Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Bill O’Reilly-Ed Henry 1-2-3.
  • Out# video: Harris Faulkner on the meaning of
  • Video: Military family faces incredible challenges
  • Concha: Spicer’s complaint over CNN’s nomenclature doesn’t hold up.
  • Shake-up at Today to make room for Megyn; Tamron Hall to leave NBC?
  • Diane Falzone opens up about endometriosis.  The rise of Great Big Story.
  • Tel Aviv based news channel planned for US cable.  Q&A: Steve Kornacki.
  • Wemple:  In defense of CNN;  are the media mainly liberal, and if so, why?
  • Rothstein: Cable newsers go berserk over Bannon’s ‘just listen for a while’.
  • Baragona: Harris Faulkner remembers her mother, and Mary Tyler Moore.

69 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I think what Bannon was advising was the media should pause before going berserk about every little Trump thing, to which they then went berserk.

    • Media knows Bannon was saying that since they got thibgs so wrong, they need to stop with the talking-head drama a minute and listen to mood of the country.

      Of course, the media just saw the stop talking part as an opportunity to say that authoritarian Trump regime is sqelching them.

      They’re partisan advocates and the last thing they care about is what the public thinks. ‘ YOU LISTEN TO US’ is their mindset.

      They want to tell us what we are to think…what we need..and lecture us on how invaluable they are while doing that.

    • Once again, the word twisters want to play-yay. People know what Bannon means, Meandia wants to parse it literally. It’s deja vu all over again I tells ya. ( thanks Yogi )

      • People have had a year and a half of media Trump bashing. Numb to it. Immune to it. The loss of pretense of unbiased reporting has devastated media power.

      • Tere Bannon: “The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while,”

        To know what Bannon means is to “parse” this statement literally.

        It’s identical to what people in the media said that they needed to do after getting the election so wrong.

        That impulse lasted about two days until the talking point came out about fake news and the media could all hop back into the familiar territory of our being too stupid to know what is good for us and thus we were duped by fake news.

        That they have done with a vengeance that has LITERALLY squelched the speech of others on Twitter and Facebook.

        Now we see the media not only disappearing the context of Bannon’s statement, but literally…the last words of his statement because they belie their charge that he wishes to forever silence them.

        The most censorious impulse in the country comes from our media elites.

        • Cece, i think of you as my personal English teacher and bard sometimes as you have a grasp of language that is beyond me, and your words literally teach me things 🙂 your comments rock is what i am getting at 🙂 and a thank you for that.

  2. “As the AP reported in December, a George W. Bush 30% tariff on imported steel resulted in American producers raising prices, hurting steel-buying companies and costing thousands of jobs.”

    The wall effect in the Trump economy. Naaaawwww talk about Tuck pulling wings off the defenseless.

    So all the channels are abuzz with the re-calculations and none are looking pretty. Adding inefficiency to the economy to
    restore middle class is now official policy,
    but where has it ever worked. If it did, why? why is it still not working?

    Whatever happens the “make America great again” supporters will own this. I’ll be first to cite how wrong i was when the BTA does not strip thousands of jobs and costs a bundle to save a few jobs we care so deeply about but actually grows the economy and employment HA!. Ditto for roads, bridges, airports and hole digging resulting in sustainable growth.
    I’m always wrong.

    • Curious what expats in your circle of friends think about the border wall. (I assume most native locals overwhelmingly oppose it.)

      Today I read that according to Pew, 61 percent of Americans oppose building a wall along the entire border with Mexico.

      Then I popped on over to Gallup where I learned forty-one percent of Americans are satisfied with the current level of immigration into the country, a higher percentage than at any time since Gallup began tracking this issue in 2001.

      • well my circle covers a lot of area and origin so it is not easy to characterize other than to say no expats agree with me except most Nicas i talk to. First Nicas have not gone to the USA in #s since the contra war, they go to CR for work.
        I had a conversation with a Sandinista today and while some are deadender socialists most recognize what really happened. Nica was used by major powers since the beginning of colonialism so they have suffered bad external governing for centuries so nationalism tends to be before ideology.
        Nicas work, but do not grasp capitalism at all because all their experiences with it is Trump like crony capitalism or Obama like IMF welfare state raise your taxesism. you are aware that the primary objective of the IMF is browbeating countries into raising taxes to keep being able to borrow right? So since chorizo, corruption, is what makes government work they are pretty cynical. because they are filled with classist ideology in school the tendency is to think the rich have their money and they should be paid more and keep their immense amount of days off. 2 weeks for easter, week to 10 days for xmas. dia de revolución and dia de independencia can last 2 to 5 days depending on where the dates fall, then all sorts of other holidays, plus Goma mondays. Goma is a hangover. They have little respect for any business unless they own it and righteously steal. Especially family.
        add it all up they resent gringos being able to walk in and out of their country but sure can’t change it without losing a bundle while at the same time recognizing the USA letting everyone in is not functional. They would all like to see the USA die, and go to walmart at the same time. like most people they are conflicted.
        That why i recommend reciprocal relations country by country. exact equal treatment both directions. truth is gringolandia would be dead in a couple of generations without new blood. So this is a pretty stupid time. we should be exporting people and importing people creating interdependent economics and cut the baseless nationalism out. Not popular here, but the USA has not been the most free country, easiest to do business, freest press in, etc in many years. we turned liberty into rights to god knows what people will think of next. Here is a brain twister, try to think of one thing in the USA not taxed and or regulated. if you really want to understand the roots in Latin America you should read about the basic difference in derivatives of English vs Napoleonic law, splains a lot.
        Now you wanna talk clear obvious nasty observation. Ticos, Costa Ricans are useless as gypsies, twice as lazy, just as dishonest and exhibit all the worse symptoms of a defective gene pool. Lemmings 1 and all.

