Weekend Links and Open Threads

  • MediaBuzz videos: are
  • Reliable Sources: Megyn’s move; Trump’s threat; Glenn Greenwald.
  • Tamron Hall’s favorite places to chill.   Enquirer: Rachel got it wrong.
  • Gerri Willis: Surprised by joy on my last day of treatment for cancer.
  • Somerby: Maddow gushed, fawned, and told viewers ‘Greta is great!’
  • CNN: Monica Crowley plagiarized NR, WSJ, FNC sources.  Flashback.
  • Videos:  First trailer for Embeds;  Megyn’s from Fox News.
  • Tucker Carlson video: Glenn Greenwald on Washington Post‘s
  • Hannity launches a twitter rant at Morning Joe.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Zurawik: Megyn is positioned to succeed away from Fox’s ‘grubby sexism’.

121 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Threads”

  1. Was shocked that the disgraced racist twitter stooges didnt complain about a journalist hosting a OPINION show tonight on MSNBC………..OH wait that rule only applies to Fox News and only to people who dont hate Trump…..silly me.

  2. Re: Zurawik


    Megyn Kelly is the biggest talent to appear on the scene in my lifetime.

    She freaking has it all including an ironclad pragmatism that is both awesome in its surety and ethically questionable.

    If Roger Ailes was a virtual sex maniac…at all moments ready to get it on with any female talent in his vicinity….(which is doubtful to anyone who doesn’t view the world via an ideological narrative)…even as Kelly rebuffed him, Ailes was still thrilled with her talent AND SHOWCASED HER RIGHT TO THE TOP.

    If you’re arguing that Kelly might not make it under Andy Lack in the way that she did under Fox’s “grubby sexism”, then you’re talking about a mindset and a glass ceiling that is utter,y more pernicious than Riger Ailes asking for a twirl around, a hug and a kiss.

    • I think Z just had in his iPhone Tasks, “say something bad about FOX today”, and that lame train of thought was the best he could come up with.

    • This is a joke, right? Either that or Cecelia is only a week old. MeAgain Kelly is the biggest POS to appear on TV since, well, anyone and everyone on the Mostly S**t Nothing But Crap network (h/t thedeplorablelantern). MOGA and MAGA!!!

  3. Hannity and Joe Scarborough are fighting to see who is the biggest Trump booster. But Hannity indeed has abandoned everything he has ever said to become a booster.

  4. I have found Megyn annoying in the past year or so. She became the news instead of the news. But her sign-off was short and sweet and perfect. Also liked how Hannity immediately wished her luck at the start of his show and said she will be missed.

    • Never did watch her show, but I’m usually done with cable news by 8:00 PM even though I like a Mr. Bill. That said, I was always proud of her representing FNC.

    • But that was not her fault. Trump made her the news. She rarely made issue of the fact on her show. She kept doing her work, challenging everyone on her path.

      • That is partly true. Her attitude changed during the last year, IMO, and not for the better. At times in this past year she seemed like she was talking down to listeners, not bringing them along in her thought process.

  5. Has anyone seen the video by Townhall mocking the recent Hollywood celeb videos? It stars SE Cupp, Mary Katherine Hamm, Guy Benson, Molly Hemingway, and Katie Pavlich. I don’t think I left anyone out. Pretty funny, made me laugh.

  6. For some reason Michael T has popped up and stuck me into a twitter argument he was having with somebody about how Fox hosts are stupid drop-outs but MSNBC hosts are highly educated intellectuals. When MT finally resorted to citing daily kos as a source for his facts, I asked him to remove me from the convo. He ignored my request so after being subjected to several more of his embarrassing exchanges I blocked him. If you’re reading this MT (and we know you are a regular) I’ll unblock you in time, just don’t want to be subjected to your pointless argument buttressed by scholarly research from a fake news site.

  7. I know what went on with Ailes and some of the females at Fox was ugly, but beyond that what about “Fox’s grubby sexism” played a role in them giving Megyn Kelly a prime time slot on their network to showcase her talent?

  8. I watched Rachel Maddow interview Greta and at one point Greta tells Maddow that she wants to do a good job for her…..it sounded like someone talking to their boss. Maddow must hold a lot of sway on the network.

  9. The following is a dead-on quote from a very good article:


    “The CIA, like every other bureaucracy, suffers from the SNAFU principal: in most circumstances, bureaucrats will tell their bosses what they think the bosses want to hear. (Yes, this is not exactly the original SNAFU principal. For a longer exposition, see this Ignite talk I did some years ago.)

    Intelligence assessments almost never say something with absolute certainty; they’re usually phrased to lay out all possibilities and then say which ones seem most probable. When you hear that the intelligence says something certainly — think “slam dunk” — it means the SNAFU principle is probably in action.”

