Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Hannity-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Panel debates secret dossier
  • Shepard Smith’s crib can be yours…for $4.9 million (via FTV Live).
  • Most trusted? Megyn Kelly, say authors whose company did study.
  • CNN drops Scottie Nell Hughes; Scaramucci leaves FBN for WH gig.
  • Dean: The preposterous story of Mike Lindell, America’s pillow king.
  • Throwback Thursday video: details Obama’s War on Fox.
  • There’s a precedent for Trump’s criticisms of the media: Barack Obama!
  • FTV: It’s not Trump’s fault that people don’t trust CNN…it’s CNN’s fault!
  • Videos: on Trump presser; Buzzfeed defender.

84 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Jimbo Acosta needs to learn a little history—presidents don’t have to give regular press conferences. FDR was the first and one day when the NY Slimes correspondent started nodding off, he yelled at him “You’re here on my sufferance and when you’re here you will take notes!” DJT may decide to end this tradition, and who can honestly blame him when the Fake News Network calls themselves part of “a free and honest press?”

      • LOL.

        Honestly I thought the pillows and NSF were a gimmick and way overpriced, but my parents wanted them. I got them some and was surprised they liked so much. I am happy with my $10 pillows. I paid $80 for two at Costco, which is ridiculous, but I love to keep Mom & Dad happy.

          • Wow, it seems like the commercial is on all the time! Actually because of my parents endorsement, I may break down and buy one (and get one free! LOL )

          • i only watch hacked news and sports and since i am an expat i stream them often without ads. i have never heard of the pillow thing but there is a lot i do not hear about or miss.

          • Funny that you mention it. In Managua there is a strip of what are called “Bodega stores” They buy containers of unsellable and used or returned items, used clothing, all sorts of parts and pieces sorted on pallets. There is a stacked warehouse high section of Foreman grills and those 1 cup coffee makers.

          • I got a Foreman grill as a gift in the 90’s. I think I used it once and just got rid of (donated) about year ago. I thought why am I keeping this? I think it was after watching the Hoarders TV show that gave me the inspiration.

          • better luck selling it on the streets of
            so this pillow, what is the deal? i have serious disk issues in the neck. what have i missed?

        • I looked it up on . Reviews were evenly split between “Love It” and “Hate It”. Only a small scattering in between.

          • We love our memory foam pillows they threw in when we bought our mattress a few years ago.

            We even took them to our daughter’s, and on the way back I remembered we had left them.

            I got as far as saying, “Oh, no! We lef…” when my husband yelled, “Nooooo!!”

  2. From the article re: Shepard Smith selling his NYC condo –

    “We’re quite impressed with the anchor’s interior design skills and to see the entire fashionably-decorated abode…”

    Sorry, but no sale. Shep Smith graduated from Ole Miss (and still attends their football games regularly) and, like most men, probably has little to no design skills beyond positioning the couch across from the television. He had someone come in and design that.

  3. Axios AM: Mike’s top 10: strongly recommend signing up for a daily email from Mike Allen’s new venture.
    Today’s 10. 1 fun thing
    Taco Bell will go national Jan. 26 with a taco shell made of fried chicken, the Naked Chicken Chalupa. Tested well in Bakersfield and Kansas City!

  4. How desperate are the disgraced Racist Newshound “writers”…….pretty big today.
    Richard W.
    @amarquis32 @JosephRemiB FNC currently showing the word salad from Ben Carson. CNN and MSNBC show Mattis.

    of couse there a catch …….Fox to show there were other hearing going on took a @5min break from Mattis to show Carson and then went right back to Mattis…..but “writer” won’t tell his deluded readers that…..cant have any facts get in the way of a good bash.

  5. I think Megyn Kelly may well be the most trusted name in news, but the ‘study’ that Daily Beast is pushing was subjective, flawed, and slanted to guarantee her a first-place finish. Any time the only FNC ‘newscaster’ included in a study isn’t a newscaster at all, there are some loaded dice being tossed around.

  6. All of a sudden government “ethics experts” seem to be coming out of woodwork. Maybe they are like the seventeen year locusts? GWB ethics lawyer guy didn’t have as easy a time on TUCKER as he’s had all week on NPR. Yep, every day. Reminder: Bush people hate Trump.

    • Here Brian Stelter and company make every effort to suggest we’ve regressed into a Twilight Zone episode of time travel to the Stone Age because Trump was elected, and there are more obvious questions of what sort of vast right and left wing conspiracy there is to delegitimize a PEOTUS than an Oliver Stone movie.

  7. Very little couriosity out there about John McCain being the FBI’s source for obtaing the 37 page yellow, dripping Trump dossier. Little things like Who, What, When, Where, and Why… you know, Reporting 101.

  8. As a surprise, Obama conferred upon Biden The Medal of Freedom. Making it all that more special, Biden had one for Obama too.

  9. Rumblings that sound like CNN may hire Andrea Tantaros. It would’ve been a coup before her downfall. Now she’s damaged goods. But maybe that’s what they want, an easy target.

    • If Andrea is telling the truth in her lawsuit then she shouldn’t be thought of as “damaged goods” but in a way that’s how I feel about her current status as well. Maybe it is because she aired out her dirty laundry with Fox the way she did.

      In any event, before she signs a contract she might want to talk to SE Cupp or Mary Katherine Ham or Kirsten Powers…..CNN has way too many political contributors on their payroll and her appearances will be few and far in between.

      If she’s lucky she’ll get picked up by Newsmax or that other Conservative network (OAN?) and be given a show of her own.

        • Andrea went crazy and said she can’t support Trump for President because Roger Ailes was helping his campaign. Before that she looked like rather pro Trump. She made a fool of herself if she is a conservative.

          Another guy who is kicking himself is Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. He was positioned pretty well to do something in Trump Admin then stupidly endorsed Hillary Clinton right before the election. Loser . . he is still kicking himself.

    • I will watch her any day of the week. The girl is smart and has a lot of talent. FNC was crazy to dump her.

    • I must add that what Andrea said about Johnny Dollar was just one big lie. I guess she will say/do anything to win that lawsuit of hers. Looks like she wants a million dollars.

  10. The worst job of covering Russian-shower Gate I saw yesterday was actually was PBS NEWSHOUR with anchorlady interviewing two low rent guests, I think they just wandered in the studio and began speculating, just possibly, everything was true. In their quiet, pleasant way, nobody hates Trump more than public broadcasting. Thank you.

  11. It looks to me like Jim Comey has positioned himself into a place where he has no friends atall…

    Boy, did the DoJ move with great timing on this.

    Obamites aren’t going without leaving a mark.

    • I am looking at this differently. An opportunity to clear his name. For Star Trek fans, he faced a Kobayashi Maru situation. If you are not a fan, die soon and suffer poverty on the way to the graveyard.

    • The Inspector General who is doing the investigation is an old line Clintonista. The fix is in, Hillary wants revenge.

  12. Today’s most popular links:
    5 whose company
    4 Megyn Kelly
    3 it’s CNN’s fault!
    2 pillow king
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Shepard Smith’s crib can be yours…for $4.9 million.

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