Monday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: He’s baaack… to Fox News.
  • Deja vu all over again: Bob Beckel returns to Fox News and The Five.
  • Q&A:  Abby Huntsman on her move to Fox and early morning television.
  • WashTimes: CNN learns a lesson…airing fake news will earn you contempt.
  • Watson: CNN may not be fake news, but there isn’t much real about it either.
  • Video: Joe Concha slams CNN for at Trump’s presser.
  • The First 100 Days debuts tonight.  Martha MacCallum Q&A: Adweek, Fortune.
  • Monica Crowley declines Team Trump post.   David Gregory’s spiritual journey.

85 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Concha is right about CNN hogging those seats. They have less credibility than The Onion. Exhibit A:

    CNN’s Don Lemon, regarded as unreliable in his own shop after he got spectacularly drunk on camera in a New Year’s Eve broadcast from New Orleans, asks how Mr. Trump would like it if reporters dismissed him as a “fake president.” That’s exactly the verdict of the legacy media, so called, and the president-elect obviously doesn’t like it — hence his calling out CNN. Mr. Lemon is hardly the correspondent to ask the question. He’s a fan of fake news, and sometimes doesn’t recognize it when he sees the real thing.
    He watched the horrific video of four young hoodlums torturing a young man of diminished abilities, and rejected the universal verdict that the torture was what any civilized man or woman would recognize as pure evil. No, Mr. Lemon said, it was only behavior of the young deprived of good “home training.” In 2014 he solved the famous mystery of the missing Malaysian airliner, speculating that the plane probably vanished into a “black hole” in space.

    • Have tuned into Her morning show with Hemmer for years and was impressed with Her ability to ability to conduct interviews and debates. She’s a tough cookie, but not sure She has what it takes be the next FOX NEWS star. At least She has 100 days to prove Herself, I wish her luck and will watch.

  2. When the writer makes the last line the “killer” you’re glad you kept reading, “So sure, CNN—you may not report false information as egregiously as Buzzfeed, but you nonetheless kindled a fire under a “failing pile of garbage” all election season.”

  3. hey nix, i think you will find this interesting and i know you will have no prob with the Spanish. The Indians have 5 “colonos” that may or may not be alive. There are links to a bunch of stories on the topic including how it is posible that the colonos are buying Indian land and entering the sale en el registro nacional con escrituras en los nombres de colonos. cool stuff.

  4. MSNBC VIEWERS — you might want to lay a towel in font of the screen to soak up the slobber:
    (curtesy of Mike Allen) Tonight at 11, MSNBC has a one-hour special with Brian Williams, “The Obama Years,” including interviews with former Republican leader Eric Cantor; Rep. John Lewis; historians Michael Beschloss and Hasan Kwame Jeffries; and Obama alumni Adam Frankel, David Litt, David Plouffe and Tommy Vietor.

  5. The Bob Beckel news is something of a shocker. A parting on not-good terms rarely gets patched up, but there it is. This is going to cause some ferocious whiplash among the haters: Bob’s an idiot, Bob’s a great analyst, Bob’s an idiot again. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

  6. Glad Bob Beckel is back ; he was lost at the shuffle at CNN which seems to have like 100 people for this thing. And Glad he’s going to be back on the five

  7. Perhaps she’ll become a future Vice President. After all, it worked for Joe Biden. Nonetheless, I look forward to her returm to skewering the Left in print, radio and on television.

  8. Re: Watson.

    Well said.

    I was struck the other day when reading the Weekly Standard article about FusionGPS, when they reported that the “research company” was doing opposition research on high-dollar Romney contributors.

    When challenged on this, the guy who heads FusionGPS, partly justified these tactics by saying that one particular Romney donor’s stands on gay issues qualified him as fair game for this sort of treatment.

    Backroom political tactics that came with a shame factor are now justified in broad daylight. It’s as though one would be morally remiss by not engaging in them.

    When you turn traditional political/cultural/religious positions such as those on gay marriage or abortion law into stark signposts of good or evil what can’t you justify?

    How do you talk to opponents when you think like this? How can you relate at all?

    This is our problem now. It’s the emergence of an intransigent totalitarian mindset that’s frightening.

  9. Today’s most popular links:
    5 isn’t much real
    4 Abby Huntsman
    3 hogging front row seats
    2 airing fake news
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Deja vu all over again: Bob Beckel returns to Fox News and the Five.

  10. “BREAKING NEWS: @SenJohnMcCain tells me he will most likely support #Tillerson nomination after talking with him again today.”
    Martha with a scoop on her first show!

  11. I actually believed things would not start to fall apart until appointees starting leaking the back scene chaos. However Chump was able to kick himself hard today in a singular quote. “Insurance for everybody”. The SP panel seemed unanimous that Chump had no idea of what he was talking about. Well duh

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