provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos”

    • At least something good came out of the riots

      It shot Milo Yiannopoulos’ book which hasn’t been released yet to #1 on Amazon ? ? ?

          • sorry you are both wrong. Leboot was one of the 3 insiders, and HRC also has personality disorders as do extreme supporters of any side. I posted it because you are not getting it from any media. The media with vested interests on both sides. If you actually listened you will hear a discussion of a long list of leaders with personality disorders and how they affect followers. Really, i have posted here enough to not be misjudged repeatedly like this. kinda sad. it is a good discussion and applies to any group. ANY. Personalities drive group behavior.

          • fair enough, i am not aware of the fine distinctions. As a regular for over a year an amateur such as myself would conclude incorrectly he is there because Fox wanted him there.

          • For what it’s worth, here is Harris Faulkner introducing the Insiders on 10/31/16……both Doug Schoen and Pat Cadelll are mentioned to be FNC contributors not not John.


            For me this is a bit surreal because now that they don’t have the “Political Insiders” on anymore I just realized that I wasn’t aware of them until I came across this blog and watched one of the clips that you posted.

          • i did not post an explanation of my reasoning here because the people are are far from uneducated. However since you deride and insult my motive i will include the copy that accompanies this post elsewhere. I do not see the president’s name anywhere in it. it is in it’s entirety and not edited.
            Listen to Dr. John D. Gartner, former Assistant Professor of Psychotherapy at Johns Hopkins, as he explains the problems affecting the President.
            Dr. Garner has written a variety of books on the personalities of presidents.
            An interview you are not likely to hear. It seems to be very common, Clearly HRC also suffers from personality disorder as well. Listening to the anti-Trumpers, me from the right, others from the left, and their repeated lies and exaggerations as well as ardent supporters with delusions of accomplishment. Both sides obsessions interact with the president’s personality in negative ways. Fairly easy to see this is a common result in many countries with almost every leader.
            More and more reasons to use government only to protect the sovereignty of each individual. The animal farm is more than losing your liberty. It requires adherents to develop personality disorders. There is not political winning side here. Even mentioning the dangers of government gets the auto-reply, ” Well go to Somalia then you idiot”. Simply look anywhere people work in groups, schools, offices, playgrounds and watch how personalities drive the behavior.

          • my dissertation was 2 simple non-judgemental sentences and a link. Everything else was in response to derision.

          • don’t hold back mike. People should be able to disagree, make points and remain trusting of the other. Because of your comments i stopped going to the increasing well traveled road to the rabbit hole of descriptions dressed in derision. Instead of Chump, i should use the president’s name and describe my objection without the sarcasm. hopefully others will too. If i think you are wrong i will try to stick to the issue and omit characterizations. Hey, you built that. Good job

  2. Just looked at your twitter feed J$…….all that stuff from “journalists” that’s not true………pretty much shows who the opposition party is.

    Just saw the disgraced racist stooges RT’d stuff from a “journalist” who already said his 1st tweet wasn’t true…………stooges of course dont tell their deluded “readers” that.


    • It’s getting absolutely crazy. A half-dozen stories at least over the past 48 hours that get hyped, spread around, RT’d, only to prove to be mistaken/false/fake/lies a day or so later. But by then the damage is done, and you’ll still see gullible people RTing the fake stories as if they were true. Just in the past 30 minutes or so a stoogish type fellow was RTing a story about sanctions that was debunked and retracted hours ago. But now it’s his very own ‘alternate fact’ and it can provide him with endless hours of mental onanism.

      • mental onanism

        One of my late father’s favorite terms to describe those that run off at the mouth.

    • Who are you referring to here as “A ‘journalist’ who already said his 1st tweet wasn’t true.”

      Without a link to the tweet (which you often include) I’m not sure most of us have any idea what (or who) you are talking about.

      You catch a lot of mistakes on Twitter. Kudos. But in this case you’ve left us guessing.

      Just sayin’.

      • Peter Alexander from NBC was one of many I saw today. Also Andrea Mitchell reported something live on her show and at the end had to basically say “oh sorry”!

        • TY Pam.

          Looks like a little ‘confirmation bias virus’ going around in the mainstream media. (Can’t say my record’s clean.)

    • Johnny, Concha, Seth Mandel, Mollie Hemmingway, Richard Grennell, Sean Davis, Cable Game, and Stephen Miller are my daily Twitter timelines must-reads.

      • The Opera browser has a start page I have links to 43 twitter feeds in boxes and that way I can open @5 at a time. Plenty of good people out there.

        I just wish people would stop talking about Trump all day.

  3. I see someone threatening to get another person banned for RTing without his permission. LOL delusional.

    So far the twitter police haven’t arrested me for RTing without a license, or a permission slip, or whatever it is delusional people think I need to RT someone.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 unlikely
    4 Today shake-up
    3 over Megyn
    2 the race card
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Shackford: Meet MSNBC’s legal eagle who wants to destroy the free press.

  5. Two observations about tonight’s O’Reilly Factor:
    1) I don’t like Gillian Turner’s use of “right?” at the end of her statements.
    2) Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) looks like actor and impressionist Jim Meskimen, son of Marion Ross. I’m sure Jim would be offended if he was ever told this, the same way rock guitarist Joe Walsh and Golf Channel reporter Scott Walker are ashamed they share a name with someone whose politics differ from theirs.

  6. Quick comment on the Megyn Kelly/Tamron Hall/NBC drama: this whole thing is so ridiculous. Other than the “Today” , NBC has mostly been a chronic third place finisher in daytime. They only offer “Today” and “Days of our Lives” anymore with affiliates running syndicated fare elsewhere. Why not leave the successful 3rd hour of Today alone and try to put Kelly on afterwards moving Kathie Lee and Hoda one hour later? All these machinations are not helpful to Megyn who I do like and miss at FNC. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

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