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  1. Take it for what it’s worth (which is probably not much), but I read on another site that a dark horse for the 9pm hour on Fox could be The Blaze’s Dana Loesch.

    • I like this idea-smart enough to take BS on with a “fight” but with some charm.
      Now-the snark! She has got to get rid of that helmet hair she has. Those locks need to loosen up some! She moves her head and the hair stays put.

      • “She has got to get rid of that helmet hair she has. Those locks need to loosen up some! She moves her head and the hair stays put.”
        Her hair drives me crazy!

  2. As an unabashed fan of Shannon Bream I would love for her to have a shot but I am not sure she is “combative” enough for what the audience wants. Fox however definitely needs a balance for O’Reilly and Hannity otherwise they may lose some of the audience that leans right but is not in love with Trump.

  3. i cann guarannnttteee (Cajun accent) the NYTs piece on MK will have a portion of it on the correction page in the near future getting no attention. por supuesto. NYTs. corrections r us,

  4. Re: 11 names Martha MaCallum would be interesting pick, I do like her, Judge Pirro would be out of left field. I don’t see Tomi Lehern going there myself or being picked for a weeknight show, especially when you have a lot of qualified people who’ve been working there for years. Unless they are moving Tucker to 9 and looking for a new 7pm, I don’t see a male taking the 9 et slot. I would add Pernio to my own guess list , but again she might work better at 7 than 9. Bream would be a great choice, and again more likely than them grabbing someone from outside. I still see Boling as probably O’Reilly’s Successor or if Hannity ever leaves. Trish Regan would be another person I would put on a list as well. I don’t see Laura Ingraham getting it, Kimberly Guilfoyle would be an interesting choice , but at the same time who would replace her on The Five?
    This is long.

  5. Megyn had a daytime show on FOX then because she wanted something in primetime, everyone else’s shows got changed around to accommodate this prima donna. Now she’s leaving so she can have a daytime show on NBC. I won’t miss her. My personal favorite is Trish Reagan. I wonder if Jedediah Bila is sorry she left FOX. She may have gotten something with Megyn gone.

  6. If Wemple covered the White House Easter egg roll, he would humiliate the kids that didn’t get eggs.

    • Yeah, with O’Reilly, you’ve got a show where the host presents an argument and then features a prominent colleague from his own network to come in and tear that view down.

      In a world where liberals think that the only folks who are entitled to artistic freedom, to freedom of association, and to act on their sense of personal propriety, are those peeps who wish to avoid their political contrarians…O’Reilly’s more broad minded than Wemple has ever shown himself to be.

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  8. Last night, or very early this morning, on Red Eye, Andy Levy made a joke about getting the 9 p.m. slot. As far as I know, he has been the only FOX personality to refer to Megyn’s leaving.

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