Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: in debate over who pays for border wall.
  • Cable Game: David Frum, Jonathan Chait spread fake news about Fox.
  • Chris Wallace named to distinguished list.  Campbell Brown resurfaces.
  • CNN’s 2017: More apps, more K-File, more Brian Stelter…plus Van Jones.
  • Factor video:  Bernard Goldberg examines
  • Greta makes her MSNBC debut.   WWHL video: Maddow with Andy Cohen.
  • Will Megyn replace Savannah?  Bret Baier makes book. Melissa Francis too.
  • DeRiso: Chicago co-founder slams ‘revisionist informercial’ shown on CNN.

29 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

    • Ever notice that the converse is never of interest to these folks?

      Where’s CNN’s Trump friendly host or one who at least does not see Trump as an outlier threat to our institutions?

      Joe Scarborough would be Frum and company’s example of ‘diversity’ at MSNBC, even as they assail Joe as the guy who created the monster and as a servile opportunist.

      They assail the silly Joe and Mika though these two have shown as much inclination to not pull punches when critiquing Trump, as to point out what they see as his strengths.

      I have long complimented conservatism by saying that with the exception of Sean Hannity, the most militant and intransigent ideologues and groupies in our ranks are the armchair quarterbacks at home or on the Internet, pundits, and the more obscure radio talk show hosts.

      Among liberals, it’s their very Best and Brightest who are the militants. The network anchors. The renown journalists, thinkers, and writers.

      The next four years these people will be engaging in a veritable witch-hunt for the littlest sign that someone within their ranks is not taking the plague that is Trump seriously enough. Retribution via professional and social media will be swift and brutal.

      If you scratched your head over there being no professional opprobrium for Clinton/DNC media sycophants exposed by Wikileaks, get ready for the bloodletting that will befall any heretic.

  1. Figured out why Shep freaked out yesterday. Feared reporter was about to say Chicago kidnappers/torturers/hate-criminals/mensa-members were supporters of #blacklivesmatter. Either that or Lord Voldemort.

  2. If Greta wants high ratings her first week she should have Leah Remini as a guest to talk about her very successful Scientology series on A&E. This would prove Greta is as open as she claims to be. However we know Greta has to be “disconnected” from Leah, which proves an important and terrible aspect about Scientology that Leah exposes about the “church”. How terrible of Greta’s “church” to slander former members and force it’s members to not speak to their family members or people who have differing opinions about Scientology.

  3. I don’t see Megyn replacing Savannah , unless Savannah leaves on her own accord, NBC doesn’t want to go through 2012 -Ann Curry- again . So if that happens either a plant from ABC or CBS took over ;trying to help their network or NBC went crazy and forgot how that would hurt them.

  4. Outnumbered video: Sparks fly in debate over who pays for border wall.

    People that believe in Chump’s wall need to see a shrink. Anyone believing that is how to prevent bad people from entering the USA is out of their minds. Not as if they are trying to block off the west bank or Gaza, a few measly kilometers. Even the Israelis do not think they can wall off the Sinai and it is even a shorter distance than the Mexican border.

    “Out of their minds” btw is a phrase that began in pre-socratic times and carried through Attic Greece and was re-used again in the “dark” ages and again Renaissance era as where strange creativity, like poetry and music came from. People were influenced by things originating from “out of their minds” and control. Just a little nuttinburger nugget for the weekend.

  5. Was in Managua today, just catching up with the news. So it seems the Fla nut case is not completely sorted out yet, but hard to imagine anyone with a brain doing this and planning on living as Gov Scott passed some of the best laws regarding gun crime in the nation.

    Besides being crazy, ask any cop, they are also almost to a person STUPID.

    Anyway, i am sure later reports will say he screamed Allah Akbar.

    • yep: Woke up this morning 5:30am. Blaming the Puerto Rican nut job for being an ISIS stooge. Wish journos would exert a similar effort on discovering and publishing the medication these nut jobs are on. Same with suicide. Note the warnings on labels, so you know it happens. Why is not the pharma history of mass shooters and people who commit suicide what is front and center in these reports?
      So you got a grandkid in public school. Every single one has counselors adept at testing for and teaching “emotional health”. They refer and get these kids medicated. While on the waiting list for entrance into Catholic privates in Eugene Oregon. I left notarized letters with the public school principal, copy to district forbidding these counselors from interaction with either of my girls and permanently excluding them from the assemblies EVERY PUBLIC SCHOOL has regarding the emotional health of students. This is a medical issue. Nothing in all the writing of the people who developed education theory from 500 bc through St Augustine mentions medicating children for their psychological benefit. There is repeated interference to the different types of emotional qualities of students and how to adapt methods to achieve success with them. I bet everyone here knows a really bright kid that was considered a problem and was dealt with inappropriately. Where is the coverage? What gives state’s the right to do this to families? I doubt Oregon is the only state that sends a welfare worker to every newborn’s home to check that the environment is “healthy” and they do not need “help”

  6. C-Span pretty good this afternoon as joint session of Congress certified the Electors certificates and made Trump officially President Elect. Idiot Dem House members tried to interrupt with speeches as Joe Biden gaveled them out of order and cut their microphone before they could get up to speed. He looked like he was having fun as Republicans cheered him on.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Sparks fly
    4 Melissa Francis
    3 her MSNBC debut
    2 replace Savannah
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Cable Game: David Frum, Jonathan Chait spread fake news about Fox.

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