Friday Links and Open Thread

  • The Cable Game: CNN media critics tend not to apologize.
  • Video: Meghan McCain treatment of Ivanka and family.
  • Tucker: Hollywood is going out of business.   Megyn is mad at Shutterfly.
  • Lawrence O’Donnell: 2016 ruined political tv drama.  Craig Melvin’s crib.
  • Mary Tyler Moore video: Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid.  Ella:
  • Videos: on Brian Stelter; on Trump’s rallies.
  • Stossel a trailblazer for libertarianism.  Flap over Fox News fees continues.
  • Johnny Dollar: The Nick Shurn Matter

29 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Three things I learned from Mr. Concha:
    1) Winston Churchill is still relevant.
    3) Delta Airlines should sue Stelter for punitive damages.

    STELTER ➗ (TUCKER + CONCHA) = mincemeat

    • I don’t know Larry, I don’t think Stelter can get hired to get fired from as many places Olby has and then he has to end up in his sister’s basement doing crappy videos and hope GQ will buy them. When it comes to being completely off the rails and burning bridges where ever he goes Olby is the undisputed champ.

  2. I like the Melvins’ crib and their kids are precious.

    The wall color in their living room is what I have in every room of my house. It looks different as the light changes with the day, goes with and pops any color, and always looks fresh.

    Thanks, Johnny!

    22 min of Trump’s economist. Sounds real good unless you are able to do math. Growth number 1. Regs, trade rules and taxes alone will create growth. True, but not one word about the barricade of aging, government health, med-scare, ssi, and disability, i.e. entitlements and rising rates on or short term debt rolls. The triumvirate that forms the wall that restrains what is needed for this “growth”. Now add the fact that there is significant and growing social democrat pressure for a state run economy. weeeeeeeeee tweet it away.

  4. John Stossel, like Clarence Thomas, should be a hero. Standing up to populism and being right on every issue is hard to beat. i am kinda sad because i believe the is ending because of health? any gossip from you know this kinda stuff people?

  5. I’m sad Stossel’s show is ending it was always something different to other cable talk shows and always was interesting.

    • i am not gonna post it, if you go to the Stossel link and watch the last clip of previous shows called “Free market medical care”. This is a great discussion about we have discussed here before.

  6. so i got an email from the cable gamer containing some tweets and they gave me an idea. is it good? Great? ok ready…… the new reality show. Gladiator Cats! meowwwwwww! i’m telling ya. it going bring back a net. lolol

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 not to apologize
    4 mad at Shutterflly
    3 2016 ruined
    2 Joe Concha
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Flap over Fox News fees continues.

  8. I was never a Star Wars fan, but let’s all say a prayer hoping for the recovery of Carrie Fisher.

  9. Obama stabs Israel in the back as he heads out the door giving the Republican Party a wonderful Christmas present. Democrats will never be trusted to have the back of the Jewish state again. Democrats in Congress are aghast.

  10. Get off of it McCain…..Barbaric? Oh please! Is Ivanka and her family cool or what? They fly Jet Blue coach like the rest of us, those two that harassed her ran to the safety of their little apartment after that blew up in their faces. They were throwing little hissy fits, two bad it ruined your day. But Barbaric? Honey when was the last time you sat in coach?

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