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    • This story shows everyone when John McCain has a beef with you, you better watch your back. IMO he’s a grumpy old man who should have retired and not run again. See also:Diane Feinstein, Elijah Cummings, John Conyers, and on and on.

      • True. However if the IC hadn’t made a briefing out of it, CNN wouldn’t have had a reason to blow it up.

        The other networks didn’t do that regardless of the briefing. They had been looking at it for months and knew it was flimsy as toilet paper.

        I doubt that J.Edgar Hoover would have made a move to so publicly hamstring a PEOTUS over nonsense and he had info and rumor of compromising moves as related to American officials with Hitler, Stalin, and Castro.

        This is a swamp that needs draining. I don’t know how anyone can.

      • He’s having a 8+ year hissy fit because Obama won and wasn’t picked to run in 16. McCain wants to be president, but he didn’t want to put in the work. He wouldn’t do what it took to win. Sarah Palin on the other hand, would fight to win. McCain hates fighters like Palin and Trump.

  1. Thanks once again to Joe Concha we are filled in with details no other news agency will share. The media meltdown is really something to behold.

  2. I have proof that Bob Acosta bought a vintage Gilbert chemist set on eBay to be able to analyze urine sample taken from Moscow hotel service. .

    • I’ve always suspected that The Bride of Chucky was working as an agent provocateur for the FSB (the new name for the KGB).

  3. I’ll have to break the news gently to my husband that Lockup has been cancelled.

    Other than for sports, he doesn’t watch tv much, but when ran across this MSNBC masterpiece, he savored it.

  4. If what Obama did with Cuba doesn’t show you how he truly feels about immigration and what his purpose is for it, nothing will.

    It’s pay back to immigrants who don’t vote Democratic, except that they get sent back to being put into jail or worse.


    • He’s just trying to do dirt to Trump, nothing more than that. He is leaving the White House, angry that Hillary lost. Seven more days tick, tick, tick.

      • I suppose Trump will arrive to find that Obama has cherry bombed all the White House toilets and crapped in the Oval Office.

        • Obama has already issued an executive order telling White House employees not to flush any toilets on or after January 19th. The goal is to stink up the White House and teach Trump a good lesson. I sure wouldn’t want to move into the White House on Friday evening with none of the toilets flush and the place smelling like sh!t. Loretta Lynch says it perfectly legal, and within the discretion of Obama.

    • I do not think he gives a rats rear about voters, he idolizes the Castro hold on it’s people. Parades full of world leaders have bowed to the Castros for standing up to the E.E. U. U.

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