Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: The the Sean Spicer
  • Reliable Sources videos: Trump vs the media; neutrality; fact vs fiction; Fox.
  • Greer: Fear and loathing sweep Today staff amid Megyn Kelly shake-up.
  • Concha: Here’s why Team Trump sees the media as the opposition party.
  • Stelter posts anti-Trump poetry by cancer survivor; Joe Concha cries foul.
  • Darcy: CNN uses alternate math in laughable claim that they tied Fox News.
  • Rothstein:  Chris Hayes may soon end up being the ‘blackest face at MSNBC‘.
  • YourBuzz videos: media; press;
  • New and improved: Anna Kooiman website relaunch.  Sunday talkers: preview.

90 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. From Mr. Concha’s piece,
    “I want you to quote this,” Bannon added. “The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”
    Because it can’t be quoted enough. Now, read the rest, because it does an excellent job explaining the situation. The only other media retrospective I’ve valued so far is the FRONTLINE “How Trump Won” last wee on PBS.

  2. Media, Dems, the Left going ape over Trump’s country immigration restrictions. Will this be the straw that breaks his back? What, old straw fell off?

      • With his base that’s the case and will be as long as he sticks to his promises. Press and polls and snarky insults from San Francisco to Nicaragua will slide off him like my eggs off the swell, copper looking square pan I bought at 2:00 AM right after the MY PILLOW comercial.

  3. A shout out to foxnews[dot]com for not downplaying the news that a “Federal judge granted a temporary stay to allow those with visas to remain.”

    The judge (in Brooklyn) issued an emergency stay on Saturday that temporarily blocks the U.S. government from sending people out of the country after they have landed at a U.S. airport with valid visas.

    The report had an even higher (more prominent) placement on their home page than it did on the Huffington Post — even though the judge essentially ruled against Trump’s order.

    • Don’t yea just hate it when that old fair and balanced gets in the way of a good hate…….kinda put yet another hole in the old TrumpTV BS meme………

      • It’s not the radical liberal view you seem to suggest.

        Even David Zurawik, who has a long history of mostly treating Fox News fairly and a loathing for MSNBC, recently pointed out that FNC’s primetime lineup is “ideologically loaded” now that Megyn is gone and replaced by the ratings dynamo Tucker Carlson.

        Left unsaid was the pro Trump bias on Outnumbered that Greg Gutfeld recently chided — along with F&F and The Five.

        Do I have a lower tolerance for uncritical coverage of Trump than most of the commenters here at J$P? I think the answer is obvious.

        I just think he is a dangerous and unqualified President. Reasonable people can disagree about both Fox News and President Trump without resorting to cheap shots and name calling. Then we start to act like Mediaite and TVNewser.

        Peace brother. I’m here to discuss – not argue.

        • “Even David Zurawik, who has a long history of mostly treating Fox News fairly and a loathing for MSNBC, recently pointed out that FNC’s primetime lineup is “ideologically loaded” now that Megyn is gone.”

          Can you point me to the person on MSNBC primetime lineup that wasn’t extremely Pro-Obama and pro HRC? There isnt one. Why single out Fox News……..can you point me to the person on CNN primetime lineup that wasn’t extremely Pro-Obama and pro HRC? There isnt one. Why single out Fox News.

          Why do you disgraced stooges demand a higher standard for Fox News than you do their competition???????

          While I didnt vote for Trump……..I didnt encourage even one person to vote for Trump…..in fact I discourage many people from doing so…………UNLIKE you……..I understand why people did. I have a lower tolerance for BIASED coverage of Trump….than you do…..but you are the one who said if he saw someone tell a lie about Trump…..it would never occur to you to correct it.

          I’ll leave the acting like Mediate and TVnewser stuff to you….I rarely comment there.
          And the Zurawik BS is just more disgraced stooge talk……you used to be better than that.

          • as usually you are in some dreamland……….hate has damaged you……have a good weekend………im done with you for while. Nixon’s right….you really aren’t worth it anymore…….so sad.

