Monday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Tucker reveals what for his 9pm debut.
  • Friday’s numbers: The Five-Shepard Smith-Neil Cavuto 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered videos: vetting  celebrity
  • Watters debut tops MSNBCNN combined.  Tucker is ready for primetime.
  • Strange Inheritance returns Inauguration Day.  HLN sets Hill Harper series.
  • Video: Janice Dean, the   Today’s lament for cable news.
  • Video: Joe Concha on Megyn Kelly’s move…’Fox
  • Zoren: Sorry Megyn, stardom for tv anchors is a train whose time has passed.
  • CNN calls Crowley plagiarist, props up Zakaria.  Huddy settles harassment suit.

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  1. My admiration for Tucker grew when he reportedly refused to go outside for the F&F weekend hijinks segment of various stunts and nonsense.

    Tucker is older than his then colleagues and doesn’t look like he’s busting it in the exercise dept every day and was not chomping at the bit for a loss of dignity.

    I admired his wisdom and resolve. Evidently, he was persuaded it was necessarily that he participate and he did occasionally with a vague sense of good naturedness.

    To sum up the Golden Globes: winners and presenters reminded America that Hillary Clinton-leaning Hollywood knew there had been an election last year – and that their candidate lost.

    • It’s a shame that mainstream award shows are political conferences in disguise. Once I found out about what was said last night, I knew I made the right decision not to watch.

      • There is no area of life that is not political now.

        People have to wear their politics on their sleeves not merely on Internet blog boards or Twitter, but the grocery store, the salon, the football field, it’s crazy.

        It’s caused divisions in families, among old friends via social media, and among church congregants.

        No one can go in front of a camera without hammering people who don’t share their politics. It’s on award shows. Episodic tv series. And certainly from the people who deliver our news.

  3. Good description with “reloads” and good examples.

    It is uncanny how Fox has always met any retooling or replacement of a successful show, with something more successful.

    At the promoting of a new show called The Five, I swore it would go nowhere.

    Always bet on Fox.

  4. newshounds writers expanding their lies: after calling people Trumpers who’ve never expressed support for Trump (Harris Faulkner, Sandra Smith, etc), they’re now calling people Trumpers who opposed Trump and voted against him! Eboni K Williams, Judge Napolitano, etc.

    Liars gonna lie, but they should at least try to make the lies less moronic. And yeah I’m talking about you, because you’re a liar.

    • Not only is their logic questionable, but the back and forth arguments of liberal critics bring on motion sickness.

      Fox was pro-establishment Bushie during the Kelly-Trump contretemps and that’s why Kelly had challenged him. For challenging Trump, Fox then punished Kelly with exile island afterwards… Fox was realiably pro-Trump.

      The FBI and Comey went rogue to screw Clinton. The FBI is unimpeachable and unassailable now with their assessment of Russia’s actions against Clinton…

      You need Dramamine with these folks.

      • Their new thing is counting down to Obama last day so Fox’s “Trumpers” can’t blame Obama for stuff anymore…….never mind they have been blaming Bush for stuff for the last 8 years.

        Hypocrites one and all


    • The deal is that NEWSMUTTS dare not dwell on one lie too long as they must be prepared to jump to the next lie upon discovery. That pressure sometimes results in lies poorly researched and thus obviously false.

      • Eboni said that she didn’t vote for Trump. I see no reason to disbelieve her. After all she openly spoke of how her mother would hang up on her because of her criticisms of Trump.

    • Greta tried to shoot Priebus down with the absurd dismissal of “two wrongs don’t make a right”, but he still managed to make the point that we can have no expectations for foreign govts not to hack. However, we do expect the largest political party in the country to have adequate cyber protection and to return the FBI’s phone calls they made in trying to alert them that they do not.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 stand-up machine
    4 props up Zakaria
    3 Today’s lament
    2 does not rebuild; it reloads
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Zoren: Sorry Megyn, stardom for tv anchors is a train whose time has passed.

  6. Very good premier for Greta tonight. She’s such a professional.

    During the show there was a weird promo by Rachel Maddow in which she literally cringes as she admits Greta came from Fox News “but give her a chance”.

    Don’t they understand how moronic that makes their audience loo know?

    • The liberal MSNBC audience who loved the lean forward (though if they loved it that much should have watched it more) probably won’t give her a chance ; while there are some from her FNC days won’t watch because it’s MSNBC… both are missing out though.

        • That was from Rachel Maddow’s show on Thursday .. when Greta had just been on. Maddow probably understands a lot of her audience doesn’t like Fox News. MSNBC used it as a promo for those this is why you watch things. I don’t think Maddow was be condensing as much as trying to tell her people give Greta a chance. It just comes out odd because of Maddow’s tone.

          • It came out odd because they felt the need to highlight such silliness.

            It came out ridiculous and weird because an adult professional did the cringe thing when saying Fox News.

          • Well, then you didn’t need them to assume you were an ideological tribalist
            in need of reassurance.

            They should optimistically assume that of everyone notwithstanding a few dopey tweeters.

          • I watched the interview when it was live; Maddow seemed sincere about Greta, but at the same time it was like she was begging her viewers not to be scared that someone from Fox News was coming, like they needed some hugs or something. She should have said something like : Watch Greta give her a try , you might find a new program you like, that would have been better.

            They will use moments from Greta’s show to promote her better soon.

          • I saw that promo on Friday and assumed that MSNBC had Maddow make a commercial for Van Susteren’s new show. It seemed heavy-handed, implying that Van Susteren had been one of “those people” but to give her a chance anyway. It makes more sense now knowing that it was a clip from Maddow’s show.

          • I don’t why you think it makes more sense to promo during Greta’s MSNBC debut a previous creepy Maddow corporate/tribal disclaimer of Greta.


          • I don’t “think it makes sense to promo this excerpt of a previous creepy Maddow show announcement/corporate/tribal disclaimer of Greta during her initial show.” I now understand what I called the heavy-handedness of the clip. Maddow was directing her spiel about Van Susteren at the disciples of her program and not at the middle-of-the-road MSNBC viewer.

          • Perhaps I could have stated it as: Maddow was directing her spiel about Van Susteren at the fanatical partisan viewers of her program and not at people like me who watch the top three cable news channels to get a variety of perspectives on issues and who do not need to be cajoled into watching a new show hosted by an individual who was previously employed by a philosophically diametrically opposed network because I’m not a fanatic.

          • Well, since Greta fans didn’t need that “spiel”, you could have saved yourself a lot of time just by saying that MSNBC wasn’t directing that promo at you.

        • I didn’t see the first time she was on air but I’m assuming that CNN didn’t give Camerota the same treatment because, although I know many people will disagree with me, CNN is not what I call falling-off-the-cliff liberal like MSNBC, and the powers that be there believe that most of its viewers are reasoned enough to not need to be told to give someone a chance. [Sorry for such a long sentence.]

  7. Greta’s first show was pretty good, it had a lot of first day interviews like McCain .Priebus and Jarret. Surprise Bret Farve call in and pretty much the same Greta as she’s been just on a 5 letter network.

  8. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I only wish Pat was here to enjoy it with me. And my late doog Checkers.

  9. Seems alot of people really take being on BOR seriously

    Already read about Gretchen & now Juliet

    Being on BOR is like hitting the jackpot, I didn’t realize that ? ? ?

  10. Just occurred to me Harry Reid is gone. What a nice feeling. May he enjoy his retirement tending the garden, chasing the grandkids with an orange peel in his mouth.

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