Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Spicer
  • Reliable Sources videos: Trump declares war; Brian Fallon; 50 questions.
  • CNN refused to air Spicer briefing: press’s role ‘different under Trump‘.
  • Special Report videos: Reactions to and Trump
  • Mild mannered F&F host ‘Shut up and do some work.’
  • Clean sweep: FNC inauguration coverage #1, tops cable and broadcast.
  • Concha: CNNer likens rioters to Boston Tea PartyF-bombs fly at march.
  • Video: give their takes on Trump’s inaugural address.
  • Paskin: CNN couldn’t hide its ‘deep anxiety‘ over Trump’s dystopic vision.
  • Chu: CNN charges against Crowley a ‘heavily exaggerated, political hit-job‘.
  • Fox contributors no longer: Will, Dash, Ed Rollins, Cal Thomas, Marvin Kalb.
  • Your Buzz videos: Jim bringing
  • Zurawik: TV’s winning formula for the inauguration.  Sunday talkers: preview.

125 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Fox contributors no longer: Will.
    Will is right, and BOR’s response to Will was Trumpean in his emotional illogical tirade.

    • Megyn & Will gone

      Hume & Perino joined the bubble…less critical of Trump.

      How long can FNC rebut charge they are now Trump TV?

      Great for the regular viewers (and the ratings)…but you have to wonder how Murdock and son’s will feel as the criticism is bound to continue and even increase.

      • Oh, great. Creepy Clown is back.

        You would think that with a media that loathes Pres. Trump both personally and politically, to the tune of calling him Hitler on the air, likening his child to a budding mass murderer, and his son-in-law to a revenge driven Dr. Evil/Robber Barron, that “less critical” would be a little relative at this point.

        You have all these other channels ready and willing to rip to shreds their own traditions under the premise that the fate of our nation hangs in the balance, and to do it while justifying themselves with a grandiosity AND pettiness that would have likely made Alinsky and Lenin uncomfortable.

        Sure it’s a question now of which entity is going to be more self-indulgent, the media or the Trump Administration, but surely you could follow all those other channels,…and that’s all the rest of them,…and get your fill of lefty logic and open-mindedness.

        Or not.

        • I’m told SNL ended another scathing anti-Trump episode with a dead serious two cast members singing THANK YOU to a stately portrait of Obama. I’m told that, not a witness. Hardly an island in the vast ocean of television where Trump get anything close to a fair shake, yet the nutcases are still not content.

          • That this is an accurate summation of who they can credit for their liberal political fortunes is an irony these geniuses miss.

        • All the media including fns and the posters here will soon hate Chump the crony capitalist. Having Chump say what you want to hear no matter how stupid are the words of a wh@re. Oh baby, i love you, you make me feel so good. MT is a deranged creepy clown, but at least he is not got a brown nose like all the Chumpettes. Oh he believes in god now, lower taxes too. ok, sure. you all believe because you wish, not because of the reality star’s real ability or even what he says. you just ignore his BS and pretend he loves something other than himself. HA!

          • I have a feeling that the rest us here share a wee little patch of common ground with Michael T, just as you say you do.

            We’re all thinking ‘who is HE calling deranged’ right along with him.

          • Nixon is referring to me.

            No apologies George. I come here (mostly) to discuss — not to start arguments.

            I save my more harsh or partisan criticisms of Donald Trump and a few shows and hosts (e.g., Bolling & Hannity) on Fox News for Twitter — mostly with people I want to discuss or share my similar views with.

            If that makes me a two-faced backstabber, so be it. Mostly Here at J$P I try to bounce views off others and solicit opinions about cable news. It doesn’t always work. Some are too often lurching and ready to pounce. 🙂

          • Left me for dead in the desert looking like a Chicago Cutlery butcher block, but rescued by Nixon. That’s when I decided to wear a mask and reopened pa Kelly’s old silver mine to do some reloading.

        • Good points.

          One small example of what my concern is:
          • MSNBC didn’t do a very good job exposing the warts as well as the benefits of Obamacare.
          • My concern is that when you have a news channel so biased as both MSNBC and FNC are your viewers will get a biased mostly uncritical portrayal of Trump’s trade policies and his ultimate tax plan.

          Will Fox News be as critical as they need to be like NRO and the WSJ have been about some Trump issues?

          Perhaps they will. Let’s hope so.

          • Comparing MSLSD and FNS is like comparing a homeless occupy guy to a functional human being. Nothing in common other than arms, legs etc.

          • I dont agree with you at all about the media exposing the warts in the ACA.

            “The Lie of the Year” in which videos of ACA architect Jonathan Guber was caught several times laughing at his subterfuge in misrepresenting the policy’s particulars was discovered by a conservative organization.

            The media spent little time on ACA coverage other than to cheerlead it.

            “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” says the MIT economist who helped write Obamacare. “And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.”


