Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly, Hannity-Martha MacCallum 1-2-3.
  • Shepard Smith video: Shep and The Greatest Generation.
  • Cable newsers dominate Mediaite ‘most influential’ list.  Today’s lawsuit.
  • Chris Wallace snags first Trump Sunday show interview.   Stossel ending.
  • Tucker Carlson joins Hannity, O’Reilly in the Erik Wemple Hall of Shame.
  • Tucker video: Why did NYT editor of reporters’ bias?
  • Christi Paul opens up about domestic abuse.  Daily Show video: Van Jones.
  • Megyn Kelly tells NPR we’re in a ‘dangerous phase‘ right now (v/Mediaite).
  • Katz: Fox News ratings romp continues.  Concha: FNC tripling MSNBCNN.
  • Rothstein: Mika Brzezinski’s ‘feminine mystique‘.  Steve Kornacki at UMass.

83 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Fox News is dying as predicted. Ratings just going supernova before collapsing. Yeah… that’s the story.

  2. Mr. Bill noted at the end of last night’s partially pre-empted O’Reilly Factor that The Blaze host Tomi Lahren will be on tonight. As I’ve previously noted, I no longer get The Blaze because my cable provider dropped them. (At least they also dropped Fusion.) But I “like” Tomi on Facebook and occasionally see the Final Thoughts segments that are posted to her page. So, I’m looking forward to her Factor debut tonight.

  3. Well, Tucker, it’s pretty much the same reason producer Jack Woltz recanted and cast Johnny Fontane (Don Corleone’s godson) in his new film.

    • In the book, Woltz was an even slimier character than the movie. He liked young girls Really young girls.

  4. OUTRAGE: Bureau of Land Management goes after Bundy Ranch neighbors, charging them under an anti-terrorism law for burning a brush fire.

    HOWEVER… Obama admin gives big sloppy kiss to Dakota Access Pipeline protesters despite lawlessness and violence against law enforcement.

    What’s good for the goose doesn’t apply to the preferred, protected gander.

    • interesting the contradictions eh? i try to point out how much freedom, personal and economic, has been stolen from Americans and not only do i recieve disagreement but you and others seem to want to say i have personality flaws. i am a troll, etc. wrapped in the bubble you live in you want the borders strengthened and outsiders purified to be like you before admitted. speak English damnit. it is so insane in the USA that our own media do not even publish our own institutions conclusions if they contradict the current ethnocentric sensibilities. you then try to support this chump character who has no interest except personal and you think he wants to help workers. HAHAHAHA. i am Ebenezer for pointing out what a punk that crap character is for lying openly about saving UTC jobs. you are kidding me, right? donald trump. the apprentice. Atlantic city bankrupter. not a creator a predator businessman. adopted by republicans, the party that is supposed to protect us from government. i want to know what they put in the water to turn you into believers of that thief. i want to know why your most conservative institutions, AEI, Cato etc recieve only selective publicity. Funny the international news institutions report it, but not the American not free press. the wall came down, and we thought we had won, when in actuality it was no longer needed because we became like those on the other side. Cato published this week. carried anywhere? donald trump, you are kidding me, please.

      Country(Costa Rica, not USA) and Hong Kong get high marks

      By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

      A new index measuring freedom in the world gives Costa Rica some positive marks in freedom and says it is the second most free Latin American country behind Chile.

      Sponsored by three public policy think tanks advocating a more conservative political and economic agenda, the study, called The Human Freedom Index, is co-published by the U.S.-based Cato Institute, the Canadian Fraser Institute and the Swiss Liberales Institut.

      The methodology in the report appears to measure the level of a country’s freedom based on certain political, social and economic factors within the country.

      The study computes its findings and converts it to a ranking system divided between personal freedom and economic freedom of a scale between one to 10. The higher number is measured as being the most free, while one being the lowest score. Those two scores are then averaged to get that country’s overall level.

      Costa Rica was ranked 38th out of 157 countries given a score in this study. Their overall index score was 7.91, which was higher than in the 2013-2014 report.

      One of the authors of the study, Ian Vásquez who is director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, said the United States has been on the decline in both study’s categories of freedom in recent years. Within the index, the United States does not even make it into the top 10 countries with the best scores and ranks a dismal 23rd on the scale.

      “Surely, the war on drugs, the war on terror, the expansion of the regulatory state, the rise of crony capitalism, and the erosion of property rights due to the abuse of eminent domain have contributed to the U.S. fall,” Vásquez said.

      By comparison, the study listed the autonomous territory of Hong Kong as the freest country in the study with Switzerland and New Zealand in second and third places.

      The freest country in Latin America, according to the index results, is Chile at 29th while Venezuela at 154th is the least free in the region. Cuba was not included in this study due to unreliable data, publishers said.

      Going through the report’s explanation of how it acquires these scores, they appear to offer data sets and figures gleaned from other indexes that are then aggregated.

      The complete index can be accessed from the Cato Institute’s Web site.

      gc/ be clear. i know Costa Rica. it is much more restrictive than you would want the USA to be, but under your watch you have let backwaters pass you by. so i guess that makes me a troll, “insults from nowhere”. nice.

      • Too long. Went the same place as all the “What we do with your information” privacy letters and things preceding the [I AGREE] button.

          • Larry, CATO and 2 other conservative institutes published the ranking you claim not to have read or understood or whatever. Earlier because i lamented the lack of freedom in the USA and chump degrading it further with his hollywood economic idiocy you said equated me to dionne and corn. well i agree with CATO so clearly you must dis them similarly. have you changed your medication?

    • One thing I hope the new President does is repeal/remove/whatever word you want rules/regulations on the ranchers in the west. Maybe even give back to the states some of the land the Feds have confiscated over the years. This whole incident just shows you how vindictive the Feds can be. Disgusting.

          • I did violate the sacred chicken ordering pantomime covenant some hold dear. Well, one in ten thousand.

          • You were there in your own head… except you weren’t. Are you not getting bored with our back and forth? I am. Expect most everyone is. No headway being accomplished, and chatter is getting mostly divorced from cable news. Do as you will with your chump – chimp, shtick, but I won’t be responding to you in the immediate future. In parting, let me suggest that if you eat all those beans, stay out by the pool.

    • All of the pipeline problems could’ve been solved had they asked the tribe for permission to build on tribal land. A reservation is by law a soverign nation and, by treaty, is required to be treated as such. Something could’ve been worked out, had the Government damn tried.

      • Can’t say I’d be thrilled with having that big pipe run under my water reservoir. Another example of government as a bully. Media cheered as the ranchers were bullied — even as one was shot to death. In this case, media on the side of the protesters. Would have been Kent State had one got shot.

        • The Feds caved because they realized that if this went to the Supreme Court, they were looking at a 8-0 loss. The law is very clear.

  5. Betsy/Mika: ‘When another media blogger, Johnny Dollar, reminded me that MSNBC’s slogan was “lean forward,” I remarked, “Yeah, lean forward over a toilet.”’

      • You mean like that moon landing baloney? Or Hitler died in the bunker? I’m personally outraged by the deniers claiming Washington didn’t have wooden teeth, let alone that sun going around the earth crap in the Copernicus Gazette.

          • You are in good company with David Corn, EJDionne, and many many more. Guess you faked me out with “long before”. Me, I’m a CNN reports U.S. Amy gassed innocent people FAKE NEWS connoisseur.

          • I like the fake news that when you say that criminals (rapists and murderers) cross unrestricted national borders, you are saying that every man, woman, and child crossing it are that.

            News Flash: Trump says Mexicans are rapists and murderers!

            Now chistled on a stone tablet. In the mouths of every journo from Jake Tapper to Katy Tur.

          • chiseled into stone are Hayes, Will and Charles calling chump a lying punk who has bamboozled once conservative voters into believing lies.

          • watch anything Will, Hayes, or Charles has said in the last 6 months and they all translate into punk liar, scam artist, game player, user, abuser, a con, performer, dangerous clown show. #defenderoftheconartist

          • hahahahaha. well Larry, so have i. i am hoping to time my sales correctly and hoping only conservative legislation reaches his desk, not the fruit loop ideas of his..

          • I get it, gc. Before Trump was elected you gleefully had to rub any Trump supporter’s face in the conventional wisdom that it would be Madam President, and now he’s elected you must tell everyone what a failure he is and what schmucks we are.

            Why? Because it’s true. The troll’s credo.

          • of course it was never because i believe they are both such unworthy candidates bent on helping themselves not the electorate. no, it is because i was calling people “schmucks”. yeah, that is what i do, rub people’s nose is rhetorical doo doo, no logical discussion from me. the refuge of stupid, calling people a troll.

          • You do have a way of disagreeing with folks about matters pertaining to any keep-our-fingers-crossed optimism about Trump, that isn’t your arguing that Trump or policies supported by him give no reason to be hopeful…but rather one of contemptuousness…a ‘yeah, right, sucker’.

            Trying to rub our faces in the conventional wisdom of an HRC win was certainly what you did with great gleeful energy.

            Your being the Dick Morris of the site, and someone whose prose is difficult to read and often prolix, does not help any of your arguments that you pronounce as being logical and as bedrock as the law of gravity…..etc…etc. Those things and contempt tend to distract from logic.

            Then again, you aren’t forcing anyone to read you.

          • then again, that is not even true.
            i have never been gleeful about this election, have always offered reasoning and never failed to be inexcusably the first to admit error.
            when people are snarky, i reply in kind, when they are direct like you above, i am direct. no snark here.
            so really all you were doing is bing nasty. again. what was correct is my comment about the use of the troll word.
            funny how people often do what they accuse others of. goes for larry too. post gleeful optimism, a cynic replies with reason and he is a troll, when you do it, it is erudite. i am sure all will agree. therefore you are right. pleased with yourself? that was truthfully snark.

          • Let me agree with you here. You were wrong. You did admit it.

            It would have been hard for you to have argued that HRC won the election.

            I agree that I didn’t think Trump could win. I agree that I said that.

            What I didn’t do is call Trump supporters idiots and voice rage at them for getting HRC elected.

            What I didn’t do is essentially call people flat earthers because smart people in the know didn’t think he’d win either.

            I did not do that or have I done that to HRC supporters before or after the election.

            Suck it up, Mr. Morris. You aren’t just wrong a lot, you’re belligerently wrong.

          • why because corn, dionne, and i believe in gravity, because that is all we would agree on. accusing me of being left wing is pretty silly larry. maybe you would say the same to all the Fox cons that think chimp is a punk. is hayes like Dionne? Charles? Will? quit trying to be cute and make some sense. oh, can’t do that when you think donald chiump is a republican and his deal “saved” American jobs by the force of his strength reeling in corporate outsourcers. lolololol.

          • i would laugh on the gallows before hung. don’t take it wrong…like you do on purpose all the time. david corn??? reaching even below larry standards.

          • Yes you have. Specifly claimed I was not being honest about what I was expressing even after I insisted I was.

  6. Hand it to Trump for agreeing to a Wallace interview. He knows it won’t ne a Hannity-like funfest. Never will forget when Bill Clinton blew a gasket on Mr. Sunday’s show. No soup for him.

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Rothstein: Mika Brzezinski’s ‘feminine mystique’.

  8. Has James Rosen hosted SPECIAL REPORT before tonight? I imagine so, but can’t recall seeing him in Bret’s seat.

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