Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Video: has choice words for the ‘smarmy’ news media.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Tucker Carlson-O’Reilly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Q&A: Maria Bartiromo on walking away from CNBC, and life at Fox.
  • FTV Live: Sorry anchors, but you just aren’t as big as you think you are.
  • FTV Zucker punch: Trump + Fake News = ‘Brian Stelter peeing himself.’
  • Rothman: How quickly media have forgotten Obama’s War on Fox News.
  • Concha: Joe and Mika give props to Tucker.   Video: Payne’s
  • O’Reilly talked about Chicago, Trump tweeted.  Steve Cortes jumps to Fox.
  • Wemple: (MS)NBC cranks up the hype machine; Tucker’s false equivalency.
  • Q&A: Jake Tapper has a rule for Trump reporting.  Video Q&A: Greg Gutfeld.
  • Videos: Should the press  Moving our embassy

44 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Trump tweeting that FNC was good and CNN sucks yesterday set Stelter, Byers and the usual suspects into mouth foaming reply syndrome.

  2. Piers Morgan on celebrities as political agitators,
    “But it’s worth remembering the words of Elvis Presley, who was a bigger superstar than all of them put together.
    ‘I want to remain apolitical,’ he said, ‘because I don’t think it’s right for me to use my celebrity and fame to persuade other people to think like me. I think everybody should make their own decisions about how they vote.’
    There’s a reason he was called The King.
    His subjects loved him for his music and performing, not for his ability to force fans to share his politics too.”

  3. An acronym possibly not covered deeply on cable is important. Pay particular attention to the possible antecedents of a BTA. People think they can control the effects of tax and regulations and often forget that the primary result in taxes and regs is changes in behavior and not the ones people intended. Story about the BTA. You know, what Trump ran on. Not pro or con, just the mechanism and probable consequences.

  4. What I wonder with all the media talk about the lying tyrant Pres. Trump, whose election has totally f-ed up (their venacular) our country, because insane Big Brother plans to curtail all our rights and turn back minority rights, have a Constitutional crisis a day, and start WWIII, etc…etc… what happens if someone decides to save the nation by taking shot at the president?

    I haven’t ever seen professional journalists openly argue that we are dealing with such a madman now that appeals to their professionalism is akin to succoring an occuping regime. It’s a cultural elite full of Birthers.

    So whose fault will it be if Pres. Trump is attacked? Talk Radio? Fox News?

    Oh. they would blame Trump for his own assassination, no doubt, but how long would that make sense?

    • i’m sure enough people have been whipped up into a “for the good of the country” frame of mind” there will be attempts. The fact that a Secret Service Agent tweeted she wouldn’t take a bullet for him doesn’t help. What a dishonor to women in that job the fool is.

      • How could she have tweeted that rather than just going ahead and resigning?

        I’m not sworn to protect anyone, but I can honestly say that if some anarchist rioter on the street was being threatened with a gun, I wouldn’t just sit back and let him be murdered without trying to intervene somehow.

        I wasn’t raised like THAT.

        Hers is a disgraceful dereliction of duty and morality.

        It’s revealing that if she had said this about Pres. Obama she would have been called a racist, her identity revealed, and excoriated in every medium for days.

        However, since the dynamic of race doesn’t exist here, there are no words…racist…sexist…nationalist… or prevailing ethos that carries the same sort of opprobrium. Therefore the gravity of what she conveyed is lessened as well.

        In fact, her gender works to mediate her dearth of character by suggesting a gender-based grievance would mitigate her dereliction. The political construct makes it reasonable.

        Our politics have become a counterfeit moral standard. In order to feel outrage now there must be some infringement to those dictates.

        Politics as religion is why compromise is impossible. I was recently amazed when after actress Nicole Kidman was roughed up for the innocuous sentiment of saying Trump was democratically elected, let’s get on with it….that in being briefly interviewed about her misstep of not taking the direness of the election as seriously as she should, she was asked about her position on gay marriage!

        She affirmed her support gay unions ringingly. Had she in any way prevaricated (perhaps because she was raised Catholic…or that she didn’t wish to discuss the matter…etc…) in answering or in not answering what is logically an incongruent question as to what she had said about the election, she would be done. DONE.

        This is where we are now. Our imaginations and our ability to feel now limited by our political constructs, rather than challenged by a limitless and loving creator or even a sense of humanity outside the fetters of modern trope. All things mediated uand justified through that prism alone.

        From the bottom to the top of society there’s no telling what we’re capable of doing or not doing now in this narrow little regime.

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 FTV Zucker punch: Trump + Fake News = ‘Brian Stelter peeing himself.’

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