            Had the media bothered to truly look into the matter rather than worrying about criticism giving aid to opponents of the plan, they would have seen the subterfuge among those formulating the policy, and the disorganization, ineptitude, and infighting going on among those contracted with rolling out the technical framework of enrollment.

            As it was, it was a disaster that no president other than the first black one could have emerged relatively unscathed. Particularly. when said president had told the senate committee that he had done his job in proposing it, so it was up to them to write it.

            After the technical problems, the ever-handsoff-president repeated that mantra by saying that the rollout part hadn’t been his job either.

            Had the media researched and investigated the program, it might have lit a fire that saved the plan from the problems that occurred.

            ALL the media dislike that aspect of journalism now. It doesn’t garner ratings, it’s easier and more fun to focus on gaffs and character assassination.

            There will be an increased appetite for investigation now that a Republican is in office, and one they particularly loathe.

            Donald Trump may herald the return of journalism.

            This last election has shown how out of touch the MSM is with a large swath of the country. A bubble that would be made all the more apparent and alarming if even 50% of the hinterland folks they designated as Hillary supporters had been spouting the vicissitudes of Fake News…

            Stop worrying about people not watching CBS, or CNN, or reading the New York Times. You’re going to have your hands full gaging whether all these media outlets are playing you via their varying interest in the whole story, nuance, or a less than realistic tone and tenor in their approach to particular things.

            You’ve got more than enough on your plate, if you’ve a mind to worrying about a monolithic cultural collective, rather than two you deem as outliers.

          • “I dont agree with you at all about the media exposing the warts in the ACA.”

            But I didn’t say that. What I said was because of MSNBC’s bias they didn’t scrutinize it as much as I would have liked.

          • Some less so than others.

            But let’s not get off topic. The issue I was raising was how cable news bias can impact coverage, misleading their viewers.

            I just picked ACA coverage at random as the first example that popped in my head. A better example may have been the MSNBC coverage of Ferguson where even Joe Scarborough criticized his own network for biased coverage.

            Sorry I wasn’t more precise.

          • And you had an entire panel on CNN raising their hands in the bogus “stop don’t shoot” meme.

            You had tons of outrage and editorials within the MSM citing leaked unsubstantiated eyewitness reports against a police officier.

            Reports that were debunked by the Obama DoJ. The same report stated that they could find no evidence of wrongdoing committed by the officier.

            How many groups and liberal media members are still citing that fake news?

            Same wuth the coverage of the Trayvon Martin spectacle where the prosecution’s own witnesses undermined its case.

            The hoodie memes still prevail within the MSM.

          • OCT 25, 2015 Face the Nation transcript:
            “He (Comey) suggested that police across the country may be more reluctant to crack down on crime because of what is the so-called Ferguson effect, named after the Michael Brown murder in Ferguson, Missouri.”- John Dickerson

          • i dug out the quote so others would not have to. This after the DOJ report exonerating the officer?
            DICKERSON: Let me ask you this.

            Governor of New Jersey, you deal with police and crime issues. FBI Director James Comey said something interesting. He suggested that police across the country may be more reluctant to crack down on crime because of what is the so-called Ferguson effect, named after the Michael Brown murder in Ferguson, Missouri. Do you see any of that in New Jersey, that reticence, because it’s now become such a politicized issue?

            CHRISTIE: I don’t see it in New Jerse

  2. Paskin: CNN couldn’t hide its ‘deep anxiety‘ over Trump’s dystopic vision.
    Interestly before the end of Odummy among the sanders people the word dystopian and all it’s word endings suddenly became popular. Where was this word when the chaotic welfare state was built and designed to replace families with the state?

  3. Someone forgot to tell Ed Rollins that he is no longer a Fox contributer. He is scheduled for Maria’s show tomorrow. Will he be given the hook?

  4. The loss of Will is the loss of wisdom and logic, just because he was ardently against Trump? That may seem like a winning formula in the short run but not in the long sequence of events that will unfold now.

    • The last time I saw Will it was on Fox News Sunday. He looked tired, he sounded old, his voice had a weak, uncertain quality to it. I thought how much he had changed since the guy who used to spar with Sam Donaldson. He definitely was not the incisive presence he once was. I’m going to suggest the failure to renew his contract may well be simply because his fast ball isn’t what it used to be.

  5. MSNBC and CNN are both giving a lot of air time to the Women’s March (while several of their female reporters were wearing pink). I was planning on asking if anyone knew if FNC was covering the march at all when I saw a short report on FOX about the rallies.
    Kristen Welker was one of the females on MSNBC wearing a pink scarf while anchoring earlier. She has changed the pink scarf for a non-pink one.

      • IMO, Van Jones [or Sean Hannity or Joy Reid] is not a reporter, so that doesn’t bother me. I sent emails to both MSNBC and CNN asking why they had reporters wearing pink.

      • I don’t get my nose too out of joint over contributors playing in politics outside their tv jobs, because they are hired to take positions and defense/oppose candidates. However the Van Jones thing is a little touchy because CNN brags ‘we don’t do opinion’. So what is an opinion contributor doing hosting a news show?

