Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday numbers: O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Flood: Tucker to 9pm, Martha Mac to 7pm, Shannon Bream to 9am.
  • Drudge: Tucker new cable king, gets Fox 9pm slot.  Weekly Watters.
  • de Moraes: Megyn Kelly eyed to erase the ‘Billy Bush era’ at Today.
  • Sternberg: MSNBC’s For the Record w/ Greta debuts Monday.  More.
  • Concha: Greta will bring sliver of diversity to MSNBC echo chamber.
  • Impartial CNN anchor: Violent attack on disabled man was ‘not evil’.
  • Fitzgerald: Is CNN anchor’s shameful behavior seen as cool, even chic?
  • Q&A: Andrew Morse on how CNN will cover the Trump administration.
  • Tucker Carlson video: Reporters exposed by Wikileaks
  • CNN airs two-hour show about rock band produced by the band members!
  • CNN sets primetime town hall specials, eight-part stand-up comedy series.

85 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. CNN sets eight-part stand-up comedy series. Maybe Anderson Cooper as Joe the Bartender and drunk Don Lemon as Crazy Guggenheim. Howabout that, Mr. Dennehy?

  2. Okay, so news analysis tells me the Democrat strategery is to let Republicans repeal Obamacare, then refuse to cooperate in crafting the replacement so they can call the resulting failure Trumpcare. Nobody seems to think the resulting harm might also be blamed on Democrats or that it’s basically evil?

    • The Democrats wouldn’t be blamed.

      That is diametrically opposed to the narrative, and the narrative is now so sacred via the justification of stopping Trump, that to examine it is unthinkable.

  3. From Yesterday’s links: FTV Live: This was a stupid move

    “Kelly was an outcast at Fox News. Sean Hannity didn’t like her, Bill O’Reilly didn’t like her and more importantly many of the regular Fox News viewers didn’t like her. ”

    Not going to comment on the BO or SH thing only they know….but this part:
    “and more importantly many of the regular Fox News viewers didn’t like her. ”

    That’s the biggest load Ive seen on the net since the stooges said they dont target blacks on Fox………her show is the #2 show on ALL of Fox News………so maybe Fox viewers dont like her because they freaking LOVE her. I will never understand how people can say shes disliked by Fox Viewers when she has the 2nd most popular show they air……..somebody’s watching that.

    In fairness…..I’m really not one of them but the facts are clear……….she very popular with Fox viewers to even suggest otherwise is clearly a lie at best.

      • I see a tweet from JD saying Martha has been given Carlson’s old spot.

        As much as I like her, I wouldn’t have done that.

        I’m not sure she has the presence to go it alone and there needs to be some excitement with someone a bit off the journo path.

        Dana Perino would have been a better choice.

        • For now this is a temp show only designed to cover the first 100 days of Trump admin. It’s almost like an extension of Special Report. I expect how it fares will determine if Martha gets a permanent solo gig.

          • That’s a brilliant program idea. Interest will be strong the first 100 to have a place dedicated to the progress. SPECIAL REPORT started out as a Clinton-Lewinski report So who knows what the future holds.

        • Not sure not sure about Martha either. I have doubts about Dana, too. She’s just not a full hour kind of personality. Plus, I think, she like The Five and her podcasts with Stirewalt. (Are they still doing that?)

    • With Shannon and Martha on the move, that leaves 2 p.m. As the only vacancy. More and more that looks like it’s going to Heather Nauert.

  4. One wonders if everyone wants their own show? Some may not want the grind and pressure. Maybe prefer being part of an ensemble?

  5. @megynkelly tweets:
    Congratulations to my friend @TuckerCarlson on moving to the 9p slot at Fox! This is a great decision by FNC & I will be cheering him on!

  6. Disappointed that Fox decided to disenfranchise Trump skeptics on the right and go all in for Trump. But the decision seems business related and short term thinking so it should have been predictable.

      • Can you believe Sharyl is STILL trying to get the FBI to release to her, her own FBI file? What the hell is in there they don’t want her to see? Gotta be related to the computer hacking she personally went through? She’s been very quiet about all of that. I’m still curious who did that and why!

        • I’m so old that I remember the days when you couldn’t read an article about the FBI and the CIA without J. Edgar Hoover being referenced, as well as some apocryphal history of covert assassinations and the installment of foreign puppet dictators, friendly to the west.

          The days when these U.S. federal entities were the ubigtuous and monolithic Dark Side in a million movies.

          In other words…when Republicans were presidents…

          Where, oh where, have concerns for manipulative Spy Chiefs and warrantless wiretapping gone…long time passing…

    • This is crazy! If they do this it will show once again how close the DNC & fed gov’t agencies were during Obama admin.

      • I’m not sure that they were close with Obama or with the DNC, or rather that they are by nature drawn to the establishment.

        Wildcards, Mavericks, iconoclasts, etc…naturally make them nervous.

  7. @mlcalderone tweets:
    MSNBC hires @greta for 6pm slot beginning Jan. 9. New show will be called “For the Record.”

  8. As if to cancel out Don Lemon’s dipshitedness, Gayle King called the attackers “cretins” on CBS THIS MORNING.

    • Well, thank goodness for that. Don Lemon sounds idiotic when he says stuff like he did. Maybe tonight he’ll be a bit more thoughtful about his remarks.

  9. I’m a day late with this but Bret Baier threw a little shade about Obama last night during Special Report. He was reporting on Obama making his last visit with defense department yesterday and said the attendance for his speech was “sparse”. Normally not necessary to report on attendance at these kind of events.

    • Saw that….while I agree it wasn’t normal… was part of the story…..and weird that there was nobody in the shot behind him……most years there are tons of people behind him in uniform.

  10. It is slightly odd to me that there was seemingly no thought given to moving Hannity back to his old slot. I don’t like his show, but he was quite successful there and was only pushed back an hour to make room for Kelly.

    Tucker is clearly onto something with his new show. I’ve actually always enjoyed his shows, back to his MSNBC days, and I don’t agree with him on much. But I’m not sure he doesn’t work better on the fringes of primetime than smack dab in the center of it.

  11. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Weekly
    4 new cable king
    3 shameful behavior
    2 eyed to erase
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Flood: Tucker to 9pm, Martha Mac to 7pm, Shannon Bream to 9am.

  12. I have mixed feelings about the FNC moves today. Am happy for both Tucker and Martha. But, I like the mix of news coverage and analysis Megyn does. Wish they would put Martha in between O’Reilly and Hannity to do a similar show to Megyns. Leave Tucker where he is, IMHO.

  13. What a Rino A.B. is on special report. How dare she insult Chump like that. We can’t allow that. Off with her head.

  14. Jesse Watters had some nerve harassing and shaming West Nyack food court patrons. I was so miffed by his actions that I unfollowed him on Twitter and unliked his Facebook page.

    • i saw that, i didn’t think it was any different than his other gigs.I imagine i might feel the way you do if he nicked the balloon i was living in but really he was not extra catty tonight to me.

      • I doubt the patrons he ran into eat that food on a regular basis. To shame them as if they do was low. He should stick to befuddling ideologues.

        • if the “victims” felt shamed i would agree. but i think he was just joshing and came across that way. maybe i need to watch again …..naaaw. lol.

          • i can tell, and i am sure he would feel bad. However, as i was taught in a Grad course on the classical Greco Roman roots of humor, all humor necessarily comes at the expense of something or someone. First noted in Aristotle’s “Rhetoric” and the extent portion “Poeticas” section on humor. A lot was lost in the Alexandrian library arson. You can get a long ways quoting those old guys. 🙂
            So it is darned hard to be funny and please everyone. Boy oh boy, i should know

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