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    • sure sound like TrumpTV to me……LOL

      The biggest show on the network airs one of it biggest contributors airing an anti-Tump view…….I dont think thats how tumpTV would work.

      • Mr. Bill hasn’t been No. 1 for 15 consecutive years without making tweaks when he felt criticism was constructive and warranted.

        And there has been some lately. But in fairness to Bill it’s been directed at the 3-hour block post MK’s departure and not so much at Bill himself.

        As you pointed out sometime ago Fox News doesn’t even have an audience that is over 50% conservative (although very close to it.)

        I’m sure he values the audience who is either Democrat or independent and offers them something along with his mostly favorable treatment of Trump.

        It’s working. He’s still No. 1.

  1. I was willing to put up with Dave Smith on Red Eye in his recent appearances. But last night, he reminded me why I gave up on watching when he’s on in the first place. He’s anti-war and he used the term “neocons [Ding!].” I also soured on Remi Spencer. It’s a shame because I’ve been a fan of John Basedow since his Fitness Made Simple days. I was only able to hear him for one topic because Dave uttered “neocons [Ding!]” in the second topic.

    (For newcomers, “[Ding!]” was first used at Olbermann Watch to indicate frequently used rhetoric and buzzwords.)

    • i do not know how it was used on red eye, but the word was not invented by MSLSD. When Paul Wolfowitz, and Kristol, father and son plus Cheney formed the idea of adding the transforming of the middle east into democratic states instead of the tradition of opposing nation building the conservatives have held previously, they dubbed themselves neocon. The donald is not conservative in a traditional set of beliefs, so likely he could be described as another type of neocon as he is he is supported by many traditional cons that accept his non-conservative views, particularly on trade and economics. now maybe red eye was being descriptive in a nasty way but the idea that originated it was not perceived that way. The NR neocon group thought they saw an opportunity to transform the middle east into secular leader self-selected states. they saw the seeds of this in changing Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon was headed that way on it’s own. Looking at a map it divided Muslim states by territory with self-selected leader states ..hopefully. It did not turn out that way. looking back it seems less smart than they thought, witness Obama’s Arab spring support. The traditional conservative view would be these nations are responsible for how they run their politics and the USA’s sphere is defined only by our “critical interests”. Usually that refers to our ability to transit. protect Americans and do business. Not accomplish social goals for other countries. Hence, when not in the hands of a comedian like Olby, it is really not pejorative. I have read both Cheney’s and GWB’s memoirs, they are an account of this. Rumsfeld’s book is more descriptive, less ideological and believe it or not the description is given a fair account in Woodward’s bush books.

      • Without having read your entire comment, I will clarify I did not say the term was coined by Olby and his guests. But the pejorative use of the term made me cringe whenever I heard or saw it. I can understand why some liberals prefer to be called progressives instead.

  2. So TVNewser reports that the 9-11 a.m. ET hours of CNN Newsroom will be anchored by John Berman and Poppy Harlow.

    I’m sorry, because she seems like a perfectly nice person. But I can’t stand to listen to Poppy Harlow’s whiny voice (or Jake Tapper’s for that matter) for longer than a few minutes.

    Like fingernails on a chalkboard.

    But she is 20 years younger than Carol Costello — which may have been a factor in demoting Carol to HLN despite the reason she gave yesterday.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Stephen Moore to CNN.

  4. Tucker is the freaking Liberal-Loon Whisperer.

    It’s fascinating to watch. If someone told me his quests would make the ridiculous arguments they make and do the obfuscating that they do, I’d suggest that that person was stereotyping liberals.

    Yet there they are on Tucker beclowning themselves with some of most illogical and inconsistent drivel imaginable.

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