Friday Links and Open Thread

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  1. MSNBC goes to Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams, Chris Matthews, and Eugene Robinson and within three seconds theyre snarking.

    • worse than Maddow saying Trump was “Hitler on the rise” to was Matthews watching Trumps’s family walking to the White House and offering the thought that “why do they remind me of the Romanovs?”.

  2. barry and joe just ate the canary, what smiles. he said, i glued all the key boards, the other,. moochelle has 2 suitcases of dinning silver already packed and gone.

  3. Anyone that can’t find a way or a place to live in his own country should have the decency to not troll the transition of power of today’s great day in this great county, at this great sire.

    • hey brown noser, i don’t care what you call qualification. you promised to not talk to me. so who is the troll lonely old man?

      • Back home so having supper tonight with ten of my extended family. Last night watched my partner’s son’s wrestling team defeat the 25th ranked team in the nation. Happiest I’ve ever been in my life. Blessed beyond belief.

  4. Watched INAUGURAL on CBS as they were quiet throughout the coverage and had the least amount of junk at the bottom of the screen. After Trump’s speech, Scott Pelley, and Gayle King are furious with it. Other two, not so much. I loved it!

        • He was probably giving the same gesture out of the window. Instead of going to Rancho Mirage, he ought to be going to Leavenworth.

          • no matter how bad Odummy or HRC were it does not improve chump at all. Conservative is not relative. Having a crony capitalist liar is no better than having a crony public sector liar.

          • Herself blurted out nuclear secrets during a debate, a crime that could’ve gotten anybody else twenty years to life in a Federal prison. That I cannot, nor will not, forgive. Anybody would’ve been better, anybody.

          • i don’t agree that anyone would be better but she is horrible. counting on that for gridlock may look pretty good after we embark on reality tv island.

  5. Post speech, Chris Wallace and Charles K. get in argument about the nature of America First part of Trump’s speech. Rare that Charles is gotten the better of, but Chris pressed the point and succeeded.

    • Anyone think Trump’s speech didn’t have Steve Bannon’s influence all over it? (Perhaps Steve even wrote parts of it.)

  6. What I learned from twitter today:

    If you say you liked Melania’s dress, you are ‘a biased Trumper’.

    Pay attention to these nuggets of genius. There will be a quiz.

    • You’d have to be blind not to like Melania’s dress or not to recognize that almost no one could look that splendid in it.

      • Looking at the pictures this morning of the inaugural proceeding, have to say that you could put Nicole Kidman in Mrs. Trump’s powder blue dress and she would look pretty and buttoned-up.

        Because of the density of the fabric and the dress structure, people would comment on how ladylike Kidman looked. How graceful.

        Yet Melania looks like a freaking goddess in it. All the above and vaVoom!

        Her slightly mused hairstyle is the perfect contrast too.

        Okay, I’ll shut up now. This was to Homemaker, Carol, and MaryPage.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 not to march
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    3 Why do you lie
    2 warning shot
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Guess who wasn’t invited to the DeploraBall?

  8. I see George Will TRENDING on Twitter

    It was about TRUMP’s dreadful speech! LOL

    but then I see Michael Moynihan say his FOX contract wasn’t renewed

    Woot! Woot! Payback for being WRONG & anti TRUMP ? ? ?

    • Trading Will for the toe licker is about the same as getting a self absorbed reality star pretending to be president instead of a conservative. Just a role to play, don’t you know. Fox pins it’s fortunes to a failed president is like MSLSD kissing Obama’s butt. Tie your fortunes to a poser, you deserve what you get.

      • TRUMP saved the Republican Party! We saved the Supreme Court from going Liberal for 30+ years!! Hillary would’ve legalized illegals & say goodbye to the Republican Party ever winning any type of Election again!
        You think Cruz, Rubio, Jeb or Kasich could’ve won PA, MI or WI? LOL, Beggars can’t be Choosers, TRUMP was the best we had!

        • we can agree to disagree and see what the future holds. … and yes i think Kasich could have won wisc and mich and done a much better job. Hillary would not have gotten a single appointment through. it is trump v gridlock, not trump vs HRC. she would have been neutered quickly. Hopefully nothing Chump said in his speech for dummies will come to pass.

          • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Kasich only won his freaking Home State!!!

            I’m just glad the Republican party didn’t listen to people like George Will, Bill Kristol, Erik Erickson

            Sure TRUMP isn’t 100% Conservative but he’s Conservative in mostly all the important stuff as opposed to Hillary who might be 5% Conservative compared to TRUMP’s 70%

            Let’s burn down the whole Party cause of that 30% & get stuck with Hillary & 30+ years of The Supreme Court, who the hell knows what kind of destruction they could’ve done!!

            Republicans were smart & came home, TRUMP got 90% of their Vote & 90% of the Women’s vote!!! Phewwwwww!!!!

            We avoided a total DISASTER!!!!

          • The Trump people knew that because of the demographic change, they had to focus on winning particular blue states for the Electorial College.

            The Clinton Camp–smug, bolstered by the establishment class and the media, thought they had it in the bag and took the Rust Belt states for granted.

            There’s a lesson in that though for Pres. Trump. For all the philosophizing the media does about the racial chauvinism of the white working class, they do not reliably vote their ethnic-identity-politics block, as other racial groups do.

            That was of benefit to both Presidents Obama and Trump.

          • I was sooooo nervous on Election night!

            Virginia was looking GREAT for TRUMP then he lost it & I was almost freaking out until I found out about the NYTimes State polling! At the bottom of the page, they had the probability of TRUMP or Hillary winning the State & ALL 3 BLUE States had at that time TRUMP with a 70+% probability of winning the State!!!!

            NYTimes saved me from having a heart attack!!! MI, WI & PA were all looking GREAT for TRUMP!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I was saved by the NYTimes!!!!!! ? ? ?

          • As a lifetime NRA member, my sights were (figurative) on the Supreme Court and a replacement of at least two judges. i felt a huge relief when Trump won.

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