Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Obama (CNN)-Don Lemon-Rachel Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Bret Baier and panel examine
  • Concha: Mika Brzezinski slams CNN, Buzzfeed over unverified reporting.
  • Somerby: Remember when Maddow wasn’t pretending to admire Greta?
  • Grove:  Greta on MSNBC is the same ideology-free show as Greta on Fox.
  • Columnist takes shot at Fox women…gets called out by CNN contributor.
  • Q&A: Gretchen Carlson, Greta FNC’s Three Days in January.
  • 9/11 truther Van Jones has ‘high hopes‘ for his series of CNN ‘conversations’.

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  1. Watching Brett’s visit to CBS THIS MORNING, I was impressed how friendly and welcoming the three hosts were to him and how they had done their homework to be prepared to discuss his book.

  2. The disgraced racist Newshounds are so desperate to bash Fox News…..they are actually complaining that Fox news isnt covering a story enough its publisher said this about:

    “serious reason to doubt the allegations”

    and I love the new thing……wait till a story goes down the front page when newer news takes its place……..then do a screen print and claim Fox News isnt covering it.


  3. I bought a DVD that John Ziegler put out after the 2008 election. It was called Media Malpractice and it was about all the negative coverage directed at Sarah Palin. He also interviewed her about that. That is the only political home video I’ve ever purchased. I wish I saved my money.

    • I never even heard of him until The stooges started RT his stuff and I saw him at mediaite.

      I was going to try and find his radio show to hear if he matches his show with how he writes…..but I saw on mediaite that it’s ending….or has.

  4. Puzzled paperboy asked me this morning what was a “golden shower”? I told him to watch CNN and eventually they will explain. Probably with weebles and holograms.

  5. Anyone know if Martha’s 7pm gig is permanent?

    I heard Shannon Bream tell her cohost that she would be anchoring the 9am morning weekday gig but will be back with him after 3 months

    So is Martha only there for TRUMP’s 1st 100 day?

  6. Mike Allen:
    —Deep breath, folks: This was one-source, unverified info gathered for anti-Trumpers by a former British intelligence officer some U.S. spies find credible. It was deemed worthy of sharing with Obama and Trump by U.S. officials BUT never proven.

    • It was CNN’s report about Trump being briefed about this stuff that gave BuzzFeed the green light to release all the unverified details. Now NBC has said there was no such briefing, which puts the target straight on CNN and it’s ‘star’ Jake Tapper. If NBC’s version proves to be correct, this is a huuuuuge black eye for CNN and particularly Tapper. Who knows how he’ll take it? He might even get snotty with people on twitter.

      • Johnny, this NBC report says that the 2 page doc of unverified material on golden showers and such was taken to the briefing with Trump (but not shown) as a sort of show and tell if Trump had difficulty distinguishing verified material from bogus stuff.

        Isnt that strange and creepy? It’s like a warning to him to back off.

        “Intel and law enforcement officials agree that none of the investigations have found any conclusive or direct link between Trump and the Russian government period,” the senior official said.

        According to the senior official, the two-page summary about the unsubstantiated material made available to the briefers was to provide context, should they need it, to draw the distinction for Trump between analyzed intelligence and unvetted “disinformation.”

        The briefers also had available to them unvetted “disinformation” about the Clinton Foundation, although that was not orally shared with Trump.”

        • I thought it creepy too. Like giving you a picture of your kids dead in an auto accident just to show what Photoshop is capable of.

          • The story is preposterous, but if you consider the scenario that the Russians do have some sort of compromising info on DT, and the IC’s know it, then you could have a situation where they both expose to a degree and protect DT at the same time.

            I wouldn’t think that Clapper and company wanted to destabilize the country, but they certainly might want to have more control over it. They’d wish to send the PEOTUS a message.

            Trump is a wildcard in the way that establishment …work up the base and then sell them out to the Wall Street in Mao t-shirts set….is not. I’m sure the intelligence folks despise that.

            This is all the stuff of spy novels, but in order to sift the info, you’ve got to look at possibilities.

      • I’m wondering if there’s a disconnect between oral briefing and briefing with documents in these reports.

      • How fast did we all learn today that the “Michael Cohen” every one was blathering about wasn’t the “correct Michael Cohen”? And after al these various news agencies had it & couldn’t verify it, then CNN & Buzzfeed publish it? Tapper ought to be ashamed. Buzzfeed-never had any great expectations of them so not surprised.

    • I don’t know if that is very Presidential but I have to say it was pretty funny while watching it live.

      Close second goes to Trump calling Buzzfeed a “failing pile of garbage.”

  7. my post on the Hill article.
    I am in Nicaragua involved in some construction up on the roof, 20 meters up, in the wind. so i understand exactly the type of clown show Mr. T has to endure. Oh well he entered the circus knowing the clowns were evil. Payback time on the T man.

    back down here:
    This great big show and tell will be told and believed from every angle possible. Choose your item as you wish, belief, wishes, overcome reality on reality tv……oops politics.

  8. Reporters came to news conference thinking they were going take down Trump and got swatted like bugs. Old rule: stab the king, better kill him.

    • They’ll try to nip him apart, piece at a time.

      Trump didn’t have a honeymoon period with the media, to say the least, but he has had one with the public.

      That will be chipped away as well and he’ll be more vulnerable to the media.

      • Of course none of it will be due to the electorate’s faith in him being sensibly diminished by his “emotional incontinence” and crony capitalist picking of winners and losers . It is all a media ploy aimed at destroying him.

      • His core advisory and base supporters will stick by him, and that’s all that counts as the pressure on Congress by them will remain strong and powerful as long as Trump stands by evangelicals and the NRA. GWB’s fatal problem was he lost the base with his handling the Iraq war aftermath and backfired deals with Democrats. He does need to fulfill some major promises.

  9. ‘You Just Published Fake News’: Chuck Todd Hammers Buzzfeed Editor-in-Chief Over Trump/Russia Dossier

    • It would be interesting to know the names of the “high level government officials” who the Ed-in-Chief of Buzzfeed says encouraged him to get the unverified info out.

      Wonder if the media will investigate that? They could start with McCain and Lindsey Graham, and then move over to the Obama types.

      BTW, can someone help me out here?

      Is this the chronology of this thing?

      All the media knew of the charge that Trump had been compromised by the Russians, but wouldn’t report it because the specific way Trump was said to have been compromised is unverified.

      Then it was leaked that Trump had been briefed on all this, so CNN decided— well, heck, if the ICs have apprised Trump, then we can report there’s a charge that Trump has been compromised, without having to mention the unverified details.

      So CNN did, when no one else would, and then Buzzfeed said, well, if CNN has reported the charge, let’s drop on the public the details that nobody can verify, under the auspices of the letting the public decide about the truth of a clandestine operation when the media can’t…(sheesh..)

      So they did. Then the Intel guys told NBC that Trump was not informed of this info, and it all fell apart…with CNN looking like it had jumped at the chance to share the charge without doing much in the way of backing up their raison d’être for doing it, and with Buzzfeed’s intellectual and moral colossus Ben Smith actually saying that this is how things should be done in 2017 (i.e., a Nazi is the president, we no longer must indulge in professionalism…yay!)

      Is this the way it went down or is there something else?

      • pretty much my understanding.
        My conclusions:
        1) NBC hates Trump, still has its standards, has some good sources.
        2) CNN hates Trump, kicked standards to the side, had some sources feeding them bull.

  10. Have they no shame? Um… NO.
    In an odd bit of merchandising, BUZZFEED began selliing a limited-edition trash can on its website, along with a shirt reading “Failing Pile of Garbage.”

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