Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Tucker Carlson-Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Martha MacCallum 7pm bow a knockout, tops MSNBCNN combined.
  • New Pew: Fox top source for voters…FNC 19% CNN 13% MSNBC 5%.
  • Katz: Guide to tv Inauguration coverage.  Anna Kooiman resurfaces.
  • Concha: The rise of Tucker Carlson, and the fall of Greta van Susteren.
  • Greta responds to fans:  Same show, same me, just a different channel.
  • Factor video: on reactions to Trump.  Q&A: Van Jones.
  • Fox News re-ups, expands leases; plans new state-of-the-art newsroom.
  • Sunday Showdown: MediaBuzz tops Reliable Sources.  Weekend numbers.
  • Ellison:  Latest Megyn Kelly specularama sees her as the next Matt Lauer.
  • Sincerest form of flattery: Katy Tur anchors show on Trump first 100 days.
  • Don Lemon’s condo goes for nearly $1 million.  Bret’s inauguration playlist.
  • Videos: Jake Tapper with Seth Meyers Q&A: Jeff Zucker.

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    • I avoid Chicago. Only times I’ve been there in the last 10 years was changing trains at Union Station. Didn’t spend much; waiting room coffee was free.

      • I hang in a neighborhood where the old, refurbished houses are about a yard apart and sell for about a mill a piece. Can walk the dog for blocks and not have a worry. That is if I do my duty and pick up the poop. Many have security alarms it seems, and neighborhood watch signs are everywhere. Trying to find a place to park is an adventure. The ELEVATED station about three blocks away. If I lived there, I wouldn’t own a car.

      • Thirty years ago, I remember mingling in a mostly black crowd at a Grant Park festival and thinking nothing of it. Not today.

  1. Missing plane search ended after three years. Proposed CNN series hosted by Don Lemon and Steven Hawking scrapped.

  2. Watching the hearing this morning……can’t stand any more……Franken was upset he won’t get another chance to ask questions…..however during his round……..he spent most of his time NOT asking any questions…….I think he asked one early on…….but when he complained at the end he wasn’t going to have another round to ask questions I actually laughed out loud and scared the cat.

  3. Pick out a celebrity that is trashing anyone performing at Trump inauguration, and I’ll find where they spoke out against bullying.

  4. Katy Tur comes from a family of journalists, and then there in that mix was Olbermann.

    That said, Tur seems to have paid some dues, at least in the way that wasn’t the case for Ronan, Luke Russert, and even young Peter Doocy.

    Tur has put herself out there. She’s worked small potato stuff on the streets and on the unglamorous Weather Channel.

    Yet Katy Tur is flat. She’s one-note. She’s tinged with a plaintiveness that comes with a generation reared with a quasi-religious set of human prerogatives that substitute for moral principle. It’s a vague bitterness at an uncooperative world that doesn’t know what’s best for it.

    Contrast that with Doocy who was served up a career almost as autocratically as young Russert. He possesses an undeniable talent in the way the others simply do not. Not just talent and instinct, but a wryness and sense of irony that transcends their rigid unrealistic notion of human nature and which serves as a form of experience.

    Cursed with all the narrow mindedness of his cohort, Doocy still manages to report on Donald Trump and on politics in general with an old style manner that is at once jaundiced, irreverent AND equanimous.

    All characteristics frequently seen in reporters of yore, but now scarce as hen’s teeth.

  5. Katy’s show will be different in that you can expect 100 days of badmouthing only else available from CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NEWSWEEK, TIME, PBS, NPR, CNN, ABC, THE YOUNG TURKS, and from the public access channel in Nicaragua.

  6. Tucker Carson as the “it” guy? I can think of ten Fox personalities I would rather watch. Never been a fan of his over the years. Still aren’t.

  7. Listened to Obama’s final press conference today, and he laid out three areas of concern in which we could expect to hear his voice again:
    1) actions that disenfranchise minorities
    2) any deportation of “dreamers”
    3) muzzling of the press
    but he would be quiet on policy issues like global warming, trade, taxation, etc.
    Let’s see if he sticks to it.

  8. today’s most popular links:
    5 responds to fans
    4 the next Matt Lauer
    3 expands leases
    2 rise of Tucker Carlson
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Anna Kooiman resurfaces.

  9. Hey, Bill and Eric, the reason President Obama “dodged [Ding!]” is because he didn’t want to upset those 66 reps who all support him. I know you’re ticked off, but tough. His response that he and Michelle will be there satisfied me. It should satisfy you, too.

    This nitpick aggravated so much that I gave up on the rest of the show. Not even Dennis Miller will get me to come back for the rest of the show. Sorry he dodged, but he dodged. The end!

    • Biggest dodge i saw today was Pence responding to Bair.
      BB: What the hell does “insurance for everyone” mean?
      Pence: “Well like we said in the campaign…list talking points that does not equate insurance for anyone”
      no follow up.
      lot of people would like to know what the hell he is talking about. maybe a mind melding koolader could help but there no words on the topic that are coherent.

  10. These are the facts. Solve the mystery.
    1) 66 House of Representatives are boycotting the inauguration.
    2) ZERO Senators are boycotting
    3) House members elected by district within a state.
    4) Senators elected statewide.
    6) Courage is inversely proportional to the percentage of votes you might lose.

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