Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Flap Newt what
  • Reliable Sources videos: Flap over hack; fighting fake news; to tell the tweet?
  • ICN: CNN may have a Van Jones issue, but it’s not a conflict of interest.
  • Miniter: Is CNN position on women in bikinis just a ruse for playing politics?
  • Katz: Coop, Kelly together again for CNN Heroes.  Today’s Wemple O’Whine.
  • Steinberg: ABC considered Megyn for GMA co-host.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Your Buzz videos: Martha holding pols

29 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Gayle King re-upped this week with CBS THIS MORNING for sixteen million dollars, about the same as the Indiana tax incentives given to Carrier. QUESTION: coincidence or crony capitalism?

    • Nah, that’s the entire nature of Bill’s. Matter of fact, that’s the entire nature of Bill, like it or whine about it… or don’t watch… but millions do.

        • i watched the segment. It was outrageous. BOR made the uncorroborated assertion that Will was “wrong” because it was “personal.” People like BOR take it as a personal insult that people disagree with them, no evidence needed. The same people that were outraged at the government Motors and Solyndra fiascos support Trump picking winners and losers? Hypocrisy? Blind spot? Stoned on delusion? Businesses that require subsidy from government should go out of business. It is basic 101 conservative econ. Laughable to watch the silliness until the serious downside of nationalist populism starts spinning off it downside losses. think war is expensive, look at the war on poverty, trillions more. think the war on poverty cost trillions more and destroyed the culture, let us hope the conservatives in congress only send conservative legislation to the executive. If he gets across the board ignorant hocus pocus save the over paid jobs because people did not take their lives seriously enough to earn more and deserve it legislation the costs will never end. Factory line work is not worth $20 or $30 an hour, period. If congress sends Trump type legislation on industrial policy it will end up being another FDR NRA Rube Goldberg device, and that was ugly. In fact, we are still paying off the errors of FDR populism. He was adored too. “New beginning”. “Making America great again”. yeah, right. Pathetic joke.

          • you just wanna scalp the damn white man. glad i am green, i got kinda an olive hue, leave grease spots everywhere i go.

          • I’m not talking about scalping all whites. I like white people, both my wives were white. My joke, which you obviously missed, is that I can’t scalp those who piss me off because of it being against the law.

          • jeeez, nothing was missed can’t a guy have a little fun. next time i will joke about the people you can’t scalp, oh cr@p, you dis …..me outta here….

        • It makes him entertaining and informative. More important, it makes the show. A nonjudgmental and uncertain Bill would be a bore. He thinks he’s right. I can live just fine with that.

  2. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 O’Whine
    4 Raddatz
    3 just a ruse
    2 considered Megyn
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 CNN may have a Van Jones Issue, but it’s not a conflict of interest.

  3. Alison Stewart anchoring the Sunday PBS NEWS HOUR. Hari helping out during the week as the death of Gwen has shook things up. Stewart playing it straight as the anchor. Must be hard as she is quite the liberal. Has worked almost everywhere over the years — usually not for long.

  4. On 60 Minutes Lesley Stahl tried her best to stick a knife into Benjamin Netanyahu, but handled that with ease. A real pro.

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