          • “Why single out Fox News.”

            I told you in my OP. I just think Trump is a dangerous and unqualified President.

            Of course MSNBC and CNN have biased shows. But my issue is uncritical coverage of Trump. I criticized them when they used to show all his rallies live — start to finish.

  4. Re: Greer: Fear and loathing sweep Today staff amid Megyn Kelly shake-up.
    Already a bit of a shaky beginning apparently. Megyn seems to be a magnet for drama and publicity — and I don’t mean this in a snarky way. I’m a fan (most of the time).

    But are there more serious issues at stake than how some on the staff might feel? The ultimate question still lingering and unanswered is whether Megyn is a ‘great’ $17M fit for morning television — whether it’s 9 am or 10 am?

    Was that unnamed ABC executive who last October said there was never a concerted effort to pursue Megyn after Kelly’s ‘damaging’ performance in her heavily promoted prime-time interview with Trump more perceptive than NBC?

    So who will end up being more prophetic — NBC (a hit) or ABC (a miss)?

    Perhaps we’ll know a year from now when she’s been on the job for 4-5 months.

      • Apparently former general manager of the three NBC morning shows, Jamie Horowitz, did not disagree with your POV about Ms.Hall.

        During his brief 10-week tumultuous tenure in 2014 one of his recommendations was to ease out Natalie Morales, Willie Geist and ‘demote’ Tamron Hall to MSNBC only.

        Kind of interesting that Horowitz, a former ESPN executive who is now with Fox Sports, received some resistance at the time for those recommendations — yet Natalie, Willie and Tamron are all gone (or about to be gone) just like he recommended.

  5. The B block of last night’s Greg Gutfeld Show was a double reminder (Kennedy, Kat Timpf) that libertarian starts with “liber-“. When it comes to some issues, libertarians and liberals are synonymous. The two libertarians railed against enhanced interrogation while the three non-libertarians (Greg, Larry Gatlin, Tyrus) endorsed it. But the two libertarians were obnoxious in their vehement disagreement. As a result, this morning, I had to do something I rarely do with that show: stop and erase after Kennedy got me to my wit’s end.

    • Libertarians do indeed cause mental clash by not supporting a position adopted by the weekly changing definition of Liberal and conservative as defined by weekly popularity. While extreme they are not horrible extreme like the left committed Marxists. There are a lot of reasons to be skeptical about libertarians however people like the FNC judge and others provide a good balance to people that call themselves conservatives while advocating changes that result in less individual liberty. The best definition i have come across for “government” is “the legal use of force”. After all no need to have a law about something everyone already chooses to do. So if they tick you off at least they are not doing it with their hands in your pocket like our president.
      The other day you told me you did not like name calling, then said GW was a hack. Not bothered or trying to say anything other than “name calling” is sometimes a short hand description with ironic insult included at no extra charge. descriptive. you were saying GW is … fill in your judgement in how he does his job. Kinda different than for example not liking someone and calling them a troll or other nonsense. When i use Chump for Trump and Chumpette for his echo chamber it is indeed a minor insult but it also is describing the fear i have that the people are being chumped by a guy that has shown a proclivity to pretend one thing while doing another….. making a chump out of people who thought they were liking a guy that would do things they like. If i am not mistaken you have not bought into him 100% either and likely fear something similar. i will take your response to heart and try to be as descriptive as possible in my verbiage. ty.

      • My pet peeve with President Trump is his choice to respond to anyone that criticizes him, no matter how insignificant. Other than that, I support him. I want him to succeed, just as I didn’t want President Obama to fail.

        Now, back to cable news.

        • that is tactical and keeps the conversation off what he is actually doing. it is not the president’s fault the media and many in the electorate have hair that easily erupts into flames, however, he does use it.
          That is all about cable news….lol.

    • I watched and noticed this, too. Same with Andy Levy on Red Eye. He’s become more and more liberal, not libertarian, lately. Especially since Trump won the Repub nomination. Now with the ban on certain countries, I can’t wait to find out how many refugees Kennedy, Timpf, and Levy are going to welcome into their homes.

