Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Trump; CNN and
  • Reliable Sources videos: How to cover Trump; PolitiFact; press freedom.
  • MSNBC cancels Live with Thomas Roberts.  Chris Hayes makes book.
  • F&F video: High above NYC Abby Huntsman beats
  • From his basement, Olbermann citing nonexistent Eichenwald reports.
  • No one tells Megyn Kelly what to wear.  Video: with Colbert.
  • YourBuzz videos: Fox’s a Harry
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The  Sunday talkers: preview.

37 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

    • And is the head of the resistance, safely hidden in his basement.
      “We seek him here, we seek him there
      Those Frenchies seek him everywhere!
      Is he in heaven? Or is he in hell?
      That demmed Elusive Pimpernel?”

      … next, “courage”.

    • One of my favorites signoffs was from Brad Crandall, a talk show host in NYC. He also had a great voice, and narrated a lot of the hokum ‘documentaries’ from Sunn Classic Pictures. I’d quote his sign-off but it should be done verbatim and I’d prefer to nail that down first.

      EtA: This is pretty close to what I remember (I edited it slightly to conform to what I think is correct);

      But the best moment of a Brad Crandall show was his sign off- I don’t remember exactly, but the imagery was, to me, nothing less than profound. I think it went something like this: “…until next time, when we sit down by the railroad tracks, open up a can of beans, watch the trains go by, and talk about this crazy world in which we live… this be Brad Crandall saying, ‘good night…my friend.'” I am amazed that, after all these years, I still remember the gist of that, and when I close my eyes, hear his voice saying it.

  1. Dr. Henry J. Heimlich, the thoracic surgeon and medical maverick who developed and crusaded for his maneuver, died today at 96 while chocking on a chicken tender at a San Juan, Puerto Rico KFC. The staff, thinking he was pantomiming to order more, failed to come to his aid.

  2. I wish I were an elector so I could tell Martin Sheen to go screw himself. These people doing their pledged duty and are getting hate mail and death threats. You’d never know that by watching NBC NEWS though. Death threats first have to be cleared by The Southern Poverty Law Center to get a report from that crew.

  3. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 MSNBC cancels
    4 her fear of heights
    3 what to wear
    2 party
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 From his basement, Olbermann citing nonexistent Eichenwald reports.

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