Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Brian Stelter in hoax tweet discussion.
  • Wednesday’s numbers: Jesse Watters-Tucker Carlson-Bolling 1-2-3.
  • How Ainsley Earhardt hit her stride in 2016.  Michaela loses an hour.
  • Concha: Fox News has no conflict of interest with Kimberly Guilfoyle.
  • Q&A: Anthony Bourdain on the ‘hatred’ and ‘racism’ engulfing America.
  • Videos: Rachel Maddow with Seth Meyers
  • That Girl video: Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid.   Stan Freberg:
  • Happening Now videos: Jon Scott and the story of Bubby
  • Chris Matthews can’t get enough of Love, Actually.   Gutfeld: Tucker’s secret.
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Nick Shurn Matter

33 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Those nit-picking Kimberly I suspect actually know there is no conflict as of yet. Just the Fox-hater reflex.

  2. Love Yulenet, but “I ain’t made up my mind yet about Toledo.” And I hope you have Green Chri$tma$ waiting in the wings. “Great Stuff!”

  3. I have to nitpick Mr. Bill. When discussing the racial-politically-charged MTV News video with “Guhfella Magur” (aka Greg Gutfeld and Bernie McGuirk), he was surprised that MTV had a news department. MTV News has been around since the late ’80s. Greg should know; he had Kurt Loder on Red Eye several times. But he didn’t bring it up. It was more important to mock the video than to correct O’Reilly, which is fine. It deserved to be mocked. And what the hell is “woke”? I digress.

  4. Thanks for the Ainsley article. Nobody deserves the success she has had more than she does. Loved the picture of her with Matt Lauer.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 can’t get enough
    4 hit her stride
    3 loses an hour
    2 secret
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Concha: Fox News has no conflict of interest with Kimberly Guilfoyle.

  6. Great segment about Brian Stelter tweeting out unsubstantiated bull shite on Tucker with Joe Concha.

    Great The Cable Game blog about Stelter too.

  7. Kennedy claimed that all of Santa’s reindeer are dead….due to catching Norovirus at Miss Julie’s party.

    • Disparage Ronaldus Magnus all you please, but he was the greatest president of our lifetimes. And, we DO need to modernize and rebuild our nuclear arsenal.

      • he was, and we do. however we have suffered some really bad presidents in our lifetimes and modernizing our nuclear options cannot be done on twitter.

          • Jimmy Carter must thank God every day for Barack Obama. He is no longer the worst president since Wilson.

          • johnson picking bombing targets and sending them to the NVA via Swiss diplomatic pouches. JFK agreeing to allow the USSR to weaponize Latin America as long as it was not nuclear. give me time i can think of some real crappers, but those are pretty bad..

          • not like we have had a lot of George Washingtons in our lifetime. I am sorry. but this guy gives me the creeps. i really liked Santelli’s comment that if building trains, airports, and bridges was good economic policy Japan, Europe and China would be kicking it and they are all in big trouble. i see no organic non-genetically modified wealth creation going on in anything he proposes other than allowing self employed and s corps to pay 15% no matter how much they make. those are the rain makers, not carrier, UTG or banks as far as i am concerned. so i will keep my cynicism because my money is at risk. i have no pension and no one i know can live on 1600 a month ssi, plus pay health out of pocket even in Nicaragua. if i can’t earn no one one is gonna support me. So i have no sympathy for people that lose jobs other people can do better for less. Be useful or blame yourself. punta.
            so i wrote most of this response last night. electricity went out and my comment was still here. disqus, modernity, etc has some uses. then again got me off the stupid net and into a book.

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