        • True, but Kennedy, Timpf, and especially Levy have voiced opinions that sound more liberal than libertarian. I’ve even heard Levy say that sometimes he’s not a good libertarian.

          • i honestly do not know them well enough to say. However it is not unusual for libertarian leaning folks becoming frustrated and supporting crazies on the left or right. Bill Maher called himself libertarian for a while and many libertarian leaning cons turned into populist ethnocentric nationalists and elected trump. look what 9 11 did to GWB. He specifically gave speeches about the folly of nation building then bought into the neocon delusion of democracy building in the Arab world. You expect that sort of delusion from dems, think Arab spring, but i recall a SOTU speech by GWB proudly pointing to Iraqi purple fingers. oooops.

  6. Mr. Concha Tweet Today:
    “Homework: See how often this Q poll is broached today showing public support of “suspending immigration from terror-prone regions”: 48-42%.”

  7. Wow….havent watch Selters laughfest in a while…….when ever anyone asks why Trump thinks the media is the opposition party…..he should play them todays show……..in fairness I only started watching at :17 after so maybe the first 15min was more fair….yea right. For a media critic he doesn’t talk about the media much…..well except for Fox News.

  8. Howie Kurtz pointed out today that despite their eulogies, Mary Tyler Moore was not a liberal, but a libertarian centrist who watch a lot of FOX NEWS.

    • This is one of my CNN days so I’m taping Kurttz………except I forgot to do it…so there better be a replay late tonight my DVR set for.

      I have a big test tomorrow so I have to turn it off soon………I had to replay the NY mayor on Trapper twice….i’m pretty sure he called DUI’s by illegals minor crimes……….can’t study and yell at the TV at the same time.

        • Thank J$…..my cable guide doesn’t say that…so I never know……I wish comcast would get it together someday. it’s been wrong with late night Fox shows for a year….except for redeye…….and it keeps making Truckers show at night 2 hours so I end up recording Hannity also.

      • Hint – If the test is multiple choice and you don’t know the answer to a question, guess and pick the most likely answer. Go with your gut. You will usually be right.

  9. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 website relaunch
    4 cries foul
    3 blackest face at MSNBC
    2 the opposition party
    And the most popular link in today’s inks…
    1 Greer: Fear and loathing sweep Today staff amid Megyn Kelly shake-up.

    • Twitter really is sort of like a lie detector for journalists who claim to be fair and impartial. I thought @BrianStelter was the most egregious example of a not-very-impartial twitter feed until I poked around in @KatyTurNBC – reading it, and the stuff she RTs, you’d think she was a press flack for the DNC rather than a supposedly impartial, non-partisan reporter and anchor. I think it was just today where she painstakingly RT’d someone’s string of 14 tweets about the awfulness of Trump. This along with umpty-jillion more. I scrolled and scrolled and didn’t see one single RT of anyone with the merest minimum of a favorable word about Trump. The fact that someone this biased is an anchor and reporter proves that MSNBC’s “hard news” is hardly news at all.

        • It’s like all this fuss because Bannon called the press ‘the opposition party’. They make a big stink out of that but conveniently forget the front-page Op-Ed run by the New York Times imploring journalists to become…wait for it…the opposition to Trump.

          When you read twitter feeds like Katy Tur, or watch more than 10 minutes of Reliable Sources, how can any sentient being with a functional brain not conclude that the media, at the very least a significant chunk of it, have been and still are the opposition to Trump?

          Dollar out.

          • No wonder FNC is so successful. A comparatively very small bastion of fair reporting and balanced commentary. No wonder it is so hated.

  10. Went downtown this evening to see if news programs had fired up antiTrump demonstrations. Other than Otis stumbling on and off the curb, nothing. After verifying the general store wasn’t open, I put the doog in her booster seat and drove home. Quiet in flyover country.

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