Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: John Martha
  • Reliable Sources: Trump hostile to facts, sees press as opposition; BuzzFeed.
  • Video: Jesse Watters visits scene of brutal
  • Concha: Trump should make cable news town halls the new fireside chats.
  • The Cable Game: After one week, Greta finds herself in unfamiliar territory.
  • Martha MacCallum rises to primetime.   Chris Wallace pushes back on Shep.
  • Tucker Carlson video: Putin is far from our biggest threat.
  • Fox News contributor running for DNC chair:  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Lean Forward: Maddow, Matthews, Williams anchor inauguration on MSNBC.

69 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Shammu Greene is running for DNC chair? Maybe she and Keith Ellison could be co-chairs, a two-fer of Dimmocrat foolishness! But that won’t happen—-mooslims don’t like sharing power with wimyn of any kind, even useful idiots.

  2. I gave up on last night’s Red Eye during the third topic. There was too much obnoxiousness among the panel. The last straw was lead obnoxious panelist Mike Gunzelman confusing Switzerland with Sweden merely to make a Christopher Walken “more cowbell” joke. Before that, Gunz led a bashing of Marie Osmond on the grounds of obscurity.

  3. How long does an icon get to be a dishonest jerk and still get to be an icon? Think I’ll call Bill Cosby if anyone has his number?

    • Lewis may have done good things at one time but has now turned into a political hack. He attacked John McCain, he’s the one who said he was spit on at a Tea Party rally (never proved) and now he disses the election. Remember Andrew Breitbart offered a $10,000 reward to anyone with video evidence. No one ever came forward.
      Can you both admire the man for something he did in the past and think poorly of him now?

      • Lewis claimed people called him the “n” word. Emanuel Cleaver was the one that thought he was spit on. Both incidents were alleged by Lewis and Cleaver (and their supporters) as they entered the Capitol to vote on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). “Kill the bill!” was chanted by the protesters as representatives walked in. The man that spit on Cleaver did so unintentionally. (Say it, don’t spray it.)

  4. Maddow will say Obama had better bands in the inaugural parade. Williams will say he was on Liberty ship SS John Philip Sousa during a torpedo attack.

  5. Ringling Bros & Barnum Bailey circus says it is closing down ‘The Greatest Show on Earth,’ following a 146-year run. I guess kids today not into the circus? Maybe animal rights groups were the kiss of death? Used to be a big deal when the circus came to town.

    • It’s a shame to see them go. Remember the Clyde Beatty – Cole Bros Circus? They used to play the smaller towns.

      • I do. I think they continued to do tent shows after Ringling moved strictly to permanent venues. Half the fun was the free show watching the circus set up.

      • There was Carson & Barnes, too. They played a lot of small towns especially in Nebraska. I think I’ve only been to one circus too, and that was a Shrine Circus in Omaha.

      • In Baraboo, WI we have the Circus World Museum. This was the summer home of the circus while Sarasota,FL was the winter home. (I’ve been to both locations-beautiful art museum on the FL grounds) They have all the old circus train cars on display and do a small circus on the grounds during the summer. There used to be a Circus Parade in Milwaukee with all the beautiful circus cars as the main attraction. The Historical Society would take these cars in a trip around the state to stop in many small cities for people to see the cars before they made their way to Milwaukee. It was quite a sight to behold.
        May I suggest, if you are inclined to take a road trip to WI to take in the Circus World Museum in Baraboo and then visit the Wisconsin Dells a few short miles away. It is known for water parks but the scenery along the Wisconsin River,which is what originally brought people there, is truly beautiful.

    • Taking the elephants out of the circus is the biggest change. You can’t have a real circus without elephants, IMO.

    • He seems very good at revenge on those who he perceived had wronged him. Thank Obama humiliation of Trump at the WH Correspondent Dinner for cementing his run for office. With a new boss in town, some spooks may find him ready and willing to cross the streams.

    • Wow! Another excellent article. Thanks for linking to it. It is becoming more and more apparent how much the IC really hates Trump.

    • Thanks for linking that editorial. Excellent piece & pretty much sums up my opinions but in a much more persuasive way than I could ever do.

      • Pretty sums up liberals in general: something’s wrong with anyone not in their camp. Irrationally wrong.

  6. Liberals are all for the First Amendment until the guy from Beitbart writes a book, makes a YouTube video, or speaks at a university. All the tolerance of the Stasi.

  7. Today the derangement went to ’11’.
    This morning: Trump tweeted that SNL was lousy last night.
    A few hours later, Brian Stelter declared that tweet was an example of Trump “bullying critics”.
    No I am not making that up. Saying you don’t like a tv show makes you a bully.
    Beam me up!

    • Does me saying that Stelter looks like an unwashed chicken egg make me a bully, or just an astute observer?

    • That’s our media. Remember Palin wasnt supposed to defend herself either.

      Comedians complain about walking on eggshells now days, lest they say something politically incorrect and get the hell beaten out of them by the same people who cry “It’s a joke” now.

      Try skewering Rep. John Lewis, SNL. Since he virtually called John McCain a race baiter in 2008, parody some of Lewis’ hyperbole, and see how much tolerance there will be…because…you know he’s a public man …and humor…

      McCain’s iconic POW status means little when he’s being hit by a Democrat.

  8. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 preview
    4 Martha MacCallum
    3 running for DNC
    2 pushes back
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 The Cable Game: After one week, Greta finds herself in unfamiliar territory.

  9. John Lewis a better ICON than Joe Luis? I’ll take Joe. Avenged a white beating by returning the favor. Circumstances delivered some incredibly unfair blows in his later life. He took those punches without becoming a racist or a hater.

  10. Wallace pushes back on Shep. Wemple pushes back on Wallace, channels the anti-Goldwater with “taking his moderation to extremes.”

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