Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Ed Henry-The Five-Shannon Bream 1-2-3.
  • Steinberg: NBC’s big bet on Megyn Kelly comes with some big risks.
  • Megyn thanks Murdochs, Fox News viewers.  Video: Kurtz
  • Concha: Twitter’s rightwing Megyn critics go into their happy dance.
  • Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News for NBC; Friday is her last Kelly File.
  • As rumors of MSNBC continue to swirl, Greta hits back at her critics.
  • Sainato: Haberman, Todd, et al in no position to call out Scarborough.
  • F&F video: Assange has no motive to lie about leaks.
  • Plosker: CNN’s ‘unacceptable’ description of ‘Palestinian citizen of Israel’.
  • Videos: Gretchen Carlson resurfaces…on NBC’s Today part one, part two.

117 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Hannity sit-down interview with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange airing tonight quite the get for Sean.

  2. It’s finally sinking in to many MSM “journalists” that they are neither trusted nor admired. Slowly.

  3. Did Greta have the MSNBC gig lined up before she quit Fox News? Otherwise it was a crazy risky move. BTW, I heard that Gretchen Carlson will be guest hosting on Today Show today at 9 am.

  4. Prepare the siren for the next page update. I don’t want to believe Jim Rutenberg, but I will. I just hope she doesn’t take on the characteristics of most of MSNBC’s talent, especially her soon-to-be former 9PM competitor.

    This means I have purchased three audiobooks (Tonya Reiman, Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly), three hardcover books (all Tonya Reiman), and one paperback (Jedediah Bila) by former Fox News talent.

  5. I hope Megyn does not leave Fox. The network needs the balance she gives to the populists surrounding her. Not sure who could fill the space. Another populist? Please tell me no…

  6. I thought she would go to ABC, but NBC makes more sense because they can also use her at MSNBC. Wiping my tears, not!

  7. MSNBC could have Greta and Megyn on the same line up … that would be something. The question though (if she lives) it will answer the question of were people watching her for her or watching her because it’s FNC?

    • One of the happy dancers that Joe Concha cited in his post mentioned Tomi Lahren. I think that would be great. But otherwise, Shannon Bream, Sandra Smith, Dana Perino, and Harris Faulkner are all fine choices.

    • I like Bream’s smarts and professionalism, her even-handedness, but I’d like someone with Megyn’s strength and feistiness, male or female.

    • Im sure im in a small minority….but I’d like to see a journalist like Megyn and a news show and not an opinion show as a replacement.

      Of course the “evil” GATXER wants to see Harris (who I want no matter what) with Waters as a co-host with daily reports from Sheriff Clarke and Mark Fuhrman on crime issues……..just so the stooges twitter account would become even funnier to read and laugh about.

      That said…..a award winning Journalist like Harris would be great for me……..Sad about Megyn……since I dont watch daytime shows and not much on Sundays…..doubt that I will see much of her other than a few appearances on MSNBC.

      • If they did that I’d like to see them move Hannity back to 9pm and have a news show cap the night at 10pm. Sort of like how CNN used to have Larry King on at 9pm and had Aaron Brown on at 10pm.

        • I miss the 6pm Newscast on Fox News….only way I get to see a ST8 newscast is if I DVR the 2pm Shep show……which I do sometimes…..but by the time I can watch it….its old news.

          I know people perfer Opinion in primetime….but for those who dont watch the opinion shows….it’s going to be pretty dry without Megyn now. MSNBC all OPINION……CNN all OPINION….and now Fox may do the same…….by prime time I only mean 7pm -10 CST.

    • Tomi Lahren has a bright future, but she is not ready for prime time.

      Besides, Fox has a lot of good options currently on their payroll.

  8. Like Megyn, but highly unlikely I’ll ever watch her on NBC/MSNBC. She will get ground down. It’s inconceivable that Fox wouldn’t have made her a similar programming deal. I don’t get going to work for an organization that is supposedly opposite your own ideological positions. Oh, well.

      • This is the first time I’ve seen the “spend more time with my family” reason/excuse is the actually the truth.

        • It wasn’t the case when Mike Hampton took more money to sign with the Rockies after carrying the Mets to the World Series in 2000. EDIT: Actually, that was over schools, not spending more time with family.

        • You’re kidding.

          She’s giving up a prime time show to do daytime tv?

          How well did that go for Katie Couric or Jane Pauley?

        • and a Sunday News Magazine, that NBC won’t be able to air during football season , and against 60 minutes (well they better not because that would be silly)

  9. Megyn will be missed. I thought she was great. Regarding a replacement, any of the ladies in your poll would work( I think it will be a woman replacing her) . In addition, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Dana Perino, Trish Regan or Dagyn McDowell would all be fine choices. Fox has a great bench of talent.

    • That’s just what Chris Barron tweeted – replace Megyn with Kennedy. Kennedy is much more interesting, smart, and funny.

      • God, no!!! Lisa Montgomery has ruined Out# by being on it so often. She’s obnoxious and hogs the camera so much we can’t see Sandra Smith. I couldn’t stand her when she was an MTV VJ and she’s even worse now.

    • Agreed, although not to replace Kelly….it wouldn’t be a good fit. Kennedy is a Libertarian and I don’t see them wanting to add that voice to their prime time.

      But yeah, her show on FBN is strange. She has panels with comedians yet they will discuss serious topics. It’s like the show wants to be the Red Eye of the business network yet it isn’t. I’m surprised it’s still around but if anything I think that speaks to what Kennedy brings. In either case, it does not belong on the financial side of Fox.

      If anything, they should have given her Andrea Tantaros’ spot on Outnumbered instead of Megan McCain.

      • The panels on Kennedy, usually a mix of comedians, other Fox contributors, and bloggers/podcasters, will typically discuss the news of the day as well as goings on in pop culture. But, she also does regular segments digging deeper with serious types like Judge Napolitano, Dr. Ron Paul, and others. Her FBN show has been one of the highest rated shows on the network with younger viewers (the 25-54 demo). Some tweaking would likely have to be done but I think she would be great on FNC.

      • If Fox wants to improve the demographics Kennedy would be a good
        choice. She usually starts with a monologue and with her wry sense of
        humor it’s usually very good. But then she goes to a panel of
        Millennials and I’m lost. Click. But I doubt if Fox is concerned with
        the 65++ demographic.

  10. Today’s most popular links:
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    3 leaving Fox News
    2 their happy dance
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Greta hits back at her critics.

  11. I want to thank Cecelia for channeling all my thoughts today in the Megyn issues and her replacement v

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