        • Sounds like any enmity Nicas have toward the USA is pretty much unrelated to the conflict the USA (Trump) currently has with Mexico.

          I shouldn’t assume that because the cultures, skin color, religion, languages and diet is more similar than not — compared to the USA — that they have sizable empathy for their ‘neighbor’…and/or are all that concerned about a border wall that really doesn’t significantly impact them.

          • lololol. there is nothing similar at all. The spanish is as different as Aussie and Valley girl, Nicas can’t cook any mexican foods. They know hot dogs better than tacos. in fact a nica taco is what you call a taquito served with shredded cabbage, mayo and catsup. no one likes the usa immigration, even most gringos. it is arrogant, ignorant and insulting. Yet they understand the problem. Now Mexico elects the Obradistas, expect the FMLN and FSLN to be involved in Mexico, until then, they do not even think of them. There was hatred GW bush, they laughed at obama, and they think trump is a creepy clown as do I.

          • Last OT post…I promise…maybe.

            I wonder if CNN’s Anthony Bourdain has done his show from Nicaragua or even Costa Rica yet.

            As a Navy dependent I lived in 18 different cities in 1/2 dozen states and became a student of different cultures, diet, customs and language idiosyncracies. I know you’ve mentioned several cities you’ve lived in as has Nixon.

            Then as an adult I expanded to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Philippines, Okinawa, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Navajo Reservation in NM (bro worked for the tribe). It’s been quite a ride.

    • I think people are forgetting Trumps gallup daily tracking poll….pretty much shows…..people who voted for him are happy……people who didnt are not….today its 46&-45%…..pretty much exactly what he got in the popular vote.

      • actually there has been a significant change.
        People that knew his economic policy ideas are completely bogus, left and right, hate him more, and people that believe in magic beans, left and right, love him more. the apples won’t fall until the tree is shook real good like. until then just hatred spewed in every direction. be fun when the facts hit the ground. the markets don’t care they are just looking for ways to make $$ and are all modeling bank shots. the only interesting thing that is happening actually.

        • where’s the significant change? He got 46% of the popular vote…….46% think hes doing a good job…….seems pretty even to me.

          • the diff is degree. Marches and crazy social media vs increased blind faith. can’t you feel it? i have trump lovers and haters in my circle and both sides are saying stuff that is just bizarre.

          • this could be because of he expectation pre election vs result. just speculation and feel. But i do not think it is crazy to say many people have poured additional concrete into their shoes.

          • I felt it before….most of the people I talk to are Democrats….they feel the same way they did before Nov…….the Cons I talk to feel the same way they felt before Nov. I seen no change in the last 7 days.

            Look a poor Michael T……pretty normal guy till the general election…..look how he changed……..Ive seen lots of people like that in the last 8 months or so on both sides.

            I tend NOT to take people who say bizarre stuff seriously and discount everything else they say…….been much happier since I started doing that.

          • sensible, unless they represent a significant %. I do not recall the burning looting marching pre-election but you could be right. i watch the expats and the media they post here and it is hyped up since Nov here. Trade negotiators met yesterday in Mexico from all of CA except Nicaragua. People refuse to understand Mexico’s GDP is approaching Canada’s, the country we export the most to, and they are rapidly becoming a post industrial service exporter. What we should be concentrating on, not making widgets.

          • And so may are just still boiling over after having their expectations blow up in their faces. Best to ignore them as they are powerless.

          • as are the Trump supporters flying on a wish and a prayer that the reality star is actually not the guy he is.

      • The surest road to failure is to try to please everyone. A president who wants to get things done he was elected to do won’t take it.

  3. More profound Wemple Questions:
    1) Is the Pope Catholic?
    2) Does the bear go in the woods?
    3) Does the Pope go in the woods?

  4. Of course the media is the opsession party to the republicans…..that’s still a question? even Democrats didnt think the media were fair to Trump in the election…..there were many reasons for that. If the emails of the media and the clinton campaign didnt show you that…..your blind and deaf.

  5. The People at Days of Our Lives may feel a little better today.
    Plus it would be easier to gamble with an hour of today and if MK goes south then they can bring it back , but ending a Soap is harder to bring back…

  6. OK….if you are drinking something stop before you read this:
    This is why I read the disgraced racist stooges lies….for the laughs.
    IceManNYR Eh, she had Wes Clark, too. I can live with coherent Republicans being on the show.

