New Years Eve Links and Open Thread

  • Ella Fitzgerald: 
  • The Jack Benny Program video:  (1961)
  • Six questions for fighter jet pilot / Fox News correspondent Lea Gabrielle.
  • Jesse Watters rebuffs critics: ‘I stand by my work.’  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Videos: Why Shannon Bream  Fox & Friends

33 thoughts on “New Years Eve Links and Open Thread”

  1. TRUMP TWEET: Russians are playing @CNN and @NBCNews for such fools – funny to watch, they don’t have a clue! @FoxNews totally gets it!

    • Ignoring content… whose career has taken the more embarrassing turn… Shultz or Olbermann?

      Shultz argues, “At least I’m still on television.”
      Olberamnn counters, “At least I’m not a spokesman for the Kremlin.”

      It’s kinda a toss up.

  2. Speaking of Disgraced racist stooges lying…there is this today:

    Richard W.
    @JosephRemiB Meanwhile the FOX cult won’t give MSNBC any credit for covering a terror attack instead of showing reruns.

    Wonder if anybody will tell him that Fox Covered it during their Saturday Newscast long BEFORE MSNBC while MSNBC was showing Lockup? And will he then tell his few twitter followers that he’s lying to? Of course he won’t… doesn’t matter that Fox BEAT MSNBC by more than 30 min….it only matters what on during the 10 seconds he cares about.

    • Oswood Cobblepot is always more than a bit confused. I guess that’s what happens when you live in the sewers.

    • there’s no need to tell him. He knows. He only tweets what supports his line. If lying by omission were an Olympic event, he’d be a shoe-in for the Gold Medal. He makes up crap, RTs stuff, and carefully leaves out anything that shows him to be a liar. The amazing thing is how easily he fools people with obvious tricks like that; you’d think after years of having the wool pulled over their eyes they’d tumble to the con. But some marks just want to be conned.

      • Ironically he’s proud of the fact that MSNBC is now showing video Fox News showed hours ago.

        Oh and talking about US……but of course he never does that….LOL


        • After The Cable Gamer called them out for lying about Hanukkah on Fox News Chief Hound Brodsky started calling Cable Gamer names. She kept asking Brodsky why they hadn’t apologized for their lie or printed a correction and she’d just reply with more name calling.

          So Mr Freeze RTd all of Brodsky’s name-calling and none of Cable Gamer’s tweets about why is there no apology/correction.

          Not only is that inherently dishonest, it’s also juvenile to the point of insecurity.

          • I can’t figure out who is worse, Brodsky or the Stooges. I would guess Brodsky, because she has a site to spread her manure.

          • He cant take the risk that one his few followers will figure out that he’s fooling them. It has to be hard making sure no truth gets through.

            At least Brodsky was smart enough to find a idiot to pay her for her lies……Mr. Freeze is dumb enough to lie all day for free.

            The Christmas wish for ALL of Fox News to be killed is still up also.

      • The funny part is that after all these years of their crap, what have they got to show for their efforts? NOTHING.

        • Same thing they got for typing Never Trump 1000s of times………Fox just had it Best year ever…….great job the disgraced racists newshounds and the rest of the poor haters are doing.

  3. Why didn’t FNC show the ball dropping in Times Square? And Kimberly G. was still counting after the clock struck midnight!

    • They did show it – split screen, Kim and Eric on the left and the ball drop on the right. But the ball drop was a couple seconds ahead of their spoken countdown–apparently they were watching a feed not the live shot and the feed probably bounced around a few satellites and was delayed by a second or two. So once again the ball drop was live on screen but the audio was slightly off. If it isn’t one thing it’s another with these ball drops.

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