Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Book TV video: Dana Perino discusses her life, her career…and Jasper.
  • MediaBuzz videos: Facebook media the
  • Reliable Sources videos: Josh EarnestJen Psakisocial media; Obama vs Fox.
  • The Cable Game: Newshounds’ fake news dishonors two religions’ holy days.
  • Ozzie and Harriet video: The  Peggy Lee:
  • Bauder: Post-partisan depression hits MSNBCNN, but FNC ratings defy trend.
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Valentine Matter  FBN’s best year ever.  

40 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Once again, Newshounds shows that they are nothing more than a steaming pile of manure. Everything that they traffic in is nothing but lies. And their writers are shameless semi-literate stooges.

    • Since the election they gone off the deep end……this is comment on their website

      “God I hate Bill O’Reilly. And Sean Hannity. And everything from FOX. My Christmas wish is for a meteor to fall from space and completely obliterate FOX headquarters and wipe it forever from the planet.”

      So using the disgraced newshounds Fox Nation “logic” since the comment has been up for some time they must agree with it……….nice Christmas wish they have….wishing for a natural disaster for NYC.

      I also love the Irony in this tweet.

      @TheCableGame But if you want to spend hours obsessing over what we post and don’t, enjoy yourself. #PaidFoxCyberstalker #PaidFoxTroll

      RT by the disgraced racist “writer”…….never mind the fact he’s been whining about Fox News NOT posting a tweet he thinks they should for 2 days…… about being obsessed.

      OH…….and Newshounds posted two “posts” from the disgraced racist “writer” in DEC……..nobody will be shocked that BOTH attack women of color on Fox News and use their pictures for the posts…….but no targeting there of course. I guess no white person said anything dumb in Dec on Fox.

      • Have been accused by the clan of being a “paid FOX plant”, all I want to know is … Where’s the damn check! Doog has to eat.

        • Well next time I go get my check….I’ll stop by Rupert’s office to light a candle for Spuds snorkel I will ask about you check Larry. LOL

          Things stooges believe.

    • Disgraced newshounds is the definition of a fake news site.

      1. They post things they know are false
      2. The do it for political reasons
      3. The do it for money
      4. When called on LIES the attack and not correct lies… Claim just a mistake
      5. Count on weak minded people to read website
      6. Claim everyone else is paid to lie about them
      7. Use race to get more clicks

      That’s pretty much what fake news is about…..they do it all.

  2. The news media is not doing a good on reporting that by abstaining from the UN vote, Obama has made parts of Jerusalem out of the control of Israel.

    • Just to be clear, ” Obama has made parts of Jerusalem out of the control of Israel.” Is not correct. A complete explanation should be made when claiming incomplete coverage, which is correct, of the event. Obama directed Ambassador Powers to abstain from voting on a UN security council resolution condemning Israeli occupation of disputed territory. While the cause was new settlements on the west bank, the resolution was strictly about territory Arabs dispute claiming Israel is occupying territory it has no legal right to. The Obama directed abstention had the effect of passing the resolution which makes the occupying and governing of disputed land illegal according to UN International law. Part of the land that is in dispute is all of Jerusalem, not just part. As Krauthammer pointed out exactly, part of Jerusalem is the “Jewish Quarter” , where Jews have lived for thousands of years except for a few brief years between wars between Arabs and Israel. Note, under Jewish control, ALL of Jerusalem has been open to all people including visitors, Arabs and all nationalities. This USA Abstention vote has made Israeli control of, indeed, even presence in, the “Jewish Quarter” Illegal under UN International law.

      Sorry, but you said nets are not reporting clearly so i smothered it with clarity:) Feliz año:)

      • Thank you. I wasn’t up to that long a post today.

        I appreciate that your readiness in that dept can be helpful.

        • Charles K. summed things up pithily tonight, ” Trump should find a way to buy the UN property in New York, put his name on it, and turn it into condos.

    • Reporting will be better when Trump and Congress cut back UN contributions. The worst reporting I saw was on PBS NEWSHOUR, or Public Funding for the Liberation of Palestine as I like to call it… thank you. PBS reported Trump and Republicans objected, but not a word that Democrats in Congress were furious as well. Only guest was Obama flack Ben Rhodes in ridiculous, rambling interview. They did read Trumps tweet, which clearly stated his message. A great tactic I hope our wonderful President continues.

      • What’s worse is when the media dishonestly compares this move to past administrations taking stands against settlements.

        • I’ve seen CNN do this, regurgitate Obama admin spin, but so far the broadcast networks seem to treat it as unprecedented for the most part. At least CBS.

    • I have my first dog since I was a kid (a pug). Since I don’t have kids, find myself posting pictures of my dog on Facebook and indulging her. Totally relate to Dana and how much she loves talking about Jasper.

  3. I’m sorry, but it alarms me to hear George Michael being called a great artist.

    It makes me fear for the future of the world.

    Another thing that concerns me are press releases that Carrie Fisher is stable and showing improvement after having a massive heart attack in the midst of a flight.

    I want that to be true, of course, I just don’t see how it could be.

    • I was never a George Michael fan, but for one song: “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down” duet with Elton John. Actually owned that one. So many of these star deaths are agrivaed by drugs and the isolation from really by the leaches surrounding them. Don’t know if this is the case with George. He was a very talented guy with a fine voice, rare these days, and a musician, composer. Hard to say what a “great artist” is. Slim Whitman sold more records than Elvis… they say. To me “great” belongs to the like of Sinatra, the Beatles, Aretha Franklin. Not just the music, but the impact.

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