    • If Law is the legal use of force, which it is, and government enforces laws, which it does, you have to expect that having power over others will routinely be abused, used, and misused to the benefit of those employed to have power over you. ipso facto, or is it ipso dipduh?
      you know, we need that crony capitalism to make the trains run on time, and hand out over paid jobs to the useless.

  10. The FBI is really doing a great job stopping domestic terror, aren’t they? The guy walks into the FBI office and 6 weeks later . .

        • How about you walk around Chicago, Detroit or Covington with that stupid attitude and try to find a Mooslim killer.

          • Not as collateral damage in gang killings. Talking mass killer terrorists. Expat not really fool. More like obstinate blockhead.

          • Thank you for your stunning ignorance. Following your logic and repetitive childish posts about Islam, the religion of terror, that causes violence and none of the Muslims that are currently working on the front lines can really be trusted. Afterall, Islam causes violence. Over and over the stupidity. Maybe you actually are the one that needs to reflect a bit on the reasons people do crazy stuff because you don’t insult me, you insult everyone Muslim working for you risking their lives and yourself. Your repeated stupid we know there is an Allah Akbar in there somewhere posts are beneath contempt. Own it.

          • I own the truth. Not in the least perturbed by your scattergun hyperbole. The root of today’s terrorism is Islam. It, and only it, provides the foundation of the terrorist justification. Are all Muslims terrorists? Of course not. But every one of them had better get their heads out of the sand and ask why my religion, do I care, what can I do?

          • “The root of today’s terrorism is Islam. It, and only it, provides the foundation of the terrorist justification.”
            No American can say that and believe in the constitution. What an embarrassment. Like saying black is fundamental to being a thug, having hands fundamental to being a thief. No scattergun. Your ethnocentric religious superiority reeks of anti intellectual ignorance. People that support that sort of thinking are fools throwing rocks in a glass house.

            Larry Kelly • 5 hours ago
            #BREAKING Jerusalem truck attacker was Islamic State group ‘supporter’: Netanyahu
            He was also:
            1. Chicago gang member
            2. Mooslem
            3. Crazy
            4. Divers Ed dropout.
            5. NRA
            Sadly, no shame, no self awareness, Echos of a lonely existence.

          • You make a damn fine ignorant yahoo judging people by where they live, their color, religion, any excuse but their own behavior. Good job.

          • The truth will set you free. Or make you pee. Or something. I’m old and confused. I’ll be 65 tomorrow. an old 65.

          • No creo Nix, tu sabe solo los malitos muere joven. You get to live for many years…your greatest fear i am sure:)

          • You need a Greek doctor if you want to hear the truth. Live so you can suffer, because of some weirdo drunken Greek philosopher dancing on the beach says you must.

          • There is a reason why half of the Greek restaurants in the US and Canada have Zorba in the name.

        • No. He was in their files in the Dallas office and had been interviewed before Nov 22, 1963. The agent in charge immediately recognized the name after the assasination.

        • That’s where he was recruited by the CIA to prevent Kennedy from revealing they had an alien hidden in the desert of Nevada.

  11. Trump haters should watch the Golden Globes tonight. That is if you can put up with some stuff about movies and TV interrupting the vitriol. I presume it’s broadcast from Canada this year.

  12. So Monica skipped over a few footnotes. Isn’t that acceptable these days under the Fareed Exclusion Rules?

  13. Murdoch smart as usual. Structuring prime time to provide a supportive structure for President Trump will continue to provide what has made FNC prosper: an island sanctuary crowded by half the population in an ocean of liberal bias.

  14. Without having HILLARY to bark at on the TV, doog settled on Jesse Jackson last week as a viable substitute.

  15. #BREAKING Jerusalem truck attacker was Islamic State group ‘supporter’: Netanyahu
    He was also:
    1. Chicago gang member
    2. Mooslem
    3. Crazy
    4. Divers Ed dropout.
    5. NRA

  16. The Monica Crowley stuff is pretty damning. Ignorance or sloppiness is not an excuse. The woman earned a PhD from Columbia…….she knows all about proper citation and what constitutes plagiarism.

  17. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 gushed, fawned
    4 Monica Crowley plagiarized
    3 positioned to succeed
    2 got it wrong
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Gerri Willis: Surprised by joy on my last day of treatment for cancer.

    It’s not just that 4,000 administration jobs are no longer available to Hillary for America alumni, or that failed Senate candidates like Russ Feingold and Katie McGinty won’t be able to hire their staff on the Hill. There are also the lobbying firms, trade associations and corporate government affairs offices that are pitching senior Obama aides’ resumes into the round file while scrambling to hire operatives with Republican connections.
    (From Politico)

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