Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: O’Bolling Factor-Sean Hannity-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Fox News names John Roberts chief White House Correspondent.
  • Concha: Ailes saga to become movie, miniseries; this apology Ruhles.
  • Somerby: Van Jones special ‘blatantly phony in all the standard ways’.
  • Backlash hits CNN for Ghana report.  Malkin: Van Jones’s ‘messy truth‘.
  • Stelter: Are we in ‘a national emergency‘?  Kozak: Media echo chamber?
  • Video: John Bolton on if the hack attack could be a
  • Tapper-type interviews should be the norm.  More.   The Rev in Camden.

45 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. CNN & Ghana. CNN & Ghana. It’s not FAKE NEWS. It’s FALSE NEWS.

    What’s the difference?
    One is made up and obviously evil. One is stupid reporting. Both are wrong.

    Well, technically FAKE NEWS could be true… matter of luck.

  2. Brian Stelter is the worst sort of Chicken Little. An alarmist by design.

    If there are ideological zealots attempting to undermine an election by instilling uncertainty, fear, and loathing toward a nascent administration, Its him. The Russians could learn a thing or two from this bloviator.

    Stelter is even feigning a complete urinary tract letdown over Trump questioning govt experts.

    Yeah, folks, Trump’s not allowed to do that….but doubtlessly Brian and the rest of the media will certainly be planting their flag on that turf, as soon as the govt experts are under the Trump Admin.

    That is,… if Stelter and a few other media crackheads aren’t calling on the UN to send in troops before the inauguration.

      • Interesting that this clown isn’t a threat to democracy in trying to corrupt the Electorial College after what he admits was a fair election, but Trump saying he was going to leave open his right to ask for a recount was the end of western civilization as we know it…

        I wonder too how former CIA directors George Tenet, and others, are feeling about these new-found irreproacable CIA experts.

        • Althouse does a blog on the latest NYT article & how it’s full of nothing about Russia & their hacking. Remember:Obama was supposed to keep our country safe from this kibd of crap & he failed miserably if this story is even 20% true. And instead of focusing on Obama’s failures once again the media is trying to change the story about how this affected the election. HRC was an awful candidate with so much baggage it should have sunk her like a mafia guy with cement boots.

    • I doubt he could must troops from Ghana. Certainly not the U.S. military: Trump got a huge welcome at Saturday’s Army-Navy Game… HUGE.

  3. THIS DAY IN FAKE NEWS HISTORY: Hillary Clinton comes under fire in rescue mission to Bosnia Hursogevena… (Okay, it was really in March 1996, but this is fake FAKE NEWS.)

  4. “In Trump Era, Uncompromising TV News Should Be the Norm, Not the Exception”

    Trump isn’t even president yet and he’s raising their standards!…

    What a guy!

  5. Hint to News Network Guests…… the network you are going to be on for at least 1 hour before you appear……..idiot congresscritter on CNN this morning said No was calling for a re-vote……..30min after CNN did a story on the Ex-CIA guy who is calling for just that……..Congressman came off looking like a idiot…….host of course didnt correct him.

  6. Re: “Concha: Ailes, Gretchen, Megyn saga to become movie and miniseries”: Prepare the trophy cases. The awards will be vast. The big ones will be Oscar(s) for the movie and Emmy(s) for the miniseries. Despite the two productions, I don’t expect FNC to lose viewers. Said productions will only preach to the choir; don’t expect converts.

  7. 12/12/2016 05:10 PM EDT

    The Weekly Standard has named senior writer Stephen Hayes its next
    editor in chief. Bill Kristol, the magazine’s co-founder and current
    editor in chief will transition to a new role as editor at large.
    Larry note: Steve a regular SPECIAL REPORTpanelist and critic of Trump. My congrats to Steve.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 national emergency
    4 movie, miniseries
    3 names John Roberts
    2 hits CNN
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Malkin: Van Jones’s ‘messy truth’.

  9. If you donated your jack to Jill for the recount, here’s your pail of cold water: Completed Wisconsin recount widens Donald Trump’s lead by 131 votes; judge sends Pennsylvania recout tumbling after.

    • I wonder how many people voted by accident for Jill Stein, thinking they were voting for Ben Stein?

      • Wound up electing Trump in the swing states. In reality they voted for there own Frank N. Stein. Must be feeling a bit Green.

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