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        • Some day someone will have the balls to find a way to get them. But, I’m still curious how he could have been in college classes and President of the Harvard Law Review and have so few people willing to speak out on his time at Harvard. Did they all really love him or more afraid of backlash if everything they said wasn’t complimentary?

          Tax returns? Trump is a rich guy who has really smart tax lawyers using every avenue available to of ally NOT pay taxes. The info the media would cherry pick would be so easily manipulated that it would all end up being fake news anyway.

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t link to the Jonathan Turley segment from last night’s O’Reilly Factor. Interestingly, the FNC website describes the video this way:

    ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ examines one Democrat calling for cooperation with President Trump

    Is Prof. Turley a Democrat?

  2. It will be interesting to see the ratings for David Muir’s interview with President Trump after his previous two major ‘gets’ (Hillary & the Pope) were by most accounts big disappointments.

    I.imagine there will be some buzz on Twitter about Trump urging the ABC viewers to ‘Turn on Fox’.

    I’m not a fan of ABC, but my guess is that Muir did well — at least winning his time slot. But I’ve been wrong before.

  3. Not just good for the CABLE NEWS ratings:
    David Muir’s Interview with Pres. Trump is TV’s Top-Rated Program of the Night.

  4. Olbermann isn’t on a soap box, he’s on a narcissistic tribal bully-boy tirade.

    He’s never more elated than when he’s making someone the ultimate pariah; the Worst Person In The World.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Alisyn Camerota
    4 horns in
    3 sidelined real reporting
    2 all the rage
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Kathleen Willey resurfaces, trash-talks Andrea Mitchell, ‘Fake’ Tapper.

  6. It was interesting to have heard Ben Smith argue against a point Tucker made that there was a partisan motivation in his deciding to publish that two page document which served to give legs to what are Smith’s specious reasons for that decision.

    Now today I read that during campaign, Buzzfeed wouldn’t run Trump ads because it said that they were hazardous to its reader’s health.


    This is really nonsense.
    Posted RE: BTA yesterday, all pretend not to see. lol. ok, understand estimates are between 30% to 40% of imports from Mexico are parts for manufacture or repair by American workers….lol…. tax that for a wall …lol oh yeah. btw, just in case you think all they send is avocados, lettuce etc, Mexico became post agrarian years ago. i’ll look it up if you demand, they are usually years behind in figures but the trend will show even greater post agrarian development because that is the nature of the beast. However agriculture represented less than 4% of GDP, much used in Mexico ….ok doubted myself pulled numbers always wrong is right gosh.
    They are approaching post industrial, look at the service number. Curious when a politician will have the balls to talk about post industrial economy benefits of real wealth creation ….ooooops public schools can’t teach how to do start ups, go private or become self employed. so sorry for you. wait for the robot.

    • Oh in case you care to compare. Canada has a dependent GDP supported by resource extraction. Wood, oil, mining. Mexico’s major resource extraction, PEMEX, has had a decline in production and had dramatic decline as % of GDP for 20 years. Lay a 5 year GDP chart of Mexico next to Canada. We have just witnessed the result of 8 years of negative growth. 2% growth will not pay the bills or employ the amount of people necessary to reverse the direction of the dependency arrow. It is a net neg. Trying to put Mexico in perspective for you. Takes me 5 days to drive from DC to Oregon, almost a full 4 to go from Nogales to Guatemala and most of Mexico’s highways are better than in el norte. So the dirty Mexican lettuce picker stories do not quite match the nature of the beast. Yes, in many ways it is less modern, it is also growing faster, has rising wages and a growing middle class. The reverse of our last 8 years. Estimate between 6 and 7 million Americans have residency in Mexico, talk to one. Seems to me NAFTA is not a bad deal, we have just not used it as we should. Mexico exports info tech, ever hear of Carlos Slim?

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