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  1. Megyn has to be worried w/Tucker’s success and Greta’s struggles.
    Has any ex-Fox host found success equal to what they had at Fox?

    She’s kidding herself if she thinks Lauer and Guthrie are going to be doing
    her any favors once she lands at NBC.

  2. So Lawrence O’Donnell bought a video of a high school
    girl whopping a high school boy.

    Did he think that Allah suspended the laws of physics and biology for her?

  3. WOW………….the new press sec….really shut down….. that biased msnbc/nbc reporter………I might dislike his boss…..but i think i’m going to like this guy……That may be her last question ever………and I didnt hear him call on a CNN reporter…..but they didnt all give who they worked for so I could be wrong…..that’s gotta hurt.

    The poor biased MSNBC reporter is whining on MSNBC. No wonder she’s a disgraced racist stooges favorite.

  4. Twitter liar: Fox gave considerable airtime to the birther nuts, including on O’Reilly’s show.

    Note: No names of the birther nuts are provided, nor stats on the ‘considerable time’ O’Reilly gave them.

    Truth: O’Reilly hated the birthers, always did, and said so. I’m not aware of any FNC host who claimed Obama wasn’t born in the US or that birtherism was true. Let alone giving birthers ‘considerable time’ on the air.

    Sometimes I think I should do a regular daily thing on Today’s Fox-hater lie. OTOH I would end up spending hours every day sorting through them all to pick the winner.

    • This is true of O’Reilly. He did not seek to promote birtherism and seemed generally disdainful of the tactic. The most that can be said in this regard is that he gave Trump, who was a birther if not the leading popular figure in the movement, ample time. But I don’t recall him giving Trump opportunities to promote it on his show. There is evidence that Trump was allowed to promote birther claims unchallenged on “Fox & Friends” and “Hannity”. Hannity played it a bit passive during the height of birther claims, not really committing. Eric Bolling stated that there were legitimate questions as to whether Obama was allowed to be president.

      I never read The Daily Caller with any regularity. There are accusations that Tucker Carlson heavily promoted birther stuff there before he became a Fox News host. I don’t necessarily doubt it, and he doesn’t seek to deny it when this comes up, but I’m not going to comb through their archives on a quest to find silly birther stories.

      • so you agree

        “Fox gave considerable airtime to the birther nuts, including on O’Reilly’s show.”

        is a lie then right?

        Tucker didnt work for Fox while at caller
        Hannity & Bolling a bit passive…..which is far from giving it considerable air time now isnt it.
        F&F letting Trump talk isnt agreeing with him either……..unless you know something we dont?

        • I agreed that this mischaracterizies O’Reilly for sure, to my knowledge. The rest is a bit muddled and while you seem unwilling to concede anything, I’m trying to be specific and fair. Allowing a guest to promote views without any rebuttal or challenge would be giving airtime and support to them. I stated that Bolling came the closest to endorsing it among hosts. Hannity defended birthers a couple times and provided some airtime, but did not endorse the theories as far as I know.

          • OK……you dont seem to be saying that any of them:

            “gave considerable airtime to the birther nuts, including on O’Reilly’s show.”

            so……somebody who said that was lying right? if it’s “muddled how can it be considerable anything?

            Can you show me where any of them gave “considerable airtime to the birther nuts”? If not….seems pretty clear that that statement MUST be a lie…..if it was so considerable……shouldn’t be hard to prove now should it?

          • Bolling was never a host on FNC until The Five, and having watched it since the first show all I can say is he never endorsed the birther business on The Five. And since The Five is a panel show and doesn’t book guests, I don’t see how Bolling could possibly even deserve a mention.

            As for Trump, just when did he take considerable time to promote birtherism on F&F? That’s another example of ‘considerable air time’ I’m having difficulty recalling. Even if he talked about it for the full segment (which is another thing that somehow doesn’t exactly spring to mind) he got about 5 minutes a week on a 3-hour show. 5 minutes a week isn’t ‘considerable air time’ on a 1-hour show, let alone a 3-hour show.

            The Fox/birther thing is a lie that’s been cited for years. I’ve debunked it on this site on occasion and I thought it was dead. But somehow even the most disreputable lies find disreputable liars to bring them back to life.

          • Getting of the “birther” thing for a moment… I recall seeing Boling hosting one of the Saturday morning business block half hours. Could be he was just subbing. It’s been quite a few years.

          • I agree, it’s pretty muddled.

            Is it correct to say that Bill O’Reilly has had guests who at times were birthers?
            Donald Trump
            Or reluctant to criticize birthers?
            Liz Cheney
            Or who joined Pamela Gellar in criticizing Obama’s official birth? certificate?
            Eric Bolling
            Or have suggested a birther’s view “can’t be discarded”?
            Lou Dobbs
            Or those like Gov. Huckabee who while not a birther per se, did spend some time on false narrative that Obama was raised in Kenya?

            Where it gets muddled is I find no evidence that any of these guests while on Mr. Bill’s show spoke about Obama’s legitimacy based on where he was born or raised. They must have known Bill was not a fan of birtherism.

            But if you were to take the other sides POV — yes Bill O’Reilly did have guests who had been associated in some way with the birther movement.

            So strictly speaking it was correct for Laura (aka “stooge”) to tweet:
            “Fox gave considerable airtime to the birther nuts, including on O’Reilly’s show.”

            But the other side will argue that this is misleading because they did not speak about birtherism during the time they were on his show.

          • In April 2011, Fox’s Follow The Money host Eric Bolling (on Fox Business) questioned the validity of the released birth certificate, stating, “You have to ask the question, has this been photoshopped?”

            So I think it is not a fabrications for you to write, “That Bolling came the closest” — even if it was on Fox Business and not Fox News.

            But I also cannot disagree with Johnny that Bolling may have never discussed the birther issue on FNC. Only on FBN apparently.

            So why am I bringing this up a month later?
            It’s because I’m weird.
            Seriously though, it’s because when I saw the comment thread I distinctly recall seeing a screenshot or a video of Eric Bolling holding up a large copy of Obama’s birth certificate — but until this morning when researching something unrelated I accidentally came across evidence of where and when I saw Bolling mentioning the birther issue.

  5. CNN is really going all out to be “the ones to watch for Fake News;” Zucker figures out an even better way to dig his network into a deeper hole!

  6. This got deleted in an awful hurry…

    @IceManNYR 2h2 hours ago
    @sdmike1974 You think that disgraced Trumper stooge is ever going to admit his Twitter account is his and stop lying about it?

    • yes….but not before I did a screen print..Cant even be a man with his lies now I guess………still lying about me for some VERY strange reason in his obsession………..did you see where the disgraced racist stooge is claiming Trumps hurting for people to come to the inauguration he has to give away tickets…..but to dumb to realize they are commemorative tickets…….the public doesn’t need tickets…..and never has…….no wonder his few poor followers are so misinformed…….just proves even the ad’s at the disgraced newshounds can’t be trusted.

      Earlier in the week he claimed Trump RT a account that never made a tweet……..but of course that was a lie…….after threats the guy erased ALL of his tweets…..but facts dont matter to a newshound “writer”.


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    1 Zucker play: CNN reporter covering DoJ…is Valerie Jarrett’s daughter!

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