Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Tucker Carlson/Bret Baier 1- 2/2 tie.
  • New Years on FNC: Kimberly, Bolling, Watters, Kennedy, and friends.
  • Treacher: Eichenwald says it was just a jokeand a secret coded message.
  • Steve Hilton signs as FNC contributor.  Whither the War on Christmas?
  • ICN chides MSNBC for using political analyst Halperin as a news anchor.
  • Somerby: Rachel Maddow recognized for 2016 journalistic achievement.
  • Flood: O’Donnell’s viewers are helping Malawi, Africa one desk at a time.
  • How Sean Hannity became a conservative influential.  Q&A: Eric Bolling.
  • Sunday showdown: MediaBuzz beats Reliable Sources.   Weekend numbers.
  • CNN’s Rye: TSA ‘vaginal pat-down‘ violated my ’emotional and physical safety’.
  • Videos: on hacking ‘evidence’; on fake news.
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar:  The Nick Shurn Matter

88 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

        • Oh yes combined presents. My birthday is a week and a half after Christmas (January 4) and my sister’s is five days after (December 30). Happy Birthday.

          • Back in the Stone Age you didn’t get a plethora of presents unless you had a birthday party of your friends.

            Otherwise, you got one thing from your immediate family, one from each side of your grandparents, with aunts and uncles coming off a ten spot or so in a card via the mail.

            Nowadays a birthday is like freaking Christmas for kids.

        • ‘combined’ presents are familiar in my family; today is also my birthday. It’s also the birthday of my youngest brother and my second (middle) brother’s wife. Also, my daughter was born on December 29th.

        • Happy Birthday to you and Grandpa D. Mine is next month. I share it with Richard Nixon, Elvis and Waltraud Meier.

  1. Show on MSNBC
    Show on CURRENT
    Something on ESPN
    VLOG from basement
    Progressive nostalgic convention

    • What a complete misrepresentation of the truth.

      Olbermann’s current VLOG is not from a basement…..it’s recorded in a garage.

      • He needs to look at cable with the aid of the Ghost of Christmas Future. Suggest the JIM BAKKER SHOW which I happened on today for the first time in a decade. Jim seems to be in a Olbermann size garage cramped with an audience of about ten in folding chairs. Prophesising Trump’s election has triggered the end of days, he finances his show by selling 28 buckets of food for $3,100 which feeds a family for 9 1/2 years. Could be Keith’s future if he doesn’t get back on his meds.

  2. I take exception to the Hannity characterization as a conservative influential. This year he decided to betray conservatism for Trump.

    • You have a point. Trump is not a conservative. That said, people who are conservatives like much of what Trump said he was going to do. Certainly much more than they liked what Hillary campaigned on. Hannity was influential in achieving that among conservatives. I don’t watch his show, but am greatful.

      • That I think I agree more than the analysis we have been hearing. Ultimately for conservatives the choice was bad either way but one worse than the other, for sure.

        • we might wait awhile to see for sure. what is correct is that a lot of people bought into an unknown with clear mental issues over a known with clear dishonesty issues. To me the kicker is going to be if he tries to install a legislative industrial policy. No good conservative ending to that.

      • It still does not make Trump conservative. Hillary was more conservative than Sanders. Is she a conservative? Hannity was already for Trump in the primary. Trump was not and is not more conservative than the majority of the field.

        • Trumpetes did not just choose the least of the worst, there seems to be a need to believe and be angry at anyone worried about the facts on the ground. I got that tshirt.

          • how? there is no definitive proof of whom would be worse. i hate them both. they both are capable of doing things that would really hurt me. Not on either side, they both depress me. i just try to make a buck and move on.

          • Dow represents a very small part of the total USA market cap. The broad bump is there, but look the market went sky high while the economy sucked under Obama. Wait. Let things play out. I bet you would be a cynic with your money in the market. apply it to politics.

        • He sure as heck is appointing some conservative folks to his cabinet. If he follows up with judges, those who begrudge him, can go grumbling in circles.

      • Against Hillary? John Kasich, Scott Walker, maybe Marco Rubio for starters. There were very qualified governors and the republicans picked someone that is an emotional land mine. So hope it won’t go off instead of hopey changy. Interesting to watch when all his good picks for his team start to disagree and leak behind his back. weeeeeeee.

  3. A handful of Democrats were wedded to the idea of getting 37 Trump electors to flip, and thereby throw the contest to the House of Representatives. In the end, Trump lost two while Clinton lost five.

  4. Jesse Watters said on Facebook and Twitter that he’s filling in for Mr. Bill tomorrow and Thursday. That means Bill’s Christmas/New Year’s vacation starts after tonight. I assume he’ll return on January 2 or 3.

  5. If I were going to invite a million Muslim immigrants into my country, I’d at least install some security cameras. Just sayin’.

    • Only liberal reporters ever get awards. They always have to keep scratching each other’s backs. Rachel could be pushed off the cliff like the Granny in the ad against Paul Ryan & I’d be more worried if there was anyone she might land on!

      Oh yeah – Merry Christmas!

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