Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Tucker Carlson-Sean Hannity-Eric O’Bolling 1-2-3.
  • Video: Judge Napolitano tells Shep about his
  • Out# video: Are the boycotting Dems actually
  • Super Bowl on Fox means O’Reilly to interview Trump.  Instant O’Whine.
  • Video: Tucker grills DNC contender  Bret Baier in Naples.
  • The Cable Game: CNN rallies to Jim Acosta’s defense, but there’s a catch.
  • CNN signs contributors David Fahrenthold et al.   Will AT&T sell off CNN?
  • Rothstein: Stelter bullied on twitter, seeks pity.  CNN wins award for beer.
  • CNN previews comedy series at Sundance fest.  Cablers converge in Davos.
  • Maddow to reinvent her show for the Trump era.  Today’s Wemple O’Whine.

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  1. Re: Steinberg

    Well, you know Maddow is just such a sophisticated truthseeker.

    You have no idea. She’s simultaneously weirded out by Trump being in doubt of the unambiguous nature of Comey and the NSA and the CIA, while being weirded out by Comey as it relates to his treatment of HRC.

    It’s quite the accomplishment to know when to be weirded out and when to take trusted third party, non Intelligence Community investigations into DNC hacks as sacrosanct because Comey says they are, while also saying the DNC wouldn’t let the FBI look at their computers, and the DNC replying that the FBI never asked them to do that.

    It’s way above the rest of our pay grades…this stuff.. and we’re so lucky to have the conclusions of our media guild that the FBI and the CIA are right up until the time that the Maddow and Democrats say they aren’t right.

    Let’s leave it to our betters, folks. Let’s not differentiate from that eternal MSM message.

    • Perhaps Maddow is simply weirded out about everything in general. They have medicine for that.

  2. For the first time in a long time, I read the O’Whine. For those that don’t have the will to read it, Erik used Mr. Bill’s vow not to have blind ideologues on anymore to point out that he pins criticism of him on far-left [synonyms]. You sure showed him, Mr. W.

    • There are some stories and partisans that should be above that “law”, and one i will state is Michelle Malkin. This is a smart lady, a good writer, good journo skills that has spent 8 years in purgatory. She was sent there way before Sheryl Atkinson, who is another good one. So go very easy with the Idealouges Branding, that way bodes badly for all people and all ideas, its a slippery brick road, with oil on it, then snow on top

  3. Re: “Super Bowl on Big Fox means an O’Reilly interview with President Trump”: I was certain that Bret Baier or Chris Wallace would conduct the interview this time. Instead, Fox is sticking with Bill. So, whereas the O’Reilly haters complained that he was too tough on President Obama ahead of Super Bowl XLV and XLVIII, they will complain that he’s still (as during the campaign) too easy on President Trump. I’m not saying they were, or will be, right; I’m just predicting their reaction.

    • do not doubt your prediction. However have to note BOR has been pretty dismissive of a lot of trumpean thought and i have heard him deliver it directly. So fox is serving no softballs. Just guessing, he could start with “Just what the hell does “”everybody have insurance”” mean?”

      • I’m aware of all that. Bill is tough but fair, which is tough considering their friendship. And it’s that friendship–or, at least, acquaintanceship–that will fuel the eventual complaints.

  4. i believe i posted the same investopedia article a couple of days ago? yesterday? noted i was torn and got a stupid obscure meaningless comment for the effort. so watch out. same article i expect a similar comment.

  5. I was not a fan of the Obama interviews during SB pregames so I’ll be consistent and say I’m not a fan of Trump following suit.

    Can we have anything that is not political? Let the SB be about football.

  6. CBS THIS MORNING still giving as skewed a takedown on Donald Trump’s “feud” with THE ICON, John Lewis with as much bias as they thought they could get away with. In today’s report, did not even mention THE ICON started the ‘feud” by calling Trump an “illegitimate president”. At least at the end of the report, after professing Trumps’s plan to have an Al Jolson impersonator in blackface at the inauguration, CBS did chip in that Trump met with MLK’s kid yesterday.

    • He needs to visit my local pharmacia. I recommend the Esbelcaps made in Mexico. legal speed balls. Great for weight loss. Oh wait, lol get it weight, wait, but you live in the land of the free, you can only buy wait you are told to buy and pay a lot too. Rather Orwellian, Freedom is Control.

    • Bob is sorta halfway between almost healthy to be on camera and stumbling like hillary, it makes me sad for him. Look I know that Bob can be intelligent at times, but I think those moments are getting farther apart for him. I hope he stays ok and gets a better, both physically and mentally.

  7. Not cable related but you must all read the thread on @ChuckLane1 if you are seething at Manning’s commutation today. Ben Rhodes was in Cuba on MLK day. Thinking is that Obama will turn Guantanamo over to Cuba. Scary as hell.

    • Well, it was only state secrets Manning leaked, not something really bad that might damage the fortunes of the Democratic Party.

      • Manning’s leaks got people killed. There’s Bergdahl and Mumia Abu-Jamal still in the wings waiting for pardons/commutations.

        • Oh, I’m sure that anyone who actually caused people to die is on the pardon shortlist.

          That son-of-a-bitch Obama cannot be gone too soon.

          • i c only narcissism and self absorption. Neither obie or chump could pass a psych evaluation for a spot in the left seat of any of uncle sam’s flying vehicles. You would not take off with either. Yeah but let him hold the football. What could go wrong? worst choices in my lifetime and i was alive when wallace ran.

        • Don’t forget Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood killer. I’m sure Wonder Boy will let him out, as well.

    • Since we occupy it by treaty, the little turd would need Senate approval. Wait, what am I saying? The Constitution doesn’t apply to Lord Barry.

      • Read that if agreed upon by both signing parties treaty can be “undone”. Read it late last night-will try to find article again. Not sure of course legally if Obama could do this. But would not surprise me if he tried.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 sell off CNN?
    4 David Fahrenthold
    3 to reinvent
    2 bullied on twitter
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 The Cable Game: CNN rallies to Jim Acosta’s defense, but there’s a catch.

  9. Mannng may have gotten an Obama get-out-of-jail card, but the Army, in an action right out of Game of Thrones, plans to cut off his wanger before the card can be played.

    • Shannon Bream is taking her spot for 100 days. Then if Martha stays in evenings Shannon will probably do 9am permanently. So it’s all very iffy.

      Martha’s 7pm show is structured a lot like The Kelly File was; it’s the next best thing to having Megyn actually there.

  10. Love what Geraldo said to Tucker this evening on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” – “Donald Trump put me on TV more than Megyn Kelly ever did!” Tucker laughed and said he didn’t want to get in the middle of that!

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