    Now for those that dont know….not only is General Wesley Clark not a Republican…….He ran as Democrat in the Primary in 2004…….has endorsed both HRC and Obama…and has NEVER been a Republican anything……… the dry drunk can live with coherent Republican who are really Big time Democrats. These guys are the most uninformed people I know.

    • Of course Greta, who was a hate monger and a moron just a few months ago, is now a nightly must-see, even though she is first to admit she’s doing the same program in the same way as she has for years. Don’t try to make sense out of it. #StoogeLogic

    • Ah, Wesley Clark. The same fool who was fired by Clinton for damn near starting World War III (or IV. Whatever we are on) in Kosovo.

    • Sentence construction can make all the difference, eh? (I was skeptical that anyone who follows politics and the news daily – if not hourly — didn’t know Clark was a Democrat.)

      I think a better tweet would have been to rearrange the sentences thusly

      I can live with coherent Republicans being on the show. She had Wes Clark too.

      But he chose to list Clark and Walker in the order they appeared with Greta.

      Oh well. Ain’t English great…especially when you’re limited to 140 characters. 🙂

      • Wow…….you actually felt the need to defend Moe….I’m shocked. How many DM did it take to get your stories straight? Moe didnt even know who was going to be working in the Trump white house 2 weeks ago….after complaining about the person all the time…….sorry not buying it.

        Just once I’d like to see them admit a mistake and not try to lie their way out…….however living till hell freezes over might not be in my cards.

        • I read the tweet you made a bogus assumption about and immediaitely thought as I commented, “I was skeptical that anyone who follows politics and the news daily – if not hourly — didn’t know Clark was a Democrat.”

          Sometimes we make incorrect inferences. Most of us own it and move instead of a reflexive ‘name calling’ attack mode.

          Joe Remi 1
          Gatxer 0

          Enjoy your evening…and don’t forget an open mind is a terrible thing to waste.

          • I think having your nose so far up the dry drunk rear end has cut off your brain’s oxygen……..I saw what he wrote….he meant Clark….he made a mistake.

            You couldnt be skeptical of Moe no matter what…..thats pretty clear………A guy who didnt know that Kellyanne Conway had a WH job a week before the inauguration probably doesn’t know other things.

            Guess there no chance of hell freezing over anytime soon in Disgraced racist stooge land.

          • Wasn’t Kellyanne undecided about whether she wanted to stay in New Jersey? I can’t remember the timeline.

            With all that’s happened since last week it’s all a big blur. I do know the stock market set a record, the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl and the Mexican President cancelled the meeting with Trump.

          • So you quiz Chucky after the fact of Gat’s claim and that’s supposed to be persuasive…

            Chucks then says by “coherent Republican” he meant Scott Walker, who on Greta’s show waxed elated on Trump’s cabinet choices and called Betsy DeVos a “spectacular pick”.

            Then it’s Chucky 1 to 0… Uh..huh…

            Aren’t you supposed to be looking for the Twitter account Nixon lied about having?

            Or tweeting Johnny or something?

          • What Remi’s reply tweet stated is exactly how I interpreted his original tweet…but I asked him just to make sure.

            Something Gatxer might have considered if he wasn’t afraid to engage Joe and Ice on Twitter.

          • I would have done the same if Gatxer misinterpreted a Tweet by Geraldo, Tapper, Bolling, Greta or Stelter.

            He seems to have a real stalking obsession with Ice and Remi and nearly self-imploded when it was pointed out he’d made and incorrect inference.

          • Wouldn’t be the same for everyone, Michael.

            You’d have more difficulty verifying that Gat’s criticism was off-base with those guys, and the agony of that suspense would be excruciating.

          • BTW, Michael, I’d be glad to follow Chucky on Twitter and engage his egocentric, concrete, and Tourette’s Syndrome riddled mind at will.

            Oh, wait…he’s blocked me.

          • I’m fairly sure Ice would tell you that he didn’t wish to deal with you online.

            Okay, for him…for Gatxer not so much.

            But that’s the way that clique thinks.

          • Multiple personalities perhaps?……..I think we know that the disgraced racist stooges will block anybody who calls out their lies………I figured I would last about 1.2 seconds before I would get blocked. Id NEVER be able to not call out their BS…for even a day.

            Like today where the frozen one actually complains that Fox News took 4 whole min in the 1pm hour to cover a story he cares about.

          • The same Mr Freeze who attacked Harris Faulkner for noting that Fox was first on a story? Because it doesn’t matter who’s first? THAT Mr Freeze? The hypocrisy meter is in the danger zone.

          • WAIT………..the new excuse is that MOE was calling Scott Walker a coherent Republican????

            Does he not know who Scott Walker is either?

        • “I’m shocked. How many DM did it take to get your stories straight?”

          Haven’t DM’d with Joe since last August.

          • You nose is growing………..dont hurt Joe.

            Have a goodnite…….you are just too sad to even talk to………maybe another of your fake screen names can come here.

          • Yea….I am now….gave him too much attention already……..I should know better…..thought maybe he’d gone back to normal….guess not…..Oh well… sad.

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