        The other angle on it is that a certain News Hound liar decided to make a big stink out of Pete Hegseth doing a segment on F&F (an opinion show) where he’s interviewing a bunch of voters and allegedly letting them do or leading them in a cheer for Trump. Well he’s an opinion guy who supports Trump, that’s no big deal. But the News Hounds lie that he’s a host (he was simply doing a segment from a remote location, he was not hosting the show) and then use that to justify Rachel Maddow anchoring inauguration coverage (which is supposed to be news coverage, not Rachel’s free-association all-night opinion fest).

        So I don’t mind giving Van a little jazz. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to the Niagara of lies from your friends and mine, The News Hounds.

        PS No Pete Hegseth is not a host on the weekend edition either. He’s one of several people rotating in the third chair until a permanent host is found. As it stands Fox & Friends Weekend has two permanent hosts–neither of whom was a Trump supporter.

    • Those awful Tea Party folks, male or female, only got utter disrespect and marginalization from the MSM.

      Hello, Pres. Trump.

  6. Wow….the disgraced racist newshounds lackeys sure are upset about Fox News coverage of the woman march………not that they aren’t covering it……even they wouldn’t try that huge of a lie…….but that they aren’t covering it earlier in each hour……….funny how they dont seem upset to see a CNN host speaking at the event billed as a Trump protest march.


  7. Oh yea…..cant stand Trump….but I love his Press Sec…………..media complaining about whether he telling the truth about crowd size….ignored the fact that he called them out for their lies.

    CNN didnt even show it.


    • Generally it’s good to have proof when you’re calling folks out for something.

      It’s unfathomable to me why Pres. Trump would take any good feeling that there was in the media about his obvious closeness with his children and the beauty of our traditions, and throw it away on such an issue.

      I think most of his supporters want him to push back on media liberal advocacy, deceit, and partisan ill-will. However, they do expect that there be a sense of proportion and timing.

      This press conference was stupid.

      • Well I was referring to the part about the MLK bust NOT the crowd size….which is dumb on Trump’s part……but I do think the media harping on it for two days is also dumb.

        I guess I missed the good will he was getting from the media. I wanted press briefings like that during the last 4 admins……….so no matter what I think about Trump I hope they fight back. I hope every time a reporter uses his question to get get his 15min of fame…….I hope they fight back…..with the media favorability rating what it is…..how can they lose?

        If the media publishes something untrue about the admin…….they should be shamed……..I begged the Obama admin to do that…….they never did.

  8. WATER’S WORLD started out pretty funny with acknowledgement his parents and other family members were marching today. Then he interviewed marcher’s with usual hilarity.

    • Below is a quote from a column on Wonkette in 2011 in response to a poem that someone had written in honor of Trig Palin.

      “Oh little boy, what are you dreaming about? What’s he dreaming about? Nothing. He’s retarded.”

  9. Madonna wants to “bomb the White House” but conceded it would do no good. Secret Service breathed a sigh of relief.

  10. Anyone know what happened with Beckle?

    Did FOX call Beckle to return or did he call FOX asking to return? ? ? ?

    • Always hard for me to know when bob’s joking or not…..but……He’s made comments about his health and addiction…………from his attitude IMHO he’s clean and he’s lost a large amount of weight. Fox didnt want to let him go….they said so at the time…..Id say he asked to come back and proved he was clean and Fox said yes….I’m guessing CNN was letting him go after the election like Fox did with people this week so he need a job.

      I’m happy to have him back….I have started watching the 5 again.

  11. Wait……I missed this:

    CNN Reminds Employees They Can’t Participate in Women’s Marches

    Yet Van Jones not only participated he was a speaker…..and CNN punishes him in 3….2….oh silly me that won’t happen……….they will do nothing.

    Also this is hilarious……

    Fmr. Clinton Spokesman: Spicer Should’ve Resigned Rather Than Lie for Trump

    except theres this from last year
    Clinton Spokesman Blatantly Lies to Explain Why Clinton Blatantly Lied

    • If the “policy announcement” was designed to draw away a lot of coverage from the women’s march, it worked.

    • Good catch.

      Van Jones sure looks like an “employee” since he hosted a Trump election special on CNN.

      But the only hits I get with Google still show him as a “contributor” — which may have likely excluded him from the CNN dictum not to participate in the women’s marches.

      [Head scratch]

        • Not necessarily.

          You could be right OR it could be a contract assignment.

          Nowhere on the Internet — that I could find — was he referred to other than as a “contributor.”

          • Okay..fair enough.

            But I would hope PBS would not hold documentarian Ken Burns (who also got a paycheck) to the same stringent standards as NPR did when they fired Juan Williams.

  12. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 cable and broadcast
    4 different under Trump
    3 political hit-job
    2 unloads on Trump
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Fox contributors no longer: Will, Dash, Ed Rollins, Cal Thomas, Marvin